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  1. Kali Mera I wass looking for a translation of To Gramma and Ola Kala, but could not find them. Are they anywhere that you can direct me to? I understand words and sentences - and I think the meaning of the songs - but would like to piece it all together. Thank you very much
  2. Thank you!!! I am still learning how to navigate the board. It will take a while and I have to work hard, trying to udnerstand, first of all read, Greek . So much I have forgotten over the years. But never my love for everything Greek ! Hellas ja panta !
  3. Hello all, I am new here and joined in the hope to find some Dalaras songs that I had on a CD, which meanwhile succumbed to the sun in my car. The songs are all from the 70is. I have been to 2 of his concerts in the 90is, in Germany, have lived in Athinai and Thessaloniki, and while I can read Greek I don't really understand it. But I simply love the language and everything Greek. In particular I am looking for 3 of his songs, where I am not even sure of the title. I hope it's OK if I try to figure them out here, with your help. One is "To gramma" and the other one I have no idea as to the possible title. It starts like this "Stin Athinai mes to centron...". The other one is "Paramithis..."? Forgive my bad translation and writing. I so hope that someone not only knows the songs, but can also post them for me to save??? I found 3 others on youtube OLA KALA and "...marmara..." where he is on stage with the wonderful Mikis Theodorakis. Can anyone help me find these songs? This is Annoula from the USA