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  1. thanks guys for the welcome, I look forward to many chats about the great living "legend" Dalaras. Andonis
  2. I've heard from a very reliable source that Dalaras' favorite instrument is the outi. If you think about it makes sense, because, exept for Christos Zervas playing outi on Kalos Tous, I'm 98% sure that whenever you hear outi with anything he does it is him (100% on live stuff cause u can see him playing) because of the similar style you always here. In my opinion he is the best outi player there is. I say in my opinion because when you get tp that level of talent it becomes a matter of prefrence. For example who is the better bouzouki player, Karandini or Mavropoulo, Papadopoulos or Zambetas, Papiouanou or Tsitsani. The best of any particular era have their following and believe me Dalaras is up there with outi. (i also think he is one hella of a bouzouki player as well)
  3. I just noticed I typed this in the wrong spot (asfaltos), I'm new at this sorry. I look forward to chatting on this site, for I love Dalaras so much I plan on naming my son after him if I ever have one. Sorry again!!
  4. Wow, what an album H Asfaltos Pou Trexi is. Sonically, it is one of the best recorded albums that I have ever heard in any type of music, not to mentions the composers and musicians featured. I just thought I would start this topc discussion, for I am sure everyone feels the same way I do about this album. I better stop because I can write for pages about all the deatils of this extraordinary album. Once again Dalaras raises the bar for Greek music, and many will copy this album's style as they always do with the music of the living legend, Dalaras.