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  1. Have you ever listened to this CD?Isn't it marvelous?It was my present from my sister for my "name celebration" in 1st January(my name is Vasilis). I love " Edo to fos" and also I like "Kouventa m'ena louloudi","Karterema" and "Mnimosino".What's your opinion?
  2. There is no doubt that Dalaras is my favourite singer. However,I enjoy hearing other singers such as Dimitris Basis,Gerasimos Andreatos,Kostas Makedonas. I won't forget that New Years Eve when I saw them in television(ET 1)and they were singing together "Oi thalassinoi"of Zampetas,"Tis vroxis oi stales"of Tsitsanis and an other song which I don't remember which it was. Does anyone know when it will be broadcasted again?
  3. " Κsekinaei to arhontoloi " from " Oi Maides oi Ilioi mou".....
  4. It's well known that Dalaras play the guitar.However a lot of people don't know that he is a great musician.If someone asks me to characterize Dalaras I will say that he is a great singer and musician.Dalara's ability to play a variety of musical instruments made me to admire much more.
  5. For this week "Eipa na sviso ta palia"
  6. For the week which passed "Ax ti adiko" and for the week which comes "Toutos o tafos" .......!
  7. Unfortunately,I don't have the most of Dalaras CDs I only have:Asfaltos pou trexei,Thessaloniki-Giannena,Gia ta tragoudia ego fteo,Ta tragoudia mou,Radar and Kindineuei i Ellas.Which two you suggest me to buy?
  8. For this week my song is "Mi giriseis pia".
  9. For those who watched "Dalaras in Zygos" last Thursday, do you know the first song of the concert Dalaras sang with P.Katsimihas? It was about "Protominia" or something.
  10. For the week which is coming my song is "Karterema" of Mikis Theodorakis.
  11. I believe laiko has to do with simple people.To "laiko tragoudi" whose beginning is dimotiko and rebetiko later,is the song most people like listening to it.When we talk about "simple people" we talk about people of the the middle and lower social classes.Moreover,"laikos tragoudistis"is the singer who is refered to simple people and he sings about "everyday things",to explain he sings about love,society,emigrants,politic situations,death,mother,family,psychological pain and other simple things.Remember M.Bizani lyrics in "Tragoudistis" "Ego eimai enas tragoudistis tou erota kai tis zois tragoudao gia ti ftohia kai ti ksenitia kai gia tous eroteumenous pou 'houne fotia"
  12. For the week who is coming my song is " O dromos einai dromos " of Akis Panou " Den einai eukolo n'allakseis otan halasis entelos.." Great lyrics!
  13. First of all I would like to give my best wishes to everyone.Happy new year!! My song for this week is "Karanti" "Mpases steries ilios piros kai foinikies ........"
  14. I would like to add some unfairly judged songs like: 1 Itane aprilis minas 2 Mou dose o plastis tin kardia 3 O dromos einai dromos 4 Mesa sto erimo spitaki 5 O Stratos 6 Metanastes 7 Varvakio 8 Fegari hlomo 9 Ta nea tis Alexandras 10 Ksimeroni(one of Theodorakis best)
  15. I think Dalaras should try to sing "dimotika" again.Also I think he should make a CD of Kazantzidis and Bithikotsis old songs.It would be wonderfull.
  16. If you remember he made aconcert in Kaisariani when he sang Tsitsanis songs.He may collect songs from many of his concerts.
  17. I don't know what the program will be but I guess it will be a mixed program. Now I'm listening to "Fortothika tis tipsis mou" What a wonderfull song!
  18. Dear Anna Dalaras said that he when he completes his work he will give it to MINOS-EMI and they will put it on when ever they want
  19. In 31 December after midnight Dalaras is in "Aulaia 02" WITH Basis,Galani,Thalassinos and other singers.
  20. Yesterday,I bought the magazine called "Echo & Artis" where there is an interview of Dalaras.Dalaras claims that he is making three CDs 1)Concerts of Tsitsanis songs. 2)Mikis Theodorakis Special Songs 3)Nice new "laika tragoudia" something that he have missed himself as he says. Isn't it GREAT NEWS??????!!!!!!####****!!!!
  21. I would like to explain that I have listened all the songs of "Mikra Asia","50 xronia rebetiko",Natane to 21",George Dalaras","Ta tragoudia mas","Sta psila ta parathiria","Mikres Polities"since my cousin is a Dalara's fun and he has a lot of CDs and LPs of Dalaras.
  22. I would like George to sing the incredible song of Theodorakis "Drapetsona"!
  23. Firtly,I would like to apologise for my 1month missing from this site.It was because of technical problems. As far my song for this week is concerned I think it is "Prin to harama monaxos"
  24. From hasapika I like most:''Natane to 21","Itane aprilis minas","Taksidi sta Kithira","Ego milo ki esi eisai allou","Ena tragoudi gia tin Eleni F","Tis dikeosinis ilie " and "Pepromeno". From hasaposevika I love "Oi eleuthteroi ki oraioi" which is one of my favourite songs.