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  1. But not ANT1 in Cyprus So now I have to check and see when they will put it on here.
  2. Don't know Francois but I remember seeing Hatzis with Marinella many many years ago and they were great together and I like his voice, but I have to agree with Christo that I don't really like Savvopoulos's voice much. I have on a video (can't remember right now which one) where Dalaras is in the audience and gets on stage with Savvopoulos and sings a song with him, think it's from a Christmas special Have to check it out
  3. I've managed to find out he's in Nicosia on the 18th and in Limassol on the 22nd, now what is he doing inbetween???? Still more checking to do. Anna you have to come, can't you change your holiday?
  4. Who's coming to Cyprus? I'm trying to find out the exact dates and places and will let you know, probably will be two nights in Nicosia and two in Limassol. If we're lucky one in Larnaca as well, that's 5 nights, but unlikely he will play for all the evenings. That's certainly cheered me up today
  5. Yes Niki, who got us in one the first night at Zygos
  6. Yes it's not fair that ET sat didn't carry it either and I doubt if they will put it on
  7. I've seen Jethro Tull several times in my youth and I agree with you Geeske and Franz that thay are great and whatever label you want to put on their music (it is basically rock / folk) but the sound it very good.
  8. It's one of my favorite songs too and I like it sung my Haris Alexiou as well.
  9. Thanks a lot Micki, I now have to think of one for you!!! Give me a chance to think first though
  10. Wonderful story Niki, I can imagine you standing there in a dream, lucky you speaking so much to him and he being so nice and kind to you. The photo shows what your face looked like to me, lost Glad that you had such a wonderful time, you deserved it, all of you.
  11. I want to go again Maybe I'll try
  12. I love that song and I have heard her sing it too - great. I remember Scott Walker singing it in English as well - (now I'm showing my age!!!)
  13. Great report Niki, I have to agree with you that the womens voices get to me as well. I saw a small clip on the news last night but they didnt show Dalaras at all just women. We'll now see what Anna thinks
  14. It's an awards programme for Greek Music. They will be giving "oscars" or something to singers etc. It starts at 21.00 and will go on for about 4 hours. Maybe Dalaras will sing or maybe not, It doesn't specify here in Cyprus exactly who's singing and who's getting awards etc. But we shall have to watch it to see.
  15. SAD - SO SAD
  16. Very true sentiments Niki, we all claim to care but somehow our lives take over and we actually do nothing - but then I don't know what we can do when people seem to want to kill other people - which for myself seems unbelieveable, as I cannot think of any reason for wanting to see another person dead or suffering (even if I don't personally like them I would neer wish them harm) But as Franz says life goes on.
  17. Well, I'm finally a bit better, and thought I would add some thoughts about last weekend - my God it's already a week away. I won't repeat the whole stories as everyone has already done it . I would like to say that the highlights for me were when he took the bouzouki and played - the look on his face was pure magic and happiness. I said to Nikolas that I believe that he would prefer to play than sing. I knew the song but the name forget it I'm really useless with names. It was old but I can't help - Apostolis didn't your father know the name of this song? The highlight on the first night was when he sang my song - "Ego tha sou milo" as I have never heard him sing it live before and I wanted to cry - it was so amazing, and has a lot of meaning for me at this time especailly. Then of course meeting him backstage was the best moment although I would have loved to just talk to him properly but my mouth wouldn't work very well, in fact I was talking in English and Greek and mixing it up and couldn't really tell what I said in what language. If I had to choose which night I liked best I would choose the first, although he was more nervous and didn't play the bouzouki. Maybe because it so unexpected that we were going it felt like a gift. Words are not really adequate to describe my feelings. When I arrived in Athens and walked to Zygos and saw that it wasn't starting on the Wednesday I thought how lucky that we hadn't booked for that night but the Saturday and then the next night we were sitting there, 7 very happy smiling people It was great to meet everyone and I hope that it will happen again soon. A very special few days in my life - thank you to you all.
  18. Soc, impossible as Zygos is only on 5 nights in a week - haha, oh well you could always go somewhere else for the other night
  19. Just a little. As those who meet me know I'm useless at song Titles I can sing the songs (or hum them at least) but don't ask me what they are called! When Niki mentioned him I said I would really like to see him too so she arranged a table for 4 of us, Geeske, Micki and myself. We had a brilliant table and he was almost sitting next to us!!! (Shame we didn't get such a good one at Dalaras). He sang a lot of old songs and i was really amazed that Niki knew them as most of them were older than her. The ones I can remember were "Thassaloniki", "Kane kati na haso to treno", "Roza" and finished with my absolute favorite "Alimono".It was incredible and took my breath away, and looking at the other three they were all stunned too by his powerful voice and I thought that he had never sung it better. Unbelievable. Soc you missed out BIG TIME! Afterwards we went backstage and although he never signs autographs we had some photos taken with him, and I told him that he now has some Belgium and Dutch fans too, and he smiled and laughed. He is small and seems to be quite shy like Dalaras when you meet him, but put him on a stage and he becomes 10 feet tall with a voice to match. I was so pleased that everyone liked the show as much as me and that I helped educate some of the others into a different style of Greek music.
  20. Hi, I got back very late on Monday night and spent yesterday in bed as I had been sick since Saturday and it caught up with me (and all the late nights - two nights Dalaras and one night Mitropanos), so have only just read everything quickly. I will put my thoughts later when my head is clearer, but is was so wonderful and it was great to meet everyone. Hope we can all do it again real soon My thanks to Niki for arranging the table both nights - haha, and of course to Nikolas, who introduced us all
  21. Francois, he has sung it live lots of times but it's not recorded - I don't think so anyway. I have it on video, great song.
  22. That was a very interesting link Francois, thanks. Especially as I understand very little about the different instruments myself.
  23. Actually on the CD with Dalaras/G. Bregovic is says music is by Rachid Taha - who is that then? Have to admit this is one of my favorites on the CD and I never realised until that Bregovic didn't write it.
  24. Geeske, it looks ok to me I can't change anything now on the new version.
  25. Geeske, I just printed it and I'll look at it this evening.