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  1. At last,after a very long period,I finished reading the Turkish edition of Melina Mercouri's memories;"Cuntayla Savasim" (The name of the original book is;Je Suis Nιe Grecque). "I'm in love with Greece.I love her.Her mountains,sea,colour of her sky..." says she in the beginning of the book. Her memories are very interesting.She tells her life,her family,her struggle against the junta,her thoughts about Greece and her relations with other artists such as Hadjidakis and Theodorakis. Through her memories,some of her words about Hadjidakis took my attention. "...One of his greatest contributions to Greek music was introducing Tsitsanis to Greek people..." I didn't know that it was Hadjidakis who made Tsitsanis famous.Is this information true? Anyway,I highly recommend this book to anybody who hasn't read it yet. "...I was born Greek.And will die as a Greek..." And she did so S Gursu
  2. Does any member happen to know Loukas Dalaras,George Dalaras' father who is also a musician?I am waiting for your replies to be informed about him.
  3. Since saturday, I've been listening to Miroloi-Yigidim Aslanim on Youtube in every occasion. Since it was first written, this song has been in the repertoire of many distinguished singers such as Maria del mar Bonet, Maria Farandouri, Joan Baez etc but HIS singing was extraordinary. I know this song for more than maybe 20-25 years but I was like listening to it for the first time... HIS version was deeply touching. This version of Miroloi was the highlight of this saturday and I'm still under its influence! S Gursu
  4. And some photos: http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1196_zps00ba687c.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1197_zps58118872.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1200_zpsdd46bbf6.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1198_zps7a3b8d88.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1199_zps5f0c661c.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1202_zpsa3439c71.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1208_zps25821a4d.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1205_zpsdd52ff91.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1219_zps70801ce3.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1221_zps8baf4e36.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1207_zps77e7bb2f.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1226_zpsa7d078a6.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1227_zpsa131caf8.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1223_zps84f6d7b1.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1242_zpsc10921de.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1241_zps572872ec.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1239_zps795508e1.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1237_zpsa49a972a.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1229_zpsf1821abf.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/IMG_1250_zps6ade4d58.jpg S Gursu
  5. Istanbul was waiting for such a concert by Dalaras, for sure! In the last 12 months this was his 3rd concert in Turkey but this one was really exceptional. It was windy but as the concert beginned there was nothing left of the windy air. Cemil Topuzlu Theater has 3972 normal and 150 protocol seats and it was almost full. Dalaras came to the theatre at 17:45. The concert started at 21:10. Dalaras said that they have been singing these songs all across Europe with his 'Gang-Family' (These were the words he used) but this city was the most suitable place. He was very joyful and seemed to be full of energy. I think he did his best and he also enjoyed the concert. He played the guitar, the bouzuki and also the bouzukaki. There were photos displayed on the back of the stage and some of them were from ogdoo.gr. Most of these photos were not related to the songs played. After the last song he came on stage twice more. In the last time he was alone and played a very nice bouzouki solo in the beginning of San ton Metanasti. One remarkable note from the concert was that Aspasia Stratigou seemed to be watching the concert on the giant screens placed next to the stage and her face was turned to her right most of the time thus she couldn't respond Dalaras' reactions during the concert. The news about the concert in Turkish newspapers (Hurriyet, Milliyet, Vatan etc. ) mostly focuses on his joy, the audience's pleasure and his playing various instruments. Shortly, it was a great concert. I feel as if he loves singing in this city and does his best here. I'm happy I was lucky to be there. S GURSU PS: It was also a very big pleasure to see good friends like Anna and Sofia
