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  1. You want to live here and then you'd not bother to listen any more!!!! Unfortunately I don't hold out much hope for these talks. While Denktash and Clerides are at their present positions nothing will change - these men know each other and their opinions only too well. Unless someone else (ie USA etc) put massive pressure on them they will remain stubborn and it will just be talking once again. Anyway thanks a lot Niki for the translation and the excellent report by Pavlos.
  2. I couldn't get one either, a friend of mine was in Athens last weekend and searched everywhere for one, but only found the second issue.
  3. I can't print it until friday and it's very difficult on screen, but you can be struck by lightening, that's correct. Stricken is more like a disease i.e. he was stricken with measles (bad example but you know what I mean.) When I print it I'll see better.
  4. Great Anna, (very jealous really) but glad you enjoyed it so much.
  5. Just to say that I think they dance diffently everywhere, as in London the Greeks/Cypriots dance differently than here in Cyprus - it's just a matter of community I think. I learnt Syrtaki (many years ago) in Corfu and it's not danced the same here. I don't believe much line dancing is done here either, except the Kalamatinos at Weddings. Not that I know very much about music or dance steps etc but it's interesting to hear about so thanks Christo and Nikolas who try to explain to us ignorant ones
  6. Hey I don't have a button either and have the same problem, either disable or nothing - Help Nikolas, maybe it's the older version of Explorer mine is version 5, what's yours?
  7. Christo, You're right it would certainly make an interesting combination! But my choice would still be Demetris Mitropanos, as his voice is as strong as Dalaras and if they sung the right song I believe it would be amazing.
  8. Just to say I echo all the above words written and have found a lot of friends to talk to and hope to continue as well. Thanks Nikolas for all your hard work
  9. Don't know quite where to post this, but I hope this is ok here. On ANT1 in Cyprus there will be televisied on Thursday Dec 27th at 00.30 Dalaras singing with Panos Katsimihas and Babis Stokas (probably from Zygos). This is shown in the newspaper lasting for one and half hours. So for anyone here get your videos ready, for those in Greece I am sure that they will also show it on ANT there but at a different time etc so check your programmes. Have fun
  10. Sarantis, I have the one from ANT from Zygos taped as well as the one on ET, but he talkes a little but not like interviewed just in between the songs, is that what you mean, otherwise you have a different version. I shall have to watch it again to see if he sniffles!!!! as I didn't notice it when I watched it live but it was after 2 am and I was sick, but he said that it was the last but one show in Zygos so must be the same. It lasts about 2 hours but as I said actually at Zygos the show was nearly double that. The one on ET I didn't get the origional show only the excepts on which he doesn't speak, the same as you Niki. ET also showed the Millenium concert again yesterday afternoon on ET Sat anyway here in Cyprus, so those with Sat should have got that as well. They showed a lot this year don't you think.
  11. Sarantis. I wasn't there that night but the programme was exactly the same when I saw him at end of Jan. But of course it was a lot longer. Nearly four hours in fact. So we didn't get all of it on tape. This was a great concert. I saw the programme on ET last night or this morning actually but was not so impressed, he only sang a few songs and he didn't speak at all which was strange considering all the other singers spoke. What did everyone else think???????
  12. I've been very sick the last week and only just opened up the club and read all the last posts. I only want to say two things:- 1) Regarding Cyprus, perhaps you should ask the Cypriots here their feelings on Dalaras!!! I think that his feelings for Cyprus are real, and even if it does give him publicity - so what - who in this world can say they act totally unselfishly - I for one don't know anyone - but he was already so famous when he started doing all this that it didn't make much difference to him but it certainly helped Cyprus. I will add that my husband (who is Cypriot) remembers Giorgos in '74 after the war, sitting on wooden steps in a refugee camp playing guitar and singing with the people there - not for money, maybe you should ask them. 2) As for his music, everyone has their own opinions, but this is a Dalaras club and therefore we must presume that the people who visit this club are fans and enjoy his music. Comparing one artist to another is pointless, I personally listen to other singers as well, even Greek pop as the radio plays this most of the time. But there are not many that can compare with Dalaras's voice. Michael have you seen him in concert? Maybe then you would realise how much he likes the old songs, his face lits up when everyone sings with him and they request songs. I watched his concert last week on TV from Zygos (which I also saw live) and it's amazing how much he loves his roots. Happy New Year to everyone I won't write any more as there are too many long posts and it becomes difficult to read them all.
  13. I just phoned from Cyprus and they kept the table for me without paying in advance, as they don't sell tickets anyway. It cost us about 20000 drs per person last year as you have to have a bottle of whiskey between 4 or wine between 2. Then if you want a good table you have to bribe to waiters!!! This cost us another 10000 drs.
  14. I read that there was a concert given last monday for the Palestinian docters or something similar and Dalaras and Haris Alexiou were taking part. Did anyone go?
