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  1. This is such bad news: a sad loss, too early, of a wonderful artist.
  2. This is great news Apostoli! Obviously you'll be looking again at the suggestions that were made when Nikolas was planning a site upgrade a few years ago (for things like translations, interviews, photographs, concert information, biography and so on). I assume too that the first priority will be bringing the site up to date. At the moment I can't think of anything else, so would just repeat the comment I made before: .. the more the site (rather than the forum) can be used as a vehicle for discussion and participation the better. If for no other reason than it makes things easier to find, with list and link making hopefully being more automatic, and therefore less onerous, than they are now. In fact, the current site already has substantial facilities for this, but for various reasons they have fallen into disuse. For example each album in the discography section has a section for discussion. As in: Ζωντανή ηχογράφηση στο Αττικόν (See top right hand button under the title). Equally for each song with a 'site' translation there is a link. As in: Καλή τύχη. The creation of the forum led to a distinction growing up between 'site' and 'forum' translations. This allowed more discussion about translations but this should still be possible under a 'site-based' system, with the administrators/moderators using the debate (if any) to modify the 'official' translation. All that would be needed is the addition of a 'discussion button' (similar to the existing ones for albums) for the songs and translations. This would take a bit of getting used to, but I imagine it wouldnt be too difficult for the site to show where the latest discussions were going on so that debates could be kept alive.
  3. I have a feeling you're right - which is very disappointing. But since, if all goes well, I'll be in Australia in October, there might be some (little) consolation in seeing Terzis. I'll keep hoping though!
  4. Dear Anna Thank you so much for this. And let's not forget a big thank you to you - for being there all the way and telling us how it was!! It must have been wonderful. Looking forward to seeing you in Istanbul.
  5. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much Micki. I can't think of anything better to celebrate the 11th anniversary of my 'discovery' of Dalaras and the depth and beauty of Greek music.
  6. Thank you for the great photos Micki. I just wish I could have been there!
  7. So the tour begins. And what a beginning! A venue for 3000 packed, waiting for Dalaras to appear. Loud applause and cheers when he does. He is in such good voice and the musicians (including the drummmer) perform superbly. These are all (I think) of Dalaras,]' songs. Ο ουρανός φεύγει βαρής Αν υπάρχει λόγος Θέος αν είναι Ο δρόμος είναι δρόμος Πάμε γι' αλλού Νύχτα Το παλτό Του έρωτα Τα βεγγαλικά σου μάτια Έγινες πουλί Μια βραδιά στο Λεβερκούζεν Κι αν σε θέλω Καράβια στη στεριά Πεπρωμένο Οι ελευθέροι κι ωραίοι Κάποιος χτύπησε την πόρτα Μένα παράπονο Κληρωθηκά Φύλλο στο νερό Το μηλό Τι είναι αυτό που μας ενώνει Ηταν πέντε ητάν εξι Όλα καλά Πού 'ναι τα χρόνια Το Πολλαπλο Σου Ειδωλο Μπαξε Τσιφλικι Αλλά μου λεν Ζιγκουάλα Τι σου κανά Σβήσε τη φλόγα/ Περασμένες μου αγάπες Κάλη τύχη Μη μου θυμώνεις Παραπονεμένα λόγια Της αμήνης τα παιδιά Δέσποινα wasn't there as predicted (although there was no announcement or explanation for her absence). I've left Τσουγανάκης out only because I wasn't sure I had his 'playlist' right. But it was similar to Πόλις΄ of course. I seem to have come full circle with him. First I loved him. Then became bored because his performances seemed predictable and mechanical. Now I see him as a potentially great artist Above all this was a wonderful start to the tour. Dalaras and the musicians on top form,and the audience loving them. A standing ovation at the end. It was a privilege to be there.
  8. I'm beginning to think that I might not get to Belgrade now - if Iceland's volcano continues erupting (which it seems it's going to) and the wind doesn't change (which it seems it might not). The last time I went to Belgrade it was by auto-stop. Maybe I should try that again.
  9. This dreadful news is so hard to believe. It was only a few weeks ago that I saw him performing with Katsimixaioi in Athens.
  10. This topic is incredibly useful, but maybe there might soon be another way for us to share information thoughts etc between languages. I use the Google Chrome browser and a few weeks ago, whenever I've opened a Greek webpage, a message popped up saying 'This page is Greek would you like to translate it?' If you say yes you can choose which language you want it translated to. First I was just irritated by this, because I thought if I wanted a bad translation I could use Babel Fish. Anyway eventually I tried it and was surprised to find it wasn't quite as bad as I'd expected it to be. Like Babel Fish there were some mistakes in both grammar and vocabulary but I think for some of the simpler discussions it could be useful and hopefully in time the standard of translations will improve. It will of course also translate from Greek to English or any other chosen language, or English to any other chosen language (though I couldn't say to what standard) Other browsers may have a translation facility (Internet Explorer seems to but I couldnt get it to work, and if Firefox or Safari do I couldnt find it) but Google Chrome seems the most accessible. Anyway, if anyone else is using Google Chrome I'd be interested to know what they think of this facility (or if something similar exists in other browsers).
