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  1. Thank God I will miss them, I arrive two days before the first one and leave two days after the next one. Hope to see you all there
  2. I have to agree with all of you so far and if I had to put a percentage on it would probably say that I listen to 60 - 65% older songs than new, but I also love Amor Amor so there you have it - no real decision. But then one of the reasons we all love him is that he does different things and styles so we don't just want the one. I have at workd with me today 4 CD's and you can judge for yourself Apo Kardias Latin Apona Matia Potrait Hows that for variety
  3. I remember when I first saw Dalaras singing with the Ossipov Orchestra it was the first time he played with them and when we wanted an encore he said that he had only arrived the day before and practisied with them once that day so he couldn't play anything else except the programme, which they knew, so they re-sang one of the songs. When I saw them singing together again later in the year they knew more songs by then So he was very happy to play encores
  4. I think they start selling them at the box office on 30th October Henk. I really want to go too as I think it will be a great concert with the two of them.
  5. Geesek, that would most definitely be interesting
  6. Well last night went to see a very good concert with Yiannis Kotsiras and Demetris Basis. They sang some good songs mostly alone but a few together and their voices did sound good together. Demetris Basis did a very, very good version of "Mana mou Ellas" and of the nine musicians playing with them, seven of them were very young Which is good as it means there are going to be some really great ones around for a long time yet. They played very well and the violinist was excellent the first name was Andreas. The oud/bouzouki player was older as was the other bouzouki player - maybe it takes longer to be good at these instruments - as I'm not a musician can't answer that Personally I prefer Demetris Basis singing old songs than the newer ones, but he has a very good voice. Yiannis Kotsiras seems to able to sing ballads and rock songs equally well, and his style is very relaxed. Anyway I enjoyed the concert and I would recommend it to anyone - although of course neither of them are of Giorgios's standard but certainly very watchable. :blink:
  7. I don't see why it will make such a difference to him what Giorgianna does, as she has been at all all these years and he has had to leave often enough anyway. I also believe that he will sing whatever as you only have to see him on stage to see how happy he is singing and especially playing with an audience. He can't just give it up - unless his voice goes or something serious like that. I'm sure he will slow down but not stop. Anyway we don't want to think it about it - we all hope he will go on and on for years yet
  8. I'd really like to read that article as well. So maybe someon can help. Please
  9. Lovely words Micki I'm sure that he will continue to sing until he feels his voice going - if it goes. Lots of singers continue for years and even until they die. Probably he will have to slow down and not do so many concerts all over the world as it's very tiring, and believe me as I am nearing 50 "even if the mind is willing the body is weak". It gets harder to do everything you want to do. So you have to become more selective and make choices. I cannot believe seriously he would consider politics as I have the impression that he doesn't have a lot of time for politicans in general, although he might consider helping charities etc in some way. BUT NEVER A POLITICAN PLEASE NO So we should all hope for the best for his health and even if we can't see him so often a little is better than nothing at all
  10. I have to agree with Francois, Geeske, I didn't study it a lot as I don't have much time, but I would never have used the word ¨"moan" here. It does not sound correct with the rest of the words used. Sorry. I'll print it and have another look at home later.
  11. You all sound like you had a magical time, thank you for sharing it.
  12. I think that the people who have seen this concert will not notice as much as the people who weren't there. We can remember the atmosphere in our heads but if people who didn't this the show can feel it then it obviously comes through very well
  13. The only thing I will say is that I am sure that Giorgos does not see himself as a saint. He must have his own faults as all us humans have even if we don't know what they are. He's human with a great talent and if that makes us feel better when listening to him then I'm sure that would please him, but don't try to make him into a saint as I'm sure he would hate that. In Cyprus when they write Anthropos, they feel that he is a caring human being, of which there are not so many these days
  14. I have to agree with you Niki, I can't listen to her for more than one or two songs at a time. She is coming to Cyprus but I don't think I could sit through a whole 2 hours of her singing - sorry for those who like her :blink:
  15. Niki, Two things, firstly I agree 100% with what you have said about Dalaras and I don't think there will ever be another Dalaras. Yes there will be other good or even great singers, but each one is different. Also there are talented people but as you said it depends on whether they get the opportunity to devolp this or not. Secondly yes Basis sang a great Cappela but I don't know the name of the song either :lol: so I didn't mention it, but his voice was great and yes he does have the ability to use it more than Kotsiras. Maybe he needs to find some good material to bring him out - if you know what I mean. They both sang other songs which Dalaras has sung and you are right it is difficult to compare them then as I will always prefer the Dalaras version as you. But glad you enjoyed them as well. :lol:
  16. I must say that I saw Hadzis many years ago and although I couldn't understand the words of his songs really enjoyed them, he has a certain way of singing that well I don't know how to describe it but I like it anyway. I had one tape that I used to play (don't know where it ha gone now) and he was singing with Marinella and I managed to get some of the words while listening with headphones and it moved me a lot. The music is great too. I also agree with both of you re Anna Vishy and Savvopoulous (although not a favorite but a character more than anything!) :blink:
  17. I must say that I saw Hadzis many years ago and although I couldn't understand the words of his songs really enjoyed them, he has a certain way of singing that well I don't know how to describe it but I like it anyway. I had one tape that I used to play (don't know where it ha gone now) and he was singing with Marinella and I managed to get some of the words while listening with headphones and it moved me a lot. The music is great too. I also agree with both of you re Anna Vishy and Savvopoulous (although not a favorite but a character more than anything!) :blink:
  18. How nice - so you were sitting at his favorite table - so now you have a great memory and we'd love to see the photo if you get it. Glad you had such a good time
  19. Haris Alexiou is definetely the better female singer and sounds great with Dalaras. I heard them once here many years ago and would give anything to hear them again. But as for going away again at the moment impossible - it's too buzy So if they do sing together I can only hope that it will be shown on TV sometime I agree with Geeske that Melina had improved when we saw her in Cyprus and she seems more relaxed and sung better.
