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  1. Another video I took in Koln: Pente Xronia. Enjoy!!
  2. MMA already took the money for the tickets from my creditcard. They sent a mail about it only days ago...weird! And yes, if cancelled (again!)why so late? We booked flights,hotels,now tickets..
  3. What a great night it was, yesterday, in the Yehudi Menuhin Hall in the European Parliament in Brussels.The concert for Cyprus 'Songs of our Soul'. Here's the poster/flyer: Only a small one, but a warm one..started at 19.25, ended at 22.00 Program: I liked Margarita Zorbala, had never seen her before, but knew her songs. She did a great version of Dromoi Pallioi The last part was where our Thios came in He gave us 7 (!) songs...where on the songlist were only 5 Songlist: Songs, and order: 1 Ton Athanaton 2 Polla den thelei o anthropos 3 I diki mou patrida 4 Yia thn Kypro 5 Omorfi kai paraxeni patrida 6 Karteroumen 7 Xrusoprasino fillo(this as an extra with the other singers) Dalaras sang all songs very very well, very powerful. His voice was more than excellent and he sang with whole his heart. The public was warm and enjoying. Clapping and singing I couldn't make many pics, and the ones I did make didn't come out well...I must have been too moved..
  4. Thanks for the great pics,Sofia!!
  5. Thank you all so much for sharing. It's just wonderful to read the reports-to see the pics and video's. Anna, I don't know how you do it-every photo is spot-on
  6. Thanks, Sideri. I've enjoyed a lot!