  11. As one of the people who thought up this question all those years ago, I was dismayed to discover that I'd never actually tried to answer it! I suppose because it was incredibly difficult. Anyway I thought it was about time I had a go, so here it is in no particular order. Perhaps the advantage of having left it so long is that we can now have, thanks to You Tube and probably some forum members, a sort of virtual concert (just click on the titles, apart from the few that haven't yet, it seems, been 'You Tubed'). And though I shouldn't have needed it, searching through the repertoire was an awesome reminder of just how great an artist Dalaras is. Του κάτω κόσμου τα πουλιά Παραπονεμένα λόγια Της αγάπης αίματα Misa Criolla (I suppose that would have to count as five) Νοέμβρης '90 Τι 'ναι αυτό που μας ενώνει Αντιλαλούν οι φυλακές Ξένος για σένανε κι εχθρός Στην υπόγα Una moneda le di
  12. Hi greatdalaras First, welcome to the forum. It's refreshing to have someone asking these kind of questions again (if they are sometimes hard to answer!). In fact this one is almost impossible for such an extraordinary singer with such a huge repertoire. Every time you think of one song scores of others that seem to have equal merit jump into your head. My feeling was that if there was to be one favourite it would have to be by Kouyioumtzis (since his collaboration with Dalaras was surely made in heaven). I had a song in mind, but have noe changed it to 'Όταν ανθίζουν πασχαλιές' ' because I've just heard it on the radio and its simple beauty gave me goose bumps. But tomorrow it will be something else.
  13. My goodness! What a year this promises to be - expensive certainly, but well worth it. And for me there's some wonderful 'Dalaras magic' (I prefer to call it that than just a coincidence!) because I was already planning to go to Oz in the autumn - or should I say spring?
  14. Παιδιά, μήπως Θα παει κανείς στην συναυλία στο ΟΑΚΑ αύριο;
  15. The 27 February was the most extraordinary, amazing and unforgettable experience. I still don't have the words to describe it and still haven't recovered. And if I'd taken the trouble to understand how my camera worked I might have managed something better than this. Polis 27.02.10 1 Polis 27.02.10 2 Polis 27.02.10 3 Polis 27.02.10 4 Polis 27.02.10 5 Polis 27.02.10 6 Polis 27.02.10 7
  16. Friday 16 October 22hrs,95.4 FM, www.radio-monaco.com
  17. Oh dear and how brutal!! One minute you're listening to a truly great concert, and the next minute you're not. Still it was good while it lasted.
  18. This is great news. I love Tsaknis, having first heard him at the Tripolitis evening at Ianos in March 2007 (and many thanks again to the forum members who made that possible for me). I saw him again several times last year, always hoping that he'd sing Νοέμβρης 90 - but he never did. Now at last I can surely hope I'll hear him sing it, and much better still, with Dalaras.
  19. This is such sad news. This was a great shop with wonderful people who gave me so much good advice about what to buy. Reading their message about the closure is incredibly moving. I haven't been able to get there for a while, but remember Aki well and was greatly saddened to hear of his passing.
  20. Dear Alona - thank you SO much for the videos, and especially now for adding ' ''. For me this performance was incredibly moving, and the best example of Farantouri's wonderful performance at these concerts that I like to think was inspired by Dalaras.
  21. Thank you so much Alona for the wonderful videos and Thanassis for the information about the programme. For me this concert was almost beyond superlatives. I always knew it would be good, but if I had known it would be this good I think I would have happily walked to Berlin to be there. And it wasn't just because Dalaras and the musicians were superb. It was also because Farantouri performed exceptionally well, and far far better than I've seen her in recent appearances. She was truly inspired, and personally I found her interpretation of Σκέψου η ζωή deeply moving.
  22. ...where she is very important, just like in the Orthodox church. On the other hand, the Protestants don't have as much use for her name(s), since she plays a much smaller role in their rites and beliefs. Totally agreed, but it isn't the significance of the historical figure of the mother of Christ in different branches of the Christian church that's being discussed here. It's the best translation of the word 'παναγιά' in this particular song. I think the consensus is that 'madonna' (given its close association with the Roman Catholic Church) is less appropriate than 'holy mother'.
  23. Having been brought up as a devout nonconformist I'm not an expert on the religious aspect of this topic, but I'm on firmer ground with English. In normal English usage the expression for Christ's mother is 'the Virgin Mary', 'Madonna' is known and used of course (as are the many other alternative names). It's derivation is old Italian and means 'My Lady'. As far as I can make out it started to be used in the middle ages, is particularly prevalent in the title of religious paintings (such as 'Madonna and child') and is used most commonly in the Roman Catholic Church. Also, although the normal English translation for 'Παναγιά' is 'Virgin Mary' it can of course be translated into any of the alternative names according to context, which in this case would seem to be 'Holy Mother'.