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  1. For the last few months I hadn't had the proper time to get into the club. just a couple of days ago I started to catch up with you. I actually was really excited about returning, seeing the old members and the new ones, of course. Now that I've finished reading most of the topics, I'm surprised. I saw the messages of athinaia and was surprised by her attitude. I won't stay in what she said but I'm very annoyed about the things she keeps saying about some of the best members of the club. I'm trying to understand what's behind all this, I even tried to understand her but the only thing that's in my mind right now is that she is a huge racist. She keeps calling Francois frenchman, and yes he is. He is french and so what? Are you one of these gyus who say that greeks are the best people in the whole wide world cause I want to inform you that we're not. And what is this about Dalaras and greeks? If Dalaras heard you he would surely laugh. Dalaras music not Dalaras belongs to anyone who can appreciate it!!!! Appreciate it and respect it. Δυστυχώς φαινεται πως έχασες την ουσία του όλου θέματος. Ο Νταλάρας με την μουσική του ενώνει τους ανθρώπους (όπως εμάς στο club) δεν τους χωρίζει σε εθνικότητες και κατηγορίες!
  2. The official web page of Giannis Kotsiras is: You can listen to some really good songs in his site!
  3. WOW Niki!!! I watched it on tv but after your report I realised that being there was much better!!! You sure had a great time!
  4. francois, I'll post them. As soon as I can make this stupid computer work...
  5. Life & style magazine has an interview of George Dalaras. The article is callled "24 hours with George Dalaras in Budapest" and it contains some pretty good pictures of Dalaras with Anna and Georgiana. So don't miss it! I wonder if I could post some here...
  6. Here we are... starting the corrections! Part I George Dalaras: As I've said Before this is a place... GD: That's it. I'm talking about popular songs that have date of termination.
  7. Part IV J: Ending our conversation, we would say that we are optimistic about singing? GD: I am optimistic. And I think people are too. Of course they are a little bit dizzy from all these weird thing happening... J: How much harm are we doing? GD. There is really bad work done. It could be done a much better job but this needs it's own time. Television is a new game for the Greek people, and for the journalists, and for the producers, and for the editors, and for the channel owners. It's a new game. J: And for the music companies. When they are offering us people that aren't even singers... GD: Of course. And these people are people who must be on the channels for us to see. But the others, the older ones, they're trying to keep their dignity. Not everybody can go everywhere. I am optimistic. There is a circle that the Greek community has to pass(?) and you'll see... J: It will hug again what it has already loved. GD: I think that the new young people... J: Our values don't get lost (?) GD: That is the one thing. And from the other hand young people have knowledge, they are becoming experts(?) in some things, but I believe that they will be a better generation from ours. And for sure this slippery slope, let me use this phrase, that exists in the cultural things the last period, and not in everything, the good things are most, but the bad ones are discriminated. We've told that again. This period will pass through and you'll see for your own that time will start to fix things. Already the voices of protest have started. We can't handle this moderation. J: I totally agree. So good strength GD: Thank you very much. Na iste kala!
  8. Part II J: On the other hand, how it feels searching for new material while you have to be modern and in the game? GD: Now... the game every time, I mean being in the game means both positive and negative things. Today there is a category of people who can't exist without being fashionable(?). If you're not in fashion you can't be fashion or the other way round if you're not fashion you can't be in fashion. But this things don't survive(?). It is better to be what you really are with senses, and with substance(?). From trying to predict how far are you going to reach, how high are you going to get. Think how deep can you lead things. Maybe that's what matters. (?) I don't know if that's the proper translation so be patient and help me a little! Part III J: In a few days there will be released a new live album. In a period where live albums are in fashion. But you were one of the first to have done them. GD: I'm not doing anything fashionable, anything new. I'm doing what I've always done. This album is released because "Apo kardias" had a big acceptance from the audience that it would be a shame not to release it. Take into consideration that we record all these concerts that we are doing from time to time, and are of special interest. Sometimes we release them and some others we don't. I mean the concert we had done with the Ossipov orchestra, the concerts for Tsitsanis in megaro... J: Is this with Tsitsanis going to be released? GD: Of course... The "ymnoi aggelon se rithmous anthropon" of Kouyoumtzis. All these are recorded and some of them are released and some others wait for their time to come. Of course Tsitsanis will be released but in a few days this work is going to be out ("Apo kardias"). J: You would say it is something special that you believe will attract people or is it just the great success that pushed you to do this work? GD: I was saying before, when they asked me, that this year I took a lesson from the audience. As I was searching for something else, as every has to search, I was many times being unfair to laika songs, which made me known. Of course people got to know me from the songs of Kouyoumtzis but don't forget that with Loizos and Kouyoumtzis was Kaldaras with the rembetika songs. And sometimes I seem to forget them, I don't as there are songs in the programs, but this year I took a lesson from the audience.
