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  1. Thanks to Anna for the great photos once again, even if she did get told off!!! It was wonderful to see Dalaras concerts again after some time away, and to see friends again. I loved hearing old songs again too. Take care Lynne
  2. For information this is a re-recording on DVD of the old concert which was released on video years ago and if anyone hasn't got it it is well worth buying. This is the concert in Olympia Stadium from 1983 and is a double DVD. It costs 19.99 UK pounds plus postage from
  3. Annemarie, I have checked with my friend at Greekcity and they have discovered that the labels are the problem so just contact her and she will send you new dvds. This applies to anyone else as well. This is why they have withdrawn it from sales so they could check out the problem and solve it. It seems that it depends on the player, on mine it works fine, but not on others. There is also a problem as it needs to be played on a player that has multiregion as they have been produced in the UK. They have had problems with a Vissi dvd issued by Sony as well due to the multiregion problem and they are all being returned in the UK as they are not playing so the big boys still have trouble too!!!!!
  4. Anna, Amazing photos as always! I'm really glad that you went and enjoyed the show. Thanks Take care Lynne
  5. Sorry I meant Olympic Stadium with Alexiou and Parios. I have a copy and this is a produced by Greek city who have the copyright so it is a proper recording as they have their own studio. I didn't explain it very well as I was in a hurry. If you visit the website you can see that they sell Greek films and CD's as well and are based in London. It is run by a friend of mine Olympia and they also sell tickets for Greek singers in UK. I am sure you will enjoy it if you buy it and the copy is very good although the sound doesn't have the perfection of today but this was recorded 20 years ago and it is live!
  6. My thanks too Anna, wonderful photos as usual, and even my back!!!!!! See you soon I hope.
  7. I spoke to the promotors today and teh dates are going to be changed as there is some overbooking of artists???????? So we don't know the correct dates or even if it will take place - that's fairly normal for Cyprus and also the tiockets will probably not be on sale until 2 to 3 weeks before as usual!!!! When I find out the correct dates I will let you know.
  8. Finally I have confirmed the concerts in Cyprus. Friday 23rd - Larnaca Saturday 24th - Paralimni Monday 26th - Limassol (not Nicosia) For once he is singing in my home town Paralimni, it is many years since he has sang here and I believe that it will be a very special concert. As it will be 30 years since the war on July 20th and that week will be very emotional in this area with so many refugees from Famagusta.
  9. I would like to add something here. Perhaps you should consider that for Hadjiyiannis to even start a career firstly he had to move to Athens as it is impossible in Cyprus for a singer to make any impact. He spent his youth singing Dalaras's songs, but if he had tried to break into the market with that style then he would never have got anywhere, so he went for a more commercial road. I have heard him sing here with MImis Plessas playing piano and he was playing guitar, no other musicans, and believe me he sang some wonderful songs. He is very talented vocally and writes his own music as well. I believe that Dalaras's reasoning was to encourage him to move into different areas of music and bring his name forward to an older audience. He is still very young and has a lot of years ahead of him and with guidance could become a great singer / performer. Yes he sings pop music as that is what sells (everyone knows that) and he wants to make money and become known as anybody would, but wait a few years and I am sure that we will hear different things from him, and we will have Dalaras to thank for that too. Bringing forth new talent . I don't believe that it's a waste for Dalaras to sing with new younger singers to show them the way, and anyway he likes to do different things so why not! Actually there were very few young girls there, no more that 20 - 30 and they weren't screaming, only clapping. I've been at a Beatles concert and that's screaming Also thanks to Agnie for the photos they were excellent, they took my camera off me the first night so I didn't bother to take it the second night and they didn't check then!!!! Typical uh!
  10. Have to agree with Anna, although I enjoyed the Hadjiyannis's songs as well - at least when he sings it is with a good voice and not like some other pop music where the person cannot even sing in tune! It would be great to hear some other songs too as we always get a lot of the same these days. But I did enjoy the shows and I am sure they will sing together in the future as they seemed to have a great rapport with each other - almost like father and son. Had to admit the highlight for me was also the last song on the second evening - it is one of my favorites anyway and it performed beautifully by both of them with great harmony and feeling. I wanted to cry too.
  11. I have booked a table to see Alexiou with Kotsiras for next Thursday 15th Jan, but have one seat spare. Does anyone want to go? Please let me know before Tuesday 13th
  12. I just spoke to my friend and she said that they should have the tickets in the next day or so and the prices are 40 - 65 pounds.
  13. Anyway they are wrong as there were only two concerts in Cyprus, in fact originally it was only one and then they added the second one!!!!!!
