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  1. No im not aware of the dutch term"pick"....so, "PICK","PICK","PICK"... i guess the words" Dalarases pick" has a totally different meaning to you.....hehe,he As far as the "Dalaras Musium"..it is a place where Dalaras Fanatics can visit free of charge an see a huge collection of rare pictures,posters,concert tickets,backtage passes,guitars(autographed by georgo),huge collection of dalaras videos,albums,CD's,press kits, and Dalarases "PICK" ....as far as know it is the only Dalaras musium in the whole world...Thanks to Chris Apostolakis this musium is possible!!!
  2. I would like to see Dalaras come together with Yianni and do something special for the opening ceremony of the olympic games..with Yiannis orchestration and a huge orchestra behind Dalaras.Dalaras adding his flavor and accoutic guitar...I think this would be magical for an incredible opening ceremony......Both are National treasures of Greece with international fame..
  3. Geeska,i know where "the pick" is!!!! It is an honered place under glass case in the west side of the "Dalaras Musium" right next to the Dalaras autographed guitar.......Chris was this the only pick or is there another?
  4. Actually Chris it was three people attending the home concert,me and my two sons..My wife and Dalarases wife stayed downstairs talking......hey by the way,im leaving this evening to go out of town for a week.So i may not be able to get online..So, dont talk about me while im gone.....Maybe if someone guesses what "the gift" was i will tell the whole story...Chris your not allowed to play since you know all the stories.Nikola i think you know as well.....O.K. start guessing????
  5. Can we get back to Dalaras and forget about the "Cher disco queen want to be" .Hello,this a Dalaras site!!!!
  6. Geeska, yes im a guitar player,but not professional.We did play a small bit together,i started playing the new version of "enas kombos e haxa mou",he joined in.We were at my home for a few hours so he tried several of my over 50 guitars.Im a guitar collector and likes instruments as well.. We did much more though besides play guitars,we ate,went to my back yard where he played with my sons,fed my fish in my japanise garden.It was a lot of fun.We later drove around town so i can show him the city.There are so many little stories i have a hard time remembering..Probably the best story though is when Dalaras stopped playing in between songs at the concert and thanked me for the gift i gave him,he showed everyone the gift and then dedicated the next song to his "freind Sarantis",he played "exo ena kafene".....I was very honoured by that...more great stories to follow..
  7. I want to ask you guys out there if you have seen Dalaras singing with Eleni Tsanlangopoulou...I cant say enough good things about this lady.She has a great voice and Dalaras thinks the world of her.I was just interested to see what anyone else thought about her singing with Dalaras..I am going to try some of her solo CD's...Any impressions out ther?
  8. Chris,even Dalaras is allowed one mistake in his life..Again please dont bring her name up again.I really ,really cannot stand her..Excuse me i have to run and throw up.....sarantis
  9. OK guys youve had your say now here is my top five,drumroll please... 1- Exo ena Kafene(special story behind this one,Dalaras dedicated this song to me on stage during the concert) 2-Kapia kapou kapote(incredible zembekiko,written by chrosto nickolopoulos) 3-Kapou nixtoni(by stavros kougioumtzis,what an amazing song,a classic) 4-Paraponemena logia(Dalaras always play this during concerts,brings me goosebumps) 5- Kali tixi opou kian pas(Dalaras always finishes every live concert with this)
  10. Geeska, yes Dalarikos and sarantis are the same..Anyway, about Dalaras as a guest to my home.He is truly amazing.There was no ego at all with him,he and his wife were so nice, modest humble.At one point he and i went to my music room which is also where i have the Dalaras musium and memorabilia.He looked at all the things and smiled .Then we sat like two freinds playing guitar.He was suprized to see that i have almost every guitar he had and also the exact matching guitar straps that he uses...I cannot say how incredible those two days were..But then there is so much more.I have many stories because i went to another state where he was playing and we hung out there as well.When he returned to Greece after the tour,i receave a nice letter and gifts from him...The bottom line is that the legendary musician that we all love is also a "GREAT HUMAN BEING".So Dalaras fans take pride that our Dalaras is a great guy .The ultimate Dalaras story though is yet to come..I cant tell all in one letter.....