  6. It was another magical night! HE was great as always and in the mood! Okan Bayulgen was replaced by Zuhal Olcay, a famous actress. As it was the opening concert of 53rd International Bursa Festival, there were some speeches before the concert. The mayor, the governor, head of the organising committee... The event started at 21:50. They performed 15 songs. It was a wonderful night and worth driving to Bursa and back to Istanbul for 6-7 hours. S Gursu Dalaras singing, playing the bouzouki, the cover of the programme and the song list: http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/securedownloadffff_zpsd35e2ca4.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/securedownloadddd_zps25b7a1f2.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/1111_zps6b746b1d.jpg http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b505/sarpergd/securedownload_zpsc313507d.jpg The photos are not good as I had to take them by my mobile phone
  8. "Μη Μιλασ Κινδυνευει Η Ελλασ-Mi Milas Kindinevi I Ellas" was made in 1989. I have two versions of this album.The first one is the CD with 12 songs.The other one is the audio cassette version produced in Turkey by Kent Elektronik (Turkish partner of Minos-EMI).But the second one has 14 songs.The additional 2 songs are Mi Milas(Spanish version) and To Pes(Spanish version).Dalaras sings these 2 songs in Spanish. I wonder whether these 2 songs are included in the audio cassette produced in Greece too??? S Gursu P.S:Btw the booklet,in the music box,says that there are 11 songs in the album
  9. Members;I'd like to hear your ideas about Zulfu Livaneli,the famous Turkish composer,singer,writer and director.But first,I want to give some info about him for the members who have not heard of him yet. Zulfu Livaneli,the composer of "San Ton Metanasti-Like an emigrant(George Dalaras,The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra,1999)",is a worldwide famous musician and a very close friend of Mikis Theodorakis.They initiated the "Greek-Turkish Friendship Association" together.In the last 20 years many concerts were held by Livaneli,Theodorakis and Farandouri,in both Turkey and Greece and also other European Countries. Livaneli made two albums with Theodorakis(Gunes Topla Benim Icin,1986 and Together-Oli Masi-Birlikte,1997) and one with Farandouri(Farandouri sings Livaneli,1982). Now,what do you think about him? S Gursu
  10. Buruk acı hatıralar Alev alev bizi yakar Bir düş müydü olanlar? Nerede o eski adalar? Küller gibi savruldular... Buruk aci hatiralar Alev alev bizi yakar Bir dus muydu olanlar? Nerede o eski adalar? Kuller gibi savruldular... Sour and bitter memories Burn us into flames. Was it at all a dream? Where are the old islands? They are dispersed like ashes... S Gursu
  11. Magnificient... That was lovely! Dalaras sang some verses in Turkish and Sezen Aksu in Greek. Unforgettable... S Gursu
  12. Now HIS turn... Aspro Peristeri... S Gursu Mi mou thimoneis matia mou... S Gursu WOUW! NOW THEOS AN INE WITH SEZEN AKSU... S GURSU
  13. R.I.P. Angelopoulos! He has been to Turkey many times and was highly appreciated as an extraordinary director by many people here. In February, he would visit Istanbul once more and meet his admirers again. This unfortunate accident, didn't let it happen... S Gursu
  14. And I thought, taking photos was prohibited! Thank you sooo much for these photos, Anna! S Gursu
  15. Alona, don't you wish for that moment... you were that harp!!! :lol: Lovely video! Good capture! Thank you for sharing it, Maro... I didn't know that Greek channels were interested in this concert Thank you, Makis... S Gursu
  16. Milliyet(Though, there are many other photos on the print edition): http://cadde.milliyet.com.tr/2011/08/21/Ha...5/COSKULU_FINAL An article from Sabah(5th and 6th paragraphs are about HIM) http://www.sabah.com.tr/Yazarlar/dorsay/20...tiklari-ufuklar "...His songs became the common voice of Mediterranean, above being Greek alone and resisted everyting knocking over these nations with the joy of living; from rough fascism to racialism, from war to poorness..." The news in Hurriyet is missing on the internet edition. S Gursu
  17. Today there were many articles and news about the concert in Turkish newspapers. Here are some of them: -Sabah: "There was the music of Dalaras where words finished" -Haberturk: "Dalaras enthuses Open Air Theater" -Aksam: "Greek Winds in the Open Air Theater" -Milliyet: "Enthusiastic Final" -Vatan: "Winds of love in Dalaras Concert" -Takvim: "Greek Wind" -Hurriyet: "Dalaras wind in the open air theater" S Gursu
  18. http://www.yeniasir.com.tr/Sarmasik/Yazarl...arasla-bir-gece This article is from Yeni Asir. The writer of the article is a famous musician in Turkey. The title of the article is "A night with Dalaras". At the end of this article, he says: "...I watched a world star and had one of the happiest nights of my life..." S Gursu
  19. Thank you all for the kind words about my "amateurish" comments. Dear Alonaki, To be honest, I didn't pay much attention to those screens. I preferred watching HIM on stage instead of those screens. But many people from the audience were pleased with the translations and they were happy to know what those songs were about. Playlist? Unfortunately, I don't have it... Enjoy the concerts in Israel. S Gursu