  14. Well I have just got my tickets this morning for this concert on April 19th in Nicosia - Elefteria Stadium. So finally after the States he will come here, and I nearly went to Toronto the week before (saved a lot of money there!!!!) ticket price only about 25 euros. Only problem is it is a huge place takes over 8000 people and appartently a lot ot tickets have been given to the staff of Bank of Cyprus who are sponsoring the show, so it means going two hours before and trying to get a decent seat, but as it is a stadium the seats are on the sides mainly and for sure all the good seats will be kept for staff. Never mind at least I will hear him and Marinella together and the atmosphere should be good with so many people The tickets are not available by credit card by information can be had from the Municipal theatre Nicosia - 00357 22 664028
  15. WONDERFUL!!!!! There voices together are just perfect, I believe this CD will be a classic and definitly not to be missed. On the top of everyones shopping list. I am so looking forward to seeing them later this month. And Kate 'O Mare E Tu' is incredible - my favorite
  16. Thanks everyone for your great reports. Annette you were right the song ¨'Those were the days¨ was a Eurovision song sang by a girl called Dana from the 80's I believe (showing my age once again). I didn't mention it in my report as I don't thing that highly of it I'm not keen on Deborah Myers really and I don't think that their voices match either, but I would have like to hear Dalaras sing in english just out of curiosity, although I'm sure that you are right Anna! As for singing Kartaroumen, it's very true that when I hear him sing it in Cyprus especially he seems to be very drained afterwards emotionally maybe more than vocally, even though his voice was suffering last week in Limassol and the audience almost drowned him out, which was quite an experience listening to the whole theatre giving their all with him, maybe thats what drains him emotionally - if you get my meaníng! Anyway it seems that we all had a good time (perhaps except this woman!)
  17. Sorry it's a bit late. I'm not really very good at writing these reports, as I can never remember song titles, but this concert was the same as London in Dec and presumably the same as Paris on 16th, so I will not list the songs. Thankfully there were no speechs this time and just music, wonderful music. From the beginning I realised that Giorgos had a problem with his voice. He must have had a cold although I am sure that most people would have been unaware as he still sang superbly. He was drinking a lot especially in the second half which I haven't noticed before, and the low notes seemed to be a problem not the high ones they were ok. In fact his voice was quite husky (very sexy - no complaints here ). He started with the songs for Cyprus and when he sang "Η δικη μου η πατριδα" he said afterwards that the song was both truth and lie as it was impossible for a partida to be in two parts. He was as usual at his happiest when playing an instrument. My cousin who has never seen him with an orchestra remarked that he seemed uncomfortable and nervous and I told her that once he picked up his guitar that would all change and it did. He continued with his usual songs that he sings with orchestras - Aspro Peristeri, Theos an einai etc. Deborah Myers come on and started to sing but her mic didn't work and in the end after a couple of minutes she had to use Giorgos's mic and she said "this must be a lucky mic to use". She was very good and sung four songs to end the first half. In the second half at one point when they just about to start a song a mobile phone rang (they even tell people to turn them off and they don't - I cannot understand this mentality at all ) he said another tone! but he didn't seem too upset and everyone laughed. He sang two songs with Deborah Myers but I felt that he didn't want to do many encores as his voice was suffering, but he came back and sang "Kαρτερουμεν" finally to a tremendous applause even though he let the audience do a lot of the singing. He seemed to be tired but as always gave a wonderful show and everyone loved him. He chatted here and there and made a comment about us all being in the EU now and in fact the orchestra, which is made up of numerous nationalities, is already in the EU. For the me the best moments are when he plays, looking at his face that lights up with so much pleasure when he looks at his guitar etc. It wasn't the best concert that I have seen but I enjoyed it as always - his voice is so magical Hope everyone enjoys Paris as much, and then he has a rest as I think he deserves one.
  18. Great report Rena, you obviously had a wonderful time. I so wanted to see them together and haven't been able to make it, it sounded so beautiful. I really do wonder why he schedules the concerts so close together after doing 5 weeks at Zygos, he should have a break before starting another nine concerts in 2 weeks, with travelling involved as well. So I can only hope that he isn't too ill and can still sing ok until Paris.
  19. Just heard that there will be two concerts here in Feb 10th Feb at Nicosia and 11th at Limassol. These are with the Cyprus State Orchestra so same programme as London more or less but without Debroah Myers. He's a buzy lad running from place to place, don't know how he keeps going
  20. Yes Anna, They issued the dates from the Tourist office and probably they were changed after they had been given these dates. Found out when my sister-in-law went to get the tickets!!!!!
  21. I have just seen in Athinorama news that from 18th Dec Dalaras will at Zygos again . Great news The site is if this works or just check the site
  22. I think the reason is that it is much larger than Zygos, which has a cosy atmosphere, which I believe Giorgos prefers.
  23. What did he say Apostolis, in brief of course. Maybe they will put it on the Sat channel, but we never get details here.
  24. Sarantis, He studied in England I believe thats why his English is good and he appreared in stage in London in shows. I also think we was born in Africa. This is from memory (which is not so good these days) so if I'm wrong sorry. Nights in White Satin is one of my favorite songs from the Moody Blues, and it must have been Justin Haywood who was with, must have been good to hear them together.. He has a geat voice. The LP is absolutely great and if anyone likes this kind of music a really good listen. The words are superb and I think this was way before its time. I think it was released about 69 or 70, I have to check at home. Marios has a great voice and I think he will have an incredible future ahead of him.