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  1. In case anyone hasn't had time to check the 'strike' link, this is just to say that the strike on 2 December has been called off
  2. I agree with you Andreas that Nikolas is right. 'Yet' is a tricky word with a number of uses, but this isn't one of them. As an adverb it can be used with questions, negatives and statements about present time with reference to the future. So, 'Have you finished yet?' or 'I have yet to visit Paris'. With the present (simple passive) tense as in this case it would normally be used as a coordinating conjunction, but in the song there is no phrase to coordinate with. So unfortunately 'we are finished yet' has no real meaning, even in a poetic sense. Simply add a 'not' and it's just right!
  3. Dear All You may all have your own arrangements to meet, but just to let you know that I'll be in a pub called the Shaston Arms in Ganton Street, London W1 on 1 December from 5.00pm so it would be great if anyone else wanted to meet up. If not I'll be outside the Palladium, in Argyll Street, at 7.00 pm (the concert starts at 7.30 pm). The nearest tube station for both is Oxford Circus (Central, Bakerloo and Victoria lines). The best exit for the Palladium and Ganton Street is Exit 8 (which takes you directly into Argyll Street). See maps attached. Three points i) The Shaston Arms is on the North side of Ganton Street ii) For some reason 'multimap' (the second attachment) doesn't show Ganton Street, but it's the unnamed street running between the 'S' of Kingley Street and the 'A' of Marshall Street. iii) The multimap is also wrong because Carnaby Street leads directly into Great Marlborough Street (it's not a dead end as the map suggsts) http://www.streetsensation.co.uk/carnaby/cs_intro.htm http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?X=5...&multimap.y=208
  4. Dear All Just thought I should warn people who are planning on coming to the London concert that at present there is a strike planned by security and other staff at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports (but not Luton) on 2 December. Hopefully things will be sorted out before then. More information here http://www.baa.co.uk/doc/5398503fa16f69a58...0fb5_frame.html Kate
  5. Dear All Just a quick message as I have very little time, but I think I' m the first home after the concert. It was, of course, brilliant. GD in wonderful form, happy, looked great, voice superb. For me there is always one song that makes the whole trip worth it, and this time it was 'Amore' that hits you the mind, stomach and heart all at once. Also great to meet Anna, Olga, Yvonne and Henk again Franz and his friends for the first time. Hope you all get home safely. Kate
  6. Nikola It's absolutely brilliant as we know your work always is, but it never ceases to be amazing. Many many thanks and many congratulations. Kate
  7. Gazakas - I'm really impressed! Geeske - would 'Sleep in my arms like a star tonight' be better for the first line? And can 'kai' possibly mean 'again'? This word drives me mad. It used to be 'na' but I've more or less got the hang of that one. It seems to be used a lot just for emphasis, and my dictionary says it also functions like 'na' 'oti', 'pws', 'pou' and 'dioti' which doesn't really help much.
  8. There is a provisional booking at the Palladium for 1 December that should be confirmed very soon. No tickets available from the Palladium box office yet. Trehantiri are selling tickets for the upper circle (£15 and £20) and the Royal Circle (£30). They say that the stalls are going to be reserved for 'dignitaries' (whatever they are). There may be some available later, but probably not close to the front.
  9. Bravo, Diane I was so pleased you got a ticket. The first Dalaras concert is always an amazing experience. So, prepare to be amazed, enchanted, enraptured - and so on
  10. Geeske Many thanks. This was one of the few songs I had a go at translating, thinking (very unwisely of course) 'this looks easy'. I completely gave up on the last two lines. I don't know about 'sticky music hall' but I love the live version by Ελένη Δήμου on 'Ζωντανές Ηχογραφήσεις' with Dalaras as second voice.
  11. Just to confirm the information I posted yesterday. No concert booked yet at the London Palladium (according to the London Palladium) but some tickets available on the Trehentiri website. I'll try to find out more today.
  12. Yes, but it's a bit confused. Tonight, in an effort to forget my misery at failing to get tickets for the Megaro concerts (and to make sure it didn't happen here as well) I went to the London Palladium box office. They told me there was, as yet, no concert booked for 1 December. However the Trehantiri website is now announcing that some tickets are for sale for this concert (but not for the stalls). Anyway, I'll call Trehantiri tomorrow, and ring the Palladium again to check.
  13. That's strange because I was only thinking about this today. My introduction to Dalaras was quite dramatic. It was at a concert, May 1999 in London. I know the first song I heard was 'Ασπρο περιστέρι' but I think (because I was listening to it again today) the one that really captured my mind, soul, heart and all the rest was ''Libertadores/America Insurrecta'. So maybe that's the first one I really 'heard'. (And how I wish, looking at the programme now, that I could relive the whole of that concert)
  14. Geeske - my feeling is that 'inexpressible' would work better than 'unsayable'.
  15. 'Τώρα που θα φύγεις' because it's beautiful, because the instrumental solo is stunning.and........ by the way, since my head is full of 'duets', does anyone happen to know who else is singing on this track?
  16. Dear all. Many thanks for all the information. I've put it into the database. I now have another favour to ask you In addition to the information you've given me, I've been listening to all the songs I can, and have come up with a list of 'songs that seem to have other singers but I don't know who they are'. This is attached. I'd be really grateful if anyone could let me know (by e mail or personal messge) who the mystery singers are (and I apologise for the fact that they may be much less mysterious to you than me, but I often have very little extra information with my recordings) Kate (and apologies also if this includes stuff that I've already been told about. I have checked it once but I suspect not thoroughly enough) Songs_with_other_singers_but_I_don__t_know_who_they_are.doc
  17. Dolly Parton. A great singer and how wonderful to hear her with GD!
  18. News from Trehantiri. Dalaras will be appearing at the London Palladium on the 1 December. I just hope it will really happen this time.
  19. Um, sorry Olga. Things are a bit busy at work at the moment - promise I'll think about this soon.
  20. Micki, thanks so much for this. I only found this song tonight - it's not on the CD of the Ξαρχάκος Συναυλία which I've had for a while, but I was lucky and found it another way. It's such a beautiful song and it was great to find that you'd just done the translation.
  21. Melissa They're also in the 'Kane kouragio, Anna' topic in 'Translations' - Greek lyrics and English translation by Nikola.
  22. Geeske It's 'Δεν θα ξαναγαπήσω' by Λοίζος and Παπαδόπουλος. And it's brilliant. It was sung at Prespes of course. And there's a really good version of it by Κότσηρας on his 'Live' CD that as it happens I've been playing all afternoon.
  23. Sorry Olga - will do it as soon as I can. I'm supposed to be working at the moment!
  24. Geeske thanks so much (speaking as the person whose idea it was : ) This song is really special - apart from being incredibly beautiful - because it was the first one I heard Dalaras sing.