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  1. Anna Sorry to be so late with this. Many thanks for such a brilliant - and inspiring - report. I'm now determined that I won't miss another concert that I have even the remotest chance of getting to.
  2. Nikola Whatever the stars and moon were doing yesterday I didn't stand much chance of seeing, especially living in London where the sky hardly exists even when there are no clouds. (There was a song around a few years ago in England (etc) about the weather that had a line 'In July the sun is hot. Is it shining? No it's not') But many thanks, it seems a good enough reason for a song to appear out of nowhere.
  3. Nikola Is it six months already? Time goes so fast when you're enjoying yourself. The main thing to say - and it can't be said too often - is congratulations and many many thanks. It would be marvellous to buy tickets through the website. Having just seen Anna's post about how complicated it was to get tickets for Thessaloniki, I've had to abandon my slight hope of getting there next weekend. What would also be nice would be to have the information/comments on individual songs - that were on the old website - restored. (Unless they're there somewhere and I just can't find them).
  4. The news from Trehantiri in London is that they were told the Tsitsanis CD would be out by Christmas and have now been told it will be Easter.
  5. And now the Greek fonts work. Some days are just better than others.
  6. Nikola Many, many thanks. This has cheered me up no end. For the last few days I've been getting the alarming FORBIDDEN message from the club and then, yesterday, couldn't even get Radio Tehssaloniki (a coincidence of course). And now, I'm back with the club and listening to Dalaras on RT. So, ola kala. Even my Christmas lights are working now (OK another coincidence I admit) No luck with the Greek fonts yet but I'm working on it.
  7. Nikolas Thanks so much. You're a real genius and a star. No-one else has mentioned this, but I can only get into the club backwards - if you see what I mean. I got a blank screen from the club link this morning, but since I was intent on wasting a bit more time not working I had a look at the photographs, clicked on 'back' and found myself in the club. Hooray I thought. But then none of the other links would work - just a blank screen again. It took me a while to work out that the same principle would apply each time. So I click on the link, get a blank screen, then go to anything from the left hand menu, click 'back' and there I am. It's quite easy once you get the hang of it.
  8. OK, here's the list from Anna and me. These are only the Dalaras songs as we didn't know Maria Iakobou's apart from 'Dynata'. There's also one of the last songs missing - things were getting a bit hectic by then. Maybe Hedda knows what these were: Enas compos I hara mou Aspro peristeri Ta Vengalida sou matia Trelos yia sena Notos Tou erota Mia vrathina sto Leverkusen Thartho na se vro Ta Fantasmata To polaplo sou eidolo O palios stratiotis To palto Theos an einai San ton metanasti Mikri patrida Hasta siempre Nichta .. i kardia mou theli na petaksi Ki an se thelo Karavia stin steria To Pepromeno An iparxi logos Min mou theimoneis matia mou I fantasia Ola kala Stin Alana O ouranos fevyei vareis Pounai ta xronia Sagapo Kali tixi
  9. I have the list - there are a couple of gaps that I'm going to try to check with Anna first. Hope to post later today.
  10. Many thanks for the information, Anna - it worked! And just in time as they are nearly sold out. So I have my ticket, or at least I will have when I get to Stockholm. See you all there.
  11. OK. Ive had a great time reading all the postings over the past few weeks, so I think its time I participated and helped bring this thread back on track. It was just over two years ago. Id been teaching myself Greek for about six months (already three months longer than originally planned as Id only intended to learn stuff like a moussaka and a greek salad please but found it was more interesting and difficult than I expected) Anyway I started going to a class at Easter 1999. One day our teacher told us Dalaras was going to be giving a concert in London. (This was the concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London in May 1999) Id read a small piece about him in the Lonely Planet guide to Greece, so I went out of curiosity. After the instrumental intro I expected the great ego to leap on stage complete with medallion and leather trousers (sorry but I think this was my stereotype of Mediterranean singers). What happened then of course is unnecessary to describe to anyone reading this website. All I can say is that the effect was stunning. The voice was incredible and the music quite beautiful. I think I spent the next two or three weeks in a complete daze. I started collecting the CDs and also discovered that their depth and complexity meant that you never got tired of them. Geeske described how awesome it was to think that Dalaras had been singing for almost the whole of his (Geeskes) life. I can assure you its even more awesome to think that he has been singing the whole of your adult life. It still appals me when I realise how much time Ive wasted. That means going to all the concerts I can. New York in November 1999 (I think it was Chris that posted the information about this, so thanks), London again last year, and this year Athens, London and Frankfurt. Im stuck in London at the moment so am pretty miserable about missing the Greek tour. So, cynical middle aged feminist turns into huge fan of Greek singer. Dont really understand it but there it is. (But it does mean that in the last few years Ive heard the best live music imaginable and met some great people). There are a lot of points that have been made all over this website that I can identify with. The versatility of Dalaras. The fact that his many collaborations mean discovering Dalaras also means discovering the best of Greek music generally. The problem with your friends (know what you mean about that Geeske but congratulations on your latest success). At first I thought all I had to do was play a CD and Id have another convert. How wrong I was. Whether it was my childrens generation or my own the effect was much the same. Its Greek? Thats a bouzouki? Ah (weak smile at this point) it reminds me of holidays There were variations like it all sounds the same!!! and its a bit emotional isnt it? (these oddly from people who love opera and pride themselves on being music buffs). What I never seem to have encountered is open ears and minds. At first I got quite upset but now I dont really care since I think its their loss.