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  1. Another video I took in Koln: Pente Xronia. Enjoy!!
  2. MMA already took the money for the tickets from my creditcard. They sent a mail about it only days ago...weird! And yes, if cancelled (again!)why so late? We booked flights,hotels,now tickets..
  3. What a great night it was, yesterday, in the Yehudi Menuhin Hall in the European Parliament in Brussels.The concert for Cyprus 'Songs of our Soul'. Here's the poster/flyer: Only a small one, but a warm one..started at 19.25, ended at 22.00 Program: I liked Margarita Zorbala, had never seen her before, but knew her songs. She did a great version of Dromoi Pallioi The last part was where our Thios came in He gave us 7 (!) songs...where on the songlist were only 5 Songlist: Songs, and order: 1 Ton Athanaton 2 Polla den thelei o anthropos 3 I diki mou patrida 4 Yia thn Kypro 5 Omorfi kai paraxeni patrida 6 Karteroumen 7 Xrusoprasino fillo(this as an extra with the other singers) Dalaras sang all songs very very well, very powerful. His voice was more than excellent and he sang with whole his heart. The public was warm and enjoying. Clapping and singing I couldn't make many pics, and the ones I did make didn't come out well...I must have been too moved..
  4. Thanks for the great pics,Sofia!!
  5. Thank you all so much for sharing. It's just wonderful to read the reports-to see the pics and video's. Anna, I don't know how you do it-every photo is spot-on
  6. Thanks, Sideri. I've enjoyed a lot!
  7. Great news!! I think this Istanbul concert will be the most special concert of the tour!
  8. Tickets for Istanbul are for sale now
  9. Ok then, here's the translation -το χαλάζι - with thanks to Koros who helped me when I got lost May 11th Heineken Music Hall George Dalaras-Musical ambassador of Greece George Dalaras, who with his powerful and melancholic voice carries away a worldwide audience, will give a concert in the Netherlands, with Michalis Tzouganakis and Despina Olympiou as his guests. Thus the sixty-year-old singer, who has been an artist since he was 15 and has not lost any of his strength, agrees to his fans requests to again perform the well-known songs in the Encore Tour. It will also be a Tour of Jubilee, as it is already 25 years ago that Dalaras started his first European tour. Even though he sings in Greek, his music has a universal character that touches everyone. Meanwhile over 14 milion of his albums have been sold. On top of that the friendly and modest singer has a strong social conscience. He is known for his powerful pursuit of justice and efforts for the socially oppressed. He stands up especially for assaulted women and children and together with other artists he did benefit concerts in support of the famine in Africa and the war victims of Yugoslavia among others things. One unforgettable event was the Amnesty International Concert in Athens, where Dalaras performed with Peter Gabriel, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Tracy Chapman and Youssoun Dour. Luckily, there was a tiny space in his busy schedule for an interview with Griekenland Magazine. Many of your songs have become so famous that almost everybody knows them. Which songs are most precious to you? After so many years of performing and over a hundred albums it is hard to choose a favourite. But my roots are in rembetika and smyrneika. I very much love my earliest songs by Kouyoumtzis and Loizos. At my live performances I often sing songs like Chelidoni, Mi mou thimonis matia mou, O ouranos fevgie varys. But there are also many less familiar songs that I rediscover and also include in the Encore Tour. What exactly is rembetika? For me rembetika is an endless story, music that stays far from trends and hits. Rembetika is our duente, our soul. Its like flamenco in Spain and fado in Portugal. Theres a rumour that this will be your final tour with these popular songs? I dont know. I do this tour at the request of the audience. But it is true that it will be the last tour with this repertoire, because by now my permanent band and I have new and renewed arrangements. At the Amsterdam concert your guests are Mihalis Tzouganakis (his fans call him the Cretan Jimmy Hendrix of the lute) and Despina Olympiou. That cannot but produce beautiful moments. Michalis is an extraordinarily gifted musician. Despina is a good singer and up till now we have never had the opportunity to perform together outside Greece. We will sing some beautiful duets, popular songs but interpreted in a new way. They are the familiar songs people keep asking for, but renewed. What do you think of the Netherlands? Its a magnificent country, the landscape is beautiful but above all I love the Netherlands because of the people. They are very democratic, open-minded and civilized. Besides, I consider it an honour that they respect and appreciate our music and patrimony. I am grateful and proud that people write me they are learning Greek by means of our songs. I strongly feel theres a special connection between the Dutch and the Greeks. Not only culturally, but also ties of love and friendship. Why, I dont know. Its something strange; most likely is a similar mentality. Last year you performed in the Netherlands as part of the Ritsos celebration. That was wonderful, emotional too. It was a tribute to Yannis Ritsos(Greek poet) by Mikis Theodorakis. We sang together with Maria Farantouri. It was so pure. It was pure and authentic and it reminded us of our youth, the years of innocence. Are there any artists with whom you would like to perform in the near future? There will always be artists with whom I would like to perform; often they are the less well-known ones; there are fantastic newcomers. I have already worked with so many great artists like Al di Meola, Paco de Lucia, Sting and Dulce Pontes. Im not actively looking for combined performances, but when it happens, always from an artistic point of departure. It must have an innovative and experimental goal and I never join on financial grounds. You have already been around so long in your profession, How do you keep going? All these years my passion for music has grown and that, together with the love people have given me, is my strongest weapon, my power to go on. Fame is toughest: it is something temporary. I have never valued or respected it and I have never taken it seriously. Is there anything else we can expect from you in the future? Its my intention to work exclusively in the studio. More studio, fewer concerts. I will only perform when something special occurs; something challenging and different. I face the future with much confidence, because I will spend my time as a producer of innovative work of new artists and musicians. I hope that the audience will embrace these new productions in this difficult time for artists.
  10. Translation will follow soon,but it'll be in english only
  11. Great news indeed! Hisense Arena is in Melbourne...not Adelaide So Oct 30 it's Melbourne.
  12. I thank you all for you beautiful words about and amazing pics from these wonderful nights. Especially important for me as I could not be present at any of them. Reading and enjoying all makes it less sad to have missed these impressive nights. THANKS A LOT!
  13. This is a very big loss indeed,for the whole world! Mercedes had a great voice, but overall her person,and her songs were important during the dark times of Latin America. She will be sadly missed. Thank you for your many wonderful songs, Mercedes Sosa!
  14. Thanks for the lovely pics,Thodoris, and also thanks for the reports and list of songs! It must have been a wonderful concert!