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  1. Ntalaras sung "Anoigo tin porta to vrady" (Theodorakis) with Ossipov Orchestra. I couldn't find lyrics of this song till now. Anyone of you will be so kind and make them available to me? Thanks.
  2. I'm no computer expert...I like the idea of "smiling faces" and other pleasant icons (roses, hearts...) being sent all togheter from this "unofficial" and excellent site to the "official" site or to the record company. How can we do it?
  3. Hi, friends! Are we going to celebrate Dalaras' birthday (I think it's next September 29)? I still have no idea of how we can do it, but I'm sure your brains are already working...
  4. P.S. My agreement with Nikolas is a bit out of date: it has to do with July 20, Olympic Games and Artists who can best represent Greek music: Mr Theodorakis, of course!
  5. Just found another site where you can choose among a very complete and clearly explained list of Greek radio stations: Good luck!
  6. You can find more Greek radio stations if you go to (radio live). There is another one, broadcasting both through Hotbird satellite and Internet: It's the one I like best; very good Greek music all day and night long (Dalaras, Alkistis, Alexiou, Arvanitaki, Orfeas Peridis and many others...) Try it (click ON AIR)! IRINA
  7. Odyseus, I'm listening right now to Alkistis singing Elytis' poems (on CD: 1996 year Polygram Records. Title: "Prosanatolismi" -forgive my iso-greek-). It's wonderful! Irina
  8. I agree with you all that Haris Alexiou (in ISO-Greek as Odyseus 3 says) is a great singer - my faourite CD is "Whispers". However there is another Greek female singer that I had the big luck to see and listen to: ALKISTIS PROTOPSALTI.For me she is the best. Her passion, wonderful voice and verve reminds me of another great singer, Amalia Rodrigues. Is there anybody sharing my opinion? IRINA