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  1. Hey guys, As it seems that a lot of us will try to make it we must find out when he's going to be there. There doesn't seem to any news at the moment on any future concerts - does anyone know anything yet? Maybe he's taking a holiday now :cool:
  2. I saw Dalaras in London recently and asked when he would be in Cyprus and he said end of September, but I don't have any further details. If anyone knows dates etc please let me know. He was amazing in London very relaxed and lauging and obviously really enjoying himself, along with the audience, who still preferred all the old songs! Niclas, congratulations once again on your updated site. I can't imagine how many hours work this must have taken.
  3. I think its his daughter. He wrote that song for her.
  4. I believe he is always at his happiest when the audience are joining in with him. That's when the concerts are so special. So glad that Hedda enjoyed her first concert so much and the rest of you too enjoyed it so much. And Andreas fancy not believing us when we said that we sounds better live!!! :cool:
  5. I really really want to come, but it depends on dates and can't say for sure until I know when, but if I can I will be there.
  6. Now we're all going to guess what we all look like and sound like! Help this could get really complicated and very personal!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Great concert, Don't have time today to give details as we have board meeting and I am snowed under. Will tell you all tomorrow.
  8. Anna, there was no programme so yours is great I will print it tomorrow at work as my home printer is broken. I was going to get one to send to Sarantis for his museum, but they didn't do one. I'm sure the songs were much the same but there was no interval, they played straight through with only Dalaras and Eleni leaving for a short time in between songs. Geeske, believe me there are times here that the crowd sing so loud that all singers stop and listen, you have to come and see it for yourself, and they are certainly not a polite theatre audience!!!! The board meeting would have probably appreciated Dalaras as two were Cypriots the other two Swedish but one of them speaks Greek as he lived in Rhodes for years so only one wouldn't have got excited. Please don't apolgise for your comment!!!
  9. OK, I have a little time now to write some. The concert was supposed to start 8.30 but as usual in Cyprus it started just before 9.00. My seat was in row 17 fairly central. The place was really packed, I suppose there was over 5000 people in there, but it was too hot, with all those bodies and the lighting etc. I really can't tell you the songs he sang as I don't know most of the names and didn't even know all the songs as they were all by Tsitsanis and old (older than me even!!!!). He was wearing a black suit with white shirt (which seems to be his standard recently). There were 3 other singers with him, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Yerasimos Andreatos and Yiota Draka. They all sat in the front row with two bouzouki players at either end, one of whom was Manolis Karantinis. who I have seen with him lots of times, the other I don't know. Unfortunately there was no programme so I can't give you names etc. On the second row were 7/8 bouzouki players and behind them accordions violin etc. Also on stage a piano and double bass. In between songs there were two actors male and female who came and talked about the life of Tsitsanis etc. Also 5 children sang a couple of songs too. Behind the stage they showed on a large screen lots of photos of Tsitsanis. Ok thats the setting. The sound of all these bouzoukis together waa just amazing, I had never heard this live before. Dalaras's voice was great and when he was singing you could always hear him above the others, as his voice is so powerful and clear. He played guitar most of the time - sorry Sarantis - it wasn't yours as it was the acoustic one only that he used, but he also played bouzouki a couple of times and baglamas once. I have to be honest that I would have prefered to hear him singing some other songs as well as I didn't know a lot of the ones he sang, and they became a bit similiar after a while, he sang almost the whole time and only went off for about 15 minutes in short breaks, while the others sang a few songs. the show lasted until 11.30 so they played for 2 and half hours. The audience was very appreciative and he seemed very happy and was defintely enjoying himself. He only talked once at the beginning to welcome us and saying that things was not good in this crazy world and he hoped that music would help (not a literal translation but you know what I mean). I took some photos which normally they don't ket you do here but no-one said anything, but I'm afraid they won't be any good as I was quite a long way away and my camera doesn't have a zoom or anything. My husband walked down to the front once and took one closer and if it's ok I will try to get it scanned to put on here (if I can find out how to do it as I don't have a clue). Anyway I would have to say not my favorite concert but I did enjoy it as it was something different, but unfortunately was not in the best of moods due to not being sure if I would still have a job etc next day after the board meeting as my company has sacked 250 people so far (Tourism is not a good business to be in right now), anyway I still have a job - thank goodness, for now. Also it was too, too hot and in fact I nearly passed out once, which spoilt it a little as well. Hristaki his hair seemed to be longer (from where I was sitting), on top at least!!!!!!! Maybe he's been listening to you. For those who have seen this concert in Athens then they will know the songs and programme as well, as I'm sure it was probably the same.
  10. She might just crack it with her dreams!!!!! Ha Ha
  11. Geeske, You should be a writer!!!! I lived it with you. If he does read this forum and reads that post then he will definitely know that it's worth it, the pleasure that his singing gives us.
  12. Talking of family - I remember reading that Georgios brother also played guitar etc and there are photos of them together in the music box. Does anyone know if he still plays or what he does?
  13. My messanger message keeps coming up now when I go back to the main forum listing. I have to cancel it each time - Help Nicolas
  14. I really want to go but have to wait to see the dates etc. Then it would good to try to get as many as possible there.
  15. Sarantis, I know the guitar as he used it in London when I saw him in May. I'm sure he will use it and I will let you know don't worry!!!! Hey I'm now a Dalaras Researcher!!!!!! Wow!
  16. I think he's cutier though!!!!! Somehow it seems to depend if you are male or female which one is the cutiest - don't you think?
  17. Haven't heard from anybody - don't tell me I'm the only member going to see him next monday in Cyprus???????
  18. I went to see Haris Alexiou last friday evening and she was amazing - my God - what a voice!!!!! She sang for nearly three hours with a short break, and she had the audience eating out of her hands. She has incredible charisma on stage and I believe she also sounds better live than on CD like Dalaras. Her range is superb and her personality great - she talked a lot to the audience even telling the people at the sides of the amphitheathre to come and sit down in front of the stage, which was great. I was dead lucky and got front row seats (through a fluke) and I must admit that it was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Anyone else see her in her recent tour in Greece? So now next week Dalaras, thank goodness there is something to look forward too, without this life would be even grimer!!!!! and my CD has broken at home!!!!
  19. I took a Finnish girl to see Dalaras last October and although she really enjoyed the concert (she had seen him once before in Finland years ago), she asked why Greeks pay good money to see someone and then they sing all the way through the concert and the singer even stops to let the audience sing. I couldn't really answer her, as I do the same, but thinking about it, is it only Greeks who do this. I know that in England all the concerts that I have been to, although people would sing along, the artists would never stop and listen to the audience singing. Does anyone have any ideas?
  20. SPQR, I think this is what "Charisma" means, he has it and a way of involving everyone in the audience so they feel connected with him at the same time, which is why hearing him on CD or Video is NO replacement for hearing him sing live. The connection is just not there!!! Do you agree?
  21. Forget it Hristaki!!!!
  22. Hristaki, you put my address on the label so he arrived here instead!!!!! When I've finished with him Sarantis, I'll send him to you!!!!! HAHA (If you believe that you'd believe anything)
  23. I'm working on mine but it will take some time, as I really have a problem to decide on just 15, but will let you know soon.
  24. Sarantis, life's tough - we all have to work anyway!!!!! We'll wait more the next installment
  25. Come off it Sarantis - put us to sleep - no chance!!!!!