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  1. Micki this day couldn't have been worse! My God what a tragedy
  2. Sarantii, I noticed that too last year,in Irideio in Athens,when he gave a concert with the Russian Ossipoph Orchestra and seemed realy unconfortable withought his guitar.In every single performance he has given withought his guitar,he seemed the same.When at the end of that concert,he sang 3(if I remember right) songs with his guitar,even his voice sounded better,much better.He seemed more confident because at the beginning he was very nervous.
  3. Sarantii I was just about to say what Chris said.It is impossible to capture the real atmosphere on Video.However I'm still exited every time I watch him,even on video or TV!
  4. I only saw a small part of it,the first time, Apostoli and would love to have the cd! I'll send you e-mail too!
  5. I can only wish to had been there!!!
  6. Weel Geeske,my opinion is that because,as you said,he is so expresive,he performs his songs in such a way (meaningful way) that makes the lyrics that are great,touch you.But the songs,and more specificaly the lyrics,are the ones that can express in every detail what you feel.That's my personal opinion. Ofcourse for people that are not Greek and cannot understand completely the lyrics and the everyday Greek lifestyle that the lyrics inflect,what is more touching is his voice and his performance.That is touching for Greeks too,but for me,the lyrics overcome even his great performance (ofcourse as I said before,this is only my personal opinion). However I must add,that there are some songs that gain a completely new meaning and sence,because of George's increadible performance! (Edited by Kostas at 1:59 am on Sep. 11, 2001)
  7. I know nothing from guitars too,but I love the way he holds it on stage!! That ofcourse has nothing to do with your question Anna,but nevermind...!:biggrin: I remember that the first time I saw Dalaras performing on stage at a concert (on TV I saw it),I think it was the Wembley Arena concert,I was just amazed but this unique singer,who holded his guitar in such a style,while singing at the same time!!
  8. As we started saying all the irelevant stuff,I'll say the last word and then I'll get back to the real topic! I'm hearing right here and right now on cd the "Una Moneda le di" sang live in Frankfurt and recorded in cd under the title "Live and unplugged"!Yes he is great! So back to main topic! Has anyone something to say.....? :biggrin:
  9. This weeks top song:"Odi ston Georgio Karaiskakν
  10. Well Micki every country has it's own color I think and every country is special!
  11. Eva they said tonight in MEGA channel that it will be next Tuesday (11th not Wednesday the 12th). Which one is correct?What does your invitation say?I am in Karditsa now because I attend the University here,but I was thinking to come in Athens for the concert. Would you be kind enough to give the exact details once more please?I'll have to come in Athens earlier in order to buy the ticket from Metropolis in Omonoia so... You can reply in e-mail if it suits you (kompikos@vet.uth.gr) but please answer!Anybody! :upset: (Edited by Kostas at 3:16 am on Sep. 7, 2001)
  12. Yes Micki,I know what you're saying.I,myself,love Dalaras music and songs and don't just like them!There is no middle to that,that's for sure! I'm proud of my country either way.I beleive it deserves it.I think the way I think and speek the way I speek,good or wrong,because of this particular culture.I'm proud of this culture
  13. Yeeeees ladies and gentlemen,we are now completely out of order!! Dalaras madness...yap,it's true now...I see it clearly...! :yes:
  14. Well,it's what they say about Greece Micki: you'll either hate it or adore it!There is no middle point! The same goes with Dalaras.You'll either love him or hate him.No middle.We live in a country that the word "middle" does not exist...! (from one point of view,that's somehow overtaking,isn't it?)
  15. The phrase "...or sound terrible" above is not the continuation of Lynne's text but of Sarantiis that said in his last phrase before,"...then sound just OK live..." refering to ather singers.We just happened to reply together with Lynne to Sarantiis and her reply was posted first.I agree with everything she said