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  1. If this is the case then I think it is a great shame as they always perfomed so well together in the past. But then we all have had bust ups with friends at one time or another. I hope they can get over this and we will see once more together.
  2. Marco, you could also in London the following: They have a large selection of CD's and will get whatever you want.
  3. Well my turn! I started listening to Greek music in London in the early 70's at Greek/Cypriot restaurants and my first Greek single which I bought in Corfu in 76 for Eparcho which I really liked. Then I came to Cyprus in 77 met my husband and started to listen to more Greek music. I came to live here in 82 and have since been nearly every year to Dalaras concerts when I could. My husband remembers Dalaras when after the war in 74 he came and sung at the refugee camp where he was living at the time. He sat on some wooden steps and played his guitar for the people there. He did a lot for the people at that time. One year can't remember exactly which, but I think in was 87, we saw his concert and went to a restaurant in Larnaca to eat afterwards that was owned by a friend and it was very late, but who should walk in to eat but Dalaras. I got him to sign my programme and told him the concert was great. I suppose I have really only been a major major fan in the last 4 or 5 years but have now seen him live about 20 times. One of my favorite concerts was when he did the Latin programme, which was really amazing, far better than the CD. For those who don't like the Latin CD, if you heard him singing and playing guitar I'm sure you would change your mind. So now I go as often as I can and have about 20 CDs, but the concerts are SO much better than listening to the CD's. I could go every night!!!!! Anyway there you have it.
  4. I agree with yoy Niclas, it should most definitely be Theodarakis for the Olympics. Tell me has Dalaas ever sung with Demetris Mitropanos, as I really like his voice and having seen him live a couple of times find him an amazing performer?
  5. I don't believe I've ever heard him speak a lot, although sometimes he does here in Cyprus as he talks about the problems here, but recently it has been mainly Kalispera only. When it rained last year in October the afternoon of his concert in Nicosia he made a funny comment about the winter coming early, and everyone laughed. In London it was much the same as in the other European cities, but there, a lot of the people knew the music of Katsimichas and Stokas, so they were singing along with them too and received very good appalause, but there were a lot of Greeks and Cypriots in the audience. But I must admit that he seemed very relaxed and was lauging and joking with Babis Stokas a lot during the performance and he normally is more serious than that, so it was a change to see him more laid back. I have seen him with Katsimichas here in Cyprus in 1993 as well, an knew a lot of his songs and also like Pyx Lax music so I enjoyed the whole concert. It was a similiar concert to the Zygos show in Athens, but that was of course longer starting at 23.00 and finishing around 3.15, which was great - it seemed to go on forever, and he sang a lot more old songs then.
  6. I have also translated some of the songs, but it's very hard to make sense of them sometimes. Also the English is awful on some of the translations that I have read. I am trying to translate the biography from the Music Box and I'm upto about page 17 but it really is time consuming and difficult as even my husband cannot understand all of it, when I ask him for help! If I ever finish it I will send it to Niclas to put in this site.
  7. I have a lot of videos but no offical ones as I have never seen them on sale. Where can we buy them from now. Chris, the Christmas special that you are talking about, is this the one recorded for the Millenium - with guests Parios etc in Athens. If so this one is really good, one of my favorites.
  8. You could also try They are in London and have mail order for any Greek CDs. Hope you find what you want.
  9. I've only heard him sing the one song in English from the Music Box with Ian Anderson, and although I enjoyed it, I think I would prefer him to stick to Greek Music. Maybe becuse English is my language! As for the unmentionable A.V. she shouldn't sing in English either. Personally I believe that the only people that bought her CD in English were Greek speaking anyway, and she will not break in the UK/US market in this way. How many foriegn artists have made it big in English - very few. No Georgios should stick to Greek.
  10. Well, I just sat here and read the last nine pages as I don't have a lot of time during the summer months as I'm really buzy at work. I'm English before you ask, have lived in Cyprus for 18 years and married to a Cypriot. My Greek is so-so, well bad really considering how long I've lived here, but I have been a fan of Dalaras for many years and have seen him about 20 times. Recently I went to London and to Athens in the winter and last year saw him 3 times in Cyprus. I believe that we all have our own tastes including Dalaras and we are entitled to change over the years as I know I have and I enjoy listening to music now that I probably would never have listened to 20 years ago (I must be getting old!!!). Anyway we can listen with an open mind and enjoy and if not then we don't listen again to that particular CD. I agree that his voice has improved with the years and also that he is better live than on video etc. I have a lot of videos myself bits taken from here and there. When I was in London, most of the audience wanted the "palio" songs, but that was because they don't listen to all his music and therefore like the old ones better which they know and can sing along. Have to finish, but I will always listen to anything new that Dalaras does with an open mind, and of course some things I will like more than others, but that can be said of everything including people!!!!