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  1. The concert became true and I was there with my 7 years old daughter. It was very similar to the London concert as I can see. This is the list of songs I wrote down: Girismos Ammohostos I diki mou i patrida Aspro peristeri O ouranos fevgei varis Ta prota logia Na me thimasai kai na m'agapas San to metanasti Theos an einai Stin Arapia Avre tu puerta cerrada El emigrante 3 x Deborah Myers 1 x orchestra (from America Insurecta) Tis agapis aimata Dromoi palioi Mi mou thimoneis matia mou Itan pente, itan exi Omorfi poli Ola kala, ola oraia Canzone arrabiata encores: Xrisoprasino fillo Karteroumen Thanks Geeske for filling the holes in the list! Yes, I met two members who will surely report themselves. It was very nice to meet them. Because I dont´t have any of these Cyprus-CD´s (I am SO sorry) I was afraid of not recognizing so many songs but he sang many beautiful songs and just a couple of them were new for me. He was good and kind as always with a sound of "sorry to be so late" in his voice when wishing us "kalispera" after a couple of songs. There were long speeches for Cyprus in Danish and English in the beginning so he began singing 40 minuter late. Without a pause he was singing for us in 2 hours. Only rest for his voice was when Deborah was singing alone. I was sitting in row 16, so sorry, no photos. But the ones from Marijke in London are beautiful, thanks! He let us help him singing in Theos an einai and Ola kala, ola oraia. Obviously we did not sing so good because by encores there were many wishes from the public but he answered with a laugh in his voice: NOW I can here you but when you were supposed to sing... In some words: just another great concert! I hope to see him soon again!
  2. Thanks Geeske for bringing this up! Thanks Niki and Lynne for the translations! I'll study this while waiting on the 3rd of December. Jaana
  3. I read on Athens Metro on the 7th of November, that there is work going on to make a gala for and with Kostas Gavras in May 2003 in the Metropolitan Opera of New York. From Greece George Dalaras, Agni Baltsa, Lydia Koniordou and others will be participating. This will be a Cultural Olympiad event. Maybe this can make you Christo a little bit happier!
  4. Copenhagen 3rd of December! There will be a concert in Copenhagen, Denmark with George Dalaras, Deborah Myers and the Cypriot National Orchestra. Call +45 33 38 55 41 for FREE tickets!!! The ticket office is open 9-16.30 on weekdays. The concert will take place in Falkonercentret (Radisson SAS), Falkoner Allé, Frederiksberg Tuesday 3rd of December at 20. The concert is called Cyprus sings for Europe in Copenhagen and songs from Theodorakis, Hadzidakis, Xarchakos, Layios and Christodoulides will be sung. Organizers are a Greek and a Cypriot society. I found this on a Swedish site www.kalimera.nu. Jaana