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  1. Thank you all for the photos and videos. They will be great memories to remind an unforgettable moment. It was a very exciting experience to see Dalaras on stage. Sing along with him songs that I was listening for years. I hope he'll come again and maybe with a special concert performing his classic songs from Loizos, Kougioumtzis, Kaldaras... How I long to hear them.

    And I hope maybe next time we'll have a chance to meet him in person after the concert and tell him how happy we are to see him "stin Poli."

  2. We are all very excited about the İstanbul concert. At last we will be able to see/listen to Dalaras live. I'm very curious about the setlist. Can someone give me information about the setlist of the Encore Tour. There so many songs I would like to hear him sing. So it will be better if have some insight to avoid frustration :D It's sure that he cannot be able to sing all my favourites 'cause there are so many :)

  3. Where can I find some information about Manos Loizos in English?

    In a way most of us in Turkey are familiar with Loizos without even realizing, because many years ago a turkish group recorded several songs of his (Teli Teli, Ola se timizoun etc...) with turkish words written by a famous poet. That songs became very popular.

    After I started to being interested with Greek music I tracked also Loizos of course (Ta Tragoudia tis Haroulas is a little treasure I think) and recently I bought Ta Tragoudia tou Sebax which is fantastic. But it's hard to find any info about Loizos in english so I would be grateful if you can direct me to an english source (if there is any...)

  4. I looked at the calendar to see upcoming concerts of Dalaras. I thought maybe I can go to one of them. Since I live in İstanbul; Athina or Thessaloniki are not very far away to me.

    So I looked at the calendar for July but the info about the concerts are in greek. :)

    I could not understand much. Can you please translate them also in english.

    thank you very much

  5. It seems that I'll never have the chance of hearing "s'agapo giati ise orea" by Dalaras. (unless he'll come to Turkey for a concert). very sad.

    I really wanted to hear it from him.

    Can one of you please give the credits of the song (lyrics,music).

    (other than Dalaras of course) who else sings the song best?

    I have one album where Petros Gaetanos performing, it is good I think.

  6. I think this is a meaningless conversation because every country - every music style has different qualities. For example Bob Dylan is my favorite man but it's absurd to compare him with Dalaras. They're different. And why compare/ find equivalents. I try to enjoy as many things as possible.

    By the way ibrahim Tatlises has really a great voice -it was better in the past. But as personality and style it's not that good. For whom interested in the matter I suggest you buy his early recordings where he sings folk music from south of Turkey.

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