  9. wow Apostoli great job!!! Here I've got the translation of the interview: Part I Journalist: What are your feelings during the concert* and after the end of the love that the audience is giving to you and all this love and preparation you had for them? George Dalaras: As I've said before this a place... it's not only the beauty(?) of the ancient theatre but it is... J: the acoustics(?)? GD: Yes and the acoustics. There are memories here, we have done excellent concerts here. I'm reminding you some nights of Miki, I'm reminding you some other... J: concerts-dedications GD: and this and some other times with laika songs. It's a special place. J: I think it suits you. Because last year we didn't like a lot the concert soundly because of the wind* but this year it's ideal. GD: You can't predict such things. I was thinking a little bit earlier, because we're in the middle of the concert, that people change rapidly, moods change, tastes change, but look that they are all together now. There are some kinds of songs, some musicians and some singers that have a skill to reunion some gaps. J: I think you've always tried to do so. GD: That's right. I want now that I've got a journey of 30 and more years, if someone asks me to describe what is the pleasant thing , I mean what you've asked me if I take it a little bit further, I'll say that what is really worth it just because people change and it's a fact that in 10 to 15 years singing will be different, it has already began. The lyrics of the new songs mostly of the songs... J: But there are songs of that generation that have managed to reach us today, contrary to some songs of today. GD: That's it. I'm talking about popular songs that have. And you'll see some singers, for example H&P Katchimichas, or Peridis or Malamas or Xidakis... J: Famelos GD: Of course. All of them who try to maintain, there is of course with the new of singing and fortunately this is mostly about this plastic songs, the songs I call television ones. All the others are in touch with the substance (?), with their ruts or with their cells of memory. So today these people are so careful, waiting to hear. So what is best from getting out some songs from the bailment we've got. Important songs, songs I described just before. Songs that tell us the bigger truths and the bigger lies at the same time. (?)I'm not sure about the translation of some parts so help me a little. *The interview was filmed during the concert in the ancient of Patras in 16/6/2002 *The concert last year was held in the castle of Rio.
  10. Great! the CD has been released and my cd player just broke down! However brilliant news!
  11. Sorry, I missed all this messages! Of course I will record it!!! And afterwards I will try to write a report about it (not as good as Nikis' but I'll try).
  12. Giorgo thank you very very much!!! I'm waiting for part 2 and 3!!! Although I wouldn't ask such questions especially if I had limited time with Dalaras.
  13. Dalaras will be in "Υπάρχει λόγος μουσικός" on Sunday 23/6, probably talking for the concert in Patras. At Tele Time at 13.20 pm. Get ready!
  14. wow!!! you really did it! you got yourelf in! I would have been there but I didn't know if I could stand it being outside and I prefered the family gathering. I wonder whether Dalaras knows what happened yesterday. I couldn't find a single person who really loved Dalaras with an invitation! The omega radio wouldn't answer the phone... As I said yesterday to you guitarist it was a private concert for the "VIPs" of Patras! I doubt if 10 of the people who were there yesterday, wanted to be there! I know people that are going to concerts just because it is part of their social relations! But I also know that if Dalaras knew about this he wouldn't have cooperated with them. So next year Dalaras concert will be full of people who love and appreciate Dalaras music! People who will be shouting in the end "We want more!"
  15. Yesterday evening my little sisters' school had a small celebration for the end of the school year. The students (including my sister) would dance traditional dances and play theatre, after that Mariza Koch would sing. I didn't know who she is so I asked my mom who told me some things about her. Unfortunately I couldn't go since it was my birthday but my mom recorded a song for me with her camera. I didn't know the song but I liked her voice! PS. As you can see Geske I didn't even know who she is. So don't feel bad you didn't know she sang Kavvadias!