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  1. Report of the success For the first time in my internet history, Russian free proxi server worked for ten minutes and I could access the video and I converted it to a mp3. file. I'm going to try in this way on other videos forbidden to me by youtube. Thanks.
  2. Dear Elli13, Thanks for the prompt response. Unfortunately the link you taught me was not valid on my browsers (Internet Explorer & Opera). But now I can feel a bit of hope. There might be a place (xxx.google.com/playback) ? where I could watch Dalaras' video? Thanks again for your suggestion.
  3. Dear Dalaras Club members, After posting about youtube in Japan on the thread "Τα «Λαϊκά» Ντουέτα Του Γιώργου Νταλάρα Στους 100,6 Fm (11/6)" http://www.dalaras.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5490-τα-«λαϊκά»-ντουέτα-του-γιώργου-νταλάρα-στους-1006-fm-116/ I found myself rejected again by youtube on the video "Ο Γιώργος Νταλάρας στην εκπομπή του Σιδερή Πρίντεζη" I tried to download the video through free proxi servers, but my effort was fruitless. It will be my pleasure if someone send me mp3 or mp4 file of the video. Please help me... Eiko
  4. Dear Dalaras Club members, I live my life far from Greece, and it's sad going to Greece is almost impissible due to my health condition. Youtube is the only window to Mr. Dalaras' Concerts and interviews. But I don't like youtube's access refusal from Japan to many Mr. Dalaras's videos for some copyright reason? Again and again, youtube have showed me the message "This video is not available in you country". For more than 30 years I'm so addicted to Mr. Dalaras and have bought almost every CDs he had released, . My self-educated Greek vocablary allows me to understand, at best, one fifth of what he says in his interviews, but 30 years of listening to his songs made me feel that "I want to hear his sopken voice even if I don't understand it !" May I ask someone of you the favour to send me mp3 or mp4 file of this programm ? Thanks in advance Eiko
  5. Theodore, I thaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuu from the bottom of my heart. Listening to Mr. Dalaras' excellent voices repeatedly from your files, my sleepiness has been swept away and it's early morning now. The sounds are so great and lively, and make me feel as if I were there. What a concert!
  6. Sorry, again. I don't know how to paste the web address with a link. Check : http://www.diadiktyo.net/mayatv/index.php?...o&category=Live
  7. Sorry, I failed to paste the address correctly. Please check the page: live
  8. Hi, as always I'd missed the chance to see Mr. Dalaras live on air (web). But I feel happy to be able to tell you that I've watched the videos of the concert on MAYA TV!!! Yesterday I visited the page of video programs and by chance found the headwords: "Συναυλία για τα θύματα του Τσουνάμι" After clicking the link "Συναυλία για τα θύματα του Τσουνάμι 2", I could see Papakonstantinou and Alexiou sing in duet, and then Mr. Dalaras appeared and sang "Brehei sth ftwho geitonia" It's worth visiting, and let's add the file on your PC. :lol: :lol: :lol: Tsounami concert
  9. Hello, again. I was back to my home town to look after my parents, and now I'm back here to find this topic has become very academic. Thanks fadi for the welcome, and thanks Annemarie and Makis for letting me know about Roland Barthes and Philippe Labro. I searched on the net and now I know that Roland Barthes visited Japan three times in the late '60s and in 1970 wrote "L'empire des signes", which describes impressions about his encounter with Japan. Barthes was one of the obstacles I'd run into when I was student. I failed to read his book through and threw it away thirty years ago. To Michael, on the mathematical problem, I can tell that for centuries a lot of Japasneses have expressed their considerations on the proverb "Seven times to fall down and eight times to stand up": Someone says that a man can fall down only when he was on his feet before falling down. When a baby stands up for the first time in its life, the very act should be counted up as the first stand-up in the "nanakorobi-yaoki" cicle. So, the proverb is right in expressing "eight times" after falling down seven times. This explanation is not fully convincing but the last resort in Japan. Btw, about a century ago there was a odd Japanese Hellenist who insisted that the Japanese people is descended from the ancient Greek people, because the Greek myths and the Japanese myths are alike in some episodes, and in addition to this, almost every Japanese words has its origin in ancient Greek language