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  1. Εκει ειναι και η ολη υποθεση...ειναι πλεον θεμα ασφαλειας για ολους τους καλλιτεχνες στη σκηνη αλλα πιο πολυ για τον κοσμο που βρισκεται εκει για να ακουσει τη μουσικη και τα τραγουδια. Φοβαμαι οτι αν γινει καμια φασαρια και εχουμε θυματα/τραυματιες απ 'το κοινο, τοτε η ολη κατασταση θα παρει αλλες διαστασεις και θα χειροτερεψουν ακομα περισσοτερο τα πραγματα
  2. Υπαρχει αυτο το εγκλημα (το πεταγμα του μπουκαλιου και το σπασιμο της κιθαρας) σε βιντεο?
  3. Απο τη στηλη το Λευτερη Παπαδοπουλου στα ΝΕΑ...http://www.tanea.gr/gnomes/?aid=4701288
  4. Hi Pikerni just following on from Michael's suggestion about the CD "Paralili Diskografia' by the Katsimiha brothers, I would highly recommend this CD. Not only does it contain the song you are after by Leodinas Velis but there are a couple of songs with Dalaras and the Katsimiha Brothers, recorded live ('Gela Pouli Mou' & 'Kalosorisma' if I remember correctly). Overall, it's a great album which brings together a collection of collaborations between the Katsimiha brothers and other Greek artists, during their first 15 years of their recording career. Elias :blink:
  5. Hi all I'm not sure if this is the right area to start this thread but here goes anyway. I was watching a Dalaras video a while ago of his concert in Cyprus with the Katsimiha brothers and before George sang the song 'tou kato kosmou ta poulia', he introduced it and said something to the effect that it is a song that is as relevant today as it was during the time it was written. My question is, does anyone know the meaning of this song? I got the impression from Dalaras' introduction that it is a political song but I could be wrong. To me it feels like a very powerful song and the images I get in my mind when I hear the lyrics are quite 'dark'. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Thank you for your kind offer Micki but I was on full alert when that concert was on TV here and I made sure I videotaped it!!! It had been on TV last year but I missed it...I was kicking myself for that!!! But this time, I was prepared....hehe By the way, I hope you are feeling better. Elias
  7. Hi all I have a question about the video of Dalaras' performance at the Mann Auditorium. Several weeks ago, this concert was broadcast on TV here in Australia and I noticed that at the beginning, it said that it was "Part 1". Is there a second part to this performance? Does anyone know? I got in touch with the TV network but they were not aware of any subsequent parts to this concert. If there are any further parts, where can I get a copy?? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Elias
  8. Hi Micki, and thank you for the warm welcome. From your description, you sound just like that girl!! You would have loved that concert and I bet you would have gotten up and danced just like everyone else who was there!
  9. Yes, I was there!!! There were 2 concerts, one on 30 September if I remember correctly, and the other a few days later. I went with a few friends and we had a fantastic time...I even got up to dance a tsifteteli or two (come to think of it, so did the young, attractive, dark-haired girl next to me...hehe. We were dancing together, as if we'd known each other for a long time!...That's how good the 'kefi' was at that concert!!!) I also remember the enitre stadium dancing and singing, particularly during the Vasilis Tsitsanis songs. It was truly an amazing experience to be part of such a monumental concert...simply unforgettable!! And by the way, I still have the concer ticket in my wallet!
  10. My all-time favourite song would have to be "Tora Klais" from the "Ta tragoudia mou" LP...It takes me back to a school excursion to Corfu, back in 1983. We were listening to it on the coach on our way there.....it was amazing....40 or so young kids, screaming the words of this song at the top of our voices, driving the teachers (and the bus driver) berserk...hehe Later that year i also saw Dalaras live at the Olympic Stadium concert...needless to say, it was an unforgettable experience!!! Darn!!...Now I'm feeling nostalgic...I think I'll go and put that song on, just for old time's sake...catch you all later!