  15. I wasn't being shy - it's just words that are different so I didn't bother, but my refrain is half and half so it shows that everyone translates differently. Remember Athens the woman who cries because no-one wants her Athens, Athens I die with you you are dying with me Same thing really!!!
  16. Geeske, I printed the whole thing and read it through to check the English spellings for you and have a couple of things. Song 17 - Line 7 Parliment4 don't think there should be a 4 Same on line 15 - wind-makers5 Song 9 - Line 8 Agarino3 -where are the numbers coming from? Song 12 - We never spell Kafe with a K it's always with C as in Cafe. It's upto you but in correct English it would be with C. Song 10 - I have a problem with line 3 as it didn't sound right and I think that the word "lane" is not right as it's supposed to be a bad place and I think that alley would sound better or backstreet as to me a lane is a nice road. I think the rest of the spelling is ok, and I can understand everything but so much is just the way one person would write compared to another, as we are all different.
  17. Micki, It's one of my favorites too, I had translated it last year but hadn't got around to putting it on the site yet. Mine is more or less the same as yours just a few words different (just the way I write in English mainly) so I won't bother it write it here again.
  18. Usually they only sing 4 or 5 days a week and they don't include Mondays and Tuesdays and maybe Wednesdays as people go out more at the weekends as they don't open until very late and finish at 3 - 4 am. So Geeske I think your day is very improbable. Sorry It also might be easier for people who work to go closer to the weekend? Then they don't have to take so many days off work
  19. I can't open it either!
  20. I will try my best, perhaps we should get some more definite dates when everyone can make it or those who don't care when the date is etc.
  21. I'm coming to Athens in January anyway with friends to see Parios with Remos, so please let us know if you get any fixed dates and for how long he will be there.
  22. Hi everyone and welcome back. The days seemed to go by and all time checking to see if the club was back. Missed you all. The sun's shining here too today!!!! Great job Nikolas well done
  23. I thought that I'd write and tell you about a concert I went to last night in Nicosia, it was to celebrate 75 years of a political party here in Cyprus AKEL. (Not that I'm political in any shape or form - just wanted to hear the music!!!!) The following artisits sang : Thanos Mikroutsikos Demetris Mitropanos Eleni Tsaligopoulou Dimitris Bassis Yerasimos Andreadis Tanis Tsanakildou Christos Thivaios Alis Fourounjian Kostas Thomaidis It was excellent and they all sang really well - started 21.30 after speeches and continued until 23.45. I believe that Mitropanos is also a singer that is better live than on CD, don't know if anyone else agrees with me or if anyone has seen him live, but he has the most amazing voice, so powerful and it comes from inside him in such a way. Great The other highlights for me were Christos Thivaios singing "Mikra Patrida" one of my favorites anyway. Alis Fourounjian (who I have never even heard of before but who has an incredible voice - anyone else know her?) singing "Kathimerina" a Haris Alexiou song another favorite. Kostas Thomaidis singing "To Gelasto Paithi", in fact they sang of lot of songs that I normally hear Dalaras sing and although I prefer to hear him thay all sang very well and the sound etc was excellent. Of course for me the best was Mitropanos as I really enjoy hearing him sing anytime. Anyway a good evenings entertainment and helps to forget for a few hours all the horrible news we keep seeing.
  24. Well now I'm confused as I thought this was the correct place to put this as it's about other artists, and although it was a concert, the past concerts section is under Dalaras so please forgive me if I'm wrong or If I seem to be upsetting people. In answer to firstly Eleni, there were a lot of television cameras there from most of the different stations here but as for being televised I don't know anything, but if it is I will record it and maybe can get you a copy if you are interested, or at least I'll tell you so your friend can record this. As for Kostas Thomiades, I was also impressed with his voice and had never heard of him before but he sung three songs and also song one with Mitropanos - don't ask me titles as I'm really useless at remembering song titles - but he has a strong powerful voice and I'm sure you are are right he has studied music it comes across. As for Dalaras being there he has done a concert arranged by this party before which I saw a couple of years ago. Actually the press here wondered why there was only Greek artists and no Cypriot ones included in the line-up. Ok Sarantis, to be honest with you she is not my favorite singer - I don't really know why - just find her voice a bit squeaky - sorry it that offends but that's my opinion. But in all fairness I have to be honest I enjoyed her this evening much better than with Dalaras recently. She sang 4 songs but don't know the titles as I don't have any of her CD's, except she sang the one she sings with Dalaras on the Millenium video the first one which I particuarly like. If it comes on TV I'll check it out. There were so many songs that it's hard to remember afterwards especially when I'm useless with titles - I don't even remember half the ones Dalaras sings so don't expect me to remember hers!!!! I know the songs but the titles always allude me Useless aren't I I can always sing along but the titles who knows
  25. Don't I wish that I had been there - Heaven