  20. I wasn't able to read this forum for the last few days and would like to add a small point. A couple of years ago I was on a cruise ship sailing the Greek islands and I ended up talking to an American from Brooklyn who was on the ship as he had flown to Norway to see some friends and they had taken him as an extra part of his holiday to see some of Greece and Cyprus. He had no knowledge of the Cyprus issue at all and told me that the news in the States is so localised that very rarely is anything mentioned about the rest of the world unless a major disaster etc. He was too young to remember the original war in 1974 and I spent quite some time explaining some things to him. He was extremely interested and very upset with him own goverment who don't inform him about the rest of the world. He said that even at school their history and geography lessons are almost totally based on the American continent. I felt then as now that it is a great pity that so many people in this world (I can't even guess the population in USA) are not given some more information about world events and countries. Maybe if they were then things would not work out the same way as now as the public would demand some answers. It is not their fault as they are sheltered and not given the advantages that we have in Europe of mixing in a more liberal society with smaller borders I believe. My uncle who lives in Canada and was visiting last year also told me the same thing applies there but too a lesser degree and more information is given. Anyway I don't want to upset anyone just to make a comment really.
  21. They didn't show it in Cyprus either or if they did if was after 00.30 and it wasn't advertised so I'm hoping that ANT will broadcast it another night here. Often our programmes are not the same as ANT in Greece. As for commercials it's a fact of life these days and we can't do anything about it
  22. I know you are waiting for a report on the concerts here this week, but I have five minutes only to check the internet now as I am unbelievably buzy as staff away this week. Anna & I have had two great concerts and we have another tomorrow, so I will write next week with all the details. But the concerts are very similiar to Zygos for those who went and the songs taken from those listed for that report. Details to follow soon
  23. Amazing Nikolas, I don't know where you find the time , the site just gets better and better. Thanks a lot
  24. Ok, now the third concert is finished as well. Anna only just made getting to Cyprus - long story and I'm sure she will fill you in on that. We talked on Sunday evening and arranged to meet Tuesday to go to the first concert in Nicosia. The stadium is not so nice as it's a basketball stadium and inside, so it was very hot as well, but we had quite good seats in the 7th row, so Anna managed to get some good photos I hope (she always does anyway!!!). The concert started same way as Zygos with the two girls singing then Aretoulla and then He came on wearing - would you believe it the same white t-shirt that he wore in London and Frankfurt etc. Talked a little about spending the winter with good friends playing old laiko songs that they haven't played for a while and the special part being with Aretoulla. Then he played the new songs - Trelli yia sena, To Palto, Palios Stratiotis, Ta Fantasmata. The others singers then came and did some songs each, and he joined them back on stage for Kai An se Thelo, Pepromeno, Karavia sta sterpia and the wonderful Amore. Then came the old section and I don't know the titles of most of the songs, Kapios ktipisa e porta, To Parapono and lots of others with everyone singing, he said that he changed the programme for us as we liked the old ones better, so make the most of it And we did The second night in Larnaca was a much better setting in an open amphitheatre, and we were sitting fairly central but higher up than we would have really liked. We got there early and were having a drink on a sort of area above the stage and for those at Zygos - remember the guy who was there every evening watching us sitting at the cafe - he was there watching us again!!!! His bodyguard, maybe he thought we'd throw ourselves of the balcony on to the stage below - haha! This evening started with a black stage and then he was up lit up singing Omorfi kai Parazeni Patrida which was just amazing. He was wearing black trousers and open black jean shirt (usual outfit these days). There were some differences in this evening as he played Exo ena Kafinie, Fantasia, and for encore Parapomena Logia, Mi mou Thimonies Matia Mou then he finished with Amore. The order the songs were played was a little different too but about 90% the same programme. The third eveing in Limassol we were in a football stadium and again we got there early and had third row seats in the centre but of course there was a distance from the stage as it was set in the pitch. This eveing the audience were great the singing was amazing and he was very happy and laughing a lot. Anna and I started laughing as he came on stage as he was wearing the same white t-shirt again (obviously doesn't like to spend money on clothes ) and even the two girls were wearing the same as on other eveings. Poor things they don't get paid much The performance was again very similar but he must have changed the order again as Mike Cooper the lighting guy threw all his papers up in the air at one point and was very upset as he didn't seem to know what he was going to play (Anna and I had a little laugh at this temper tantrum ). Also Anna Dalaras came and sat next to the sound guy for a while watching (if you could call it watching she sat with her arms on her knees really- so couldn't have seen much). The sould and lighting consoles were just in front of us. So all in all a great week and now we are waiting for the CD to come out so we can find out the titles of some the songs which I know to sing but don't know the titles. I hope this comes soon. I left Anna last night with a few hours left for her in Cyprus counting the days until she sees him again - 10 days she said I'm sure she will had more and you'll get some photos (or maybe she just put the same ones from London or Frankfurt again and we won't know the difference - Sorry Anna)
  25. What a story, can't really believe it Giorgos must have been upset when he realised - which he must have done eventually if there was no enthusiasium from the crowd. Well I hope the concerts this week are better