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  1. Geeska ..You are a "SHE"..Oh my god!!! and i thought you were funny when you mentioned Dalaras was nice looking and shaped well...Now its all falling into place.Actually, i knew you were a girl(lady),i was just kidding!!! I guess you can still be in the club even though your a "SHE" he,he,he
  2. Chris,who are you dubbing copies for?Are you finally releasing your exclusive and rare video library collection?And i thought i was the only one!!!
  3. Geeska,Christo really she(AV) does look like Paul Stanly of KISS without the make up.Im not kidding ,check out the pictures of him....The resemblance is stunning..Of course its probably a huge insult to Paul Stanly to say that he looks like Anna Vissi as she is such an ugly old hag....Now Christo did you say she was still nice looking?Was this before a case of beer or after??he,he,he Geeska you probably wont beleave this but i was a huge Kiss fan back in my high school rockand roll days.I think i have seen almost every band that came through the 70's and 80's.....Led Zep,foghat,kiss,Aerosmith,Rush,Blue oyster cult,Stevey ray vaughn.....By the way you may not beleave this but while speaking with Dalaras,did you know he listened to a lot of rock and folk music growing up..We spoke in some detail about this.I was a little surprized but not totally.I figured he was open to different and diverce styles of music...
  4. Well you guys are going to think this comparison is crazy but Dalaras reminds me of Neil Young.I think they are very similar in musical styles and thinking about music..Neil Young is one of my favorite american artists and an incredible guitarist.He sings ballads to rock and roll..Neil Young like Dalaras, its always about the music and not about the fluff!! Chrsto, about Katerina Kouka.I had the great pleasure to be with her and drive her around during the 1996 tour with Dalaras .She is an amazing artist.Great stage presence,good voice..She is one of the few female artists that has stage presence and captures teh audience..I wopuld say she was on her way to being the next Marinella..I think she is still making CD's but had her run in the spotlight and has now blended into the woodwork.I still feel like Eleni Tsalangopoulou is the female artist to look out for..Great talent,voice and a sweethart..I love this woman.She is great! When she is with Dalaras there is chemestry on stage....I would love for her solo career to take off and she would do U.S.a tour..
  5. Great topic Nikola ....Two songs stand out in my mind..The first is "Peristeri mou",every time i hear this song it reminds me of the early days(1984) dating before i married my wife,i would drive around listening to this song thinking about my future..The next song is "Exo ena kafene" this is the song that Dalaras dedicated to me on stage during a show.He was in between songs and thanked me for a gift that i had given him and also said that i was his freind and that he wanted to dedicate the song to me..I was amazed by this gesture and his kindness.The fact that it happened in my home town in front of freinds and family made it more special.I will always remeber these two songs and there special meaning..
  6. Michael ,you have your opinion and i have mine.Your earlier message does not make any since at all.You really confuse and overanalize everything..I will not respond because your letter makes no since and is totally incorrect...But, you are intittled to your opinion...
  7. Now,now Chris ,lets not give away all our secrets!!!!
  8. Nikolas,listen to safti tin petra track, #14..The introduction with the baglama is incredible..I have been listening to this CD continuosly the last few days..It really does remind me of the old Rembetika..What a great CD!!....This CD is probably the best kept secret .Has anyone else heard this CD?.....sarantis
  9. OK Dalaras fans, here is a CD that came out in 1997 and has 5 of the 14 songs by Dalaras.It is called "Emis e ellines"...almost every song of the CD is very good.I especially like , "Nixterino 2" and "Safti tin petra"...This CD has some great songs ,several that remind me of the old style rembetiko music,lots of baglama....Check this CD out.