  11. I got almost everything ever done on Dalaras on video..Thanks to Chris Apostolakis....One of my recent favorites is the chrismans special in dec. 1999...It is awesome and lasts for over an hour....I keep watching that one over and over....along with the other 40 videos!!!
  12. Geeska,i will respond to your question about Dalaras playing flaminko guitar..By the way im writing under "Dalarikos" because im at my work and at work im "Dalarikos",when im at my home computer im "Saratnis".So Sarantis is the same as Dalarikos.I dont know why i did that.I could probably have been the same username at two different computers.Anyway,when Dalaras was visiting me at my home we spoke about musical styles and of cource he played several of my guitars in my collection.I collect rare, vintage instruments and have over 50 guitars.I say this to give you background,not to brag by the way.Anyway, Dalaras told me that his early training was in classical guitar but i dont know if he has been trained as a flaminko player.He can probably play flaminko guitar since he is such a incredible musician.I know that he is an instrument buff as well as he also has many instruments,all high end proffessional quality instruments.So, we spoke more about what musical styles we like and about instruments.He really enjoyed my guitar collection and played several of my guiatars.I know that he is very ,very knowledgeable about the roots and history of Greek music and other types of music.That is why i say he is a music historian.Georgo reaches deep in every song he does or records and can tell you the roots and history of the song..He is incredible....I was very forunate to get to spend two days with Dalaras,most without fans hounding him.He was relaxed ,played with my two sons,we ate,hung out......I was a huge fan of his before i met him.After spending time with him i first became a bigger fan and also found great respect for his intellegence ,humbleness and modesty...Well, i ahve a hundred more graet stories but i can only write so much.I need to get back to work...I'll end this with a funny story.The main promoter who brought Dalaras to Atlanta said to me.I pay Dalaras thousands of dollars to come here to play a concert.He comes to your house and plays for free...He was just kidding of cource....
  13. Nikolas ,i think that would be a great idea to have a topic on Dalaras meetings or sightings.I have several great stories with Dalaras....As i said i was involved with Greek concert promotions and besides being a Dalaras fanatic i got to spend three days and several hours with Dalaras.This was the second time we had met..He is truly an amazing guy.He is a music historian,very intelligent and an incredible musician...Anyway,Nikolas,thanks for the concert update and i hope to hear more about the show....
  14. OK,OK guys ,stop beating a dead subject,lets move on to something more fun to talk about on Dalaras.I have heard you guys analize to death ,the subject of "Liako","rembetiko",new songs ,old songs,yata,yata,yata...By the way about Dalarases voice.If any of you have talked with Dalaras "and i have" ,(Chris Apostolakis you have also),you would know that Dalarases speaking voice is very scratcy and sometimes froggy or horse.But when he gets on stage in front of the microphone it is amazing what an incredible voice he has.I have always thought that Dalaras early on when he was 18-20's years old ,his voice was good but not exceptional.He had an acceptable voice...Now, however he is amazing.His voice live is incredible...C.D.'s and albums cannot capture this mans voice.Like a fine wine it gets better.I watch the early vidoes and then the later ones and it proves how good his voice has gotten over the years.I have another great story about Parios.Since ,i have helped with greek concert promotions in the last few years i have had the chance to meet and spend time with several artist .None by the way as nice and as curtious and proffessional as Dalaras.Anyway, when Parios came to town,i spend a few Days with him.Well his speaking voice was very low,scratchy,grizly.I thought to myself,how is this man going to sing the next night.Well sure enough its show time and he comes out and sings amazingly.I was amazed by his range.In fact he too like Dalaras sings better now than when he was young...So, im not sure why this happens that some singers sing better in there 40's and 50's than they did when they were young.Maybe they developed there voiced and learned how to sing.It might be that early on they were just thrown into the fire and just got out and sang.Perhaps thru the years they took voice lessons and learned to take full advantage of there voice.Well, thats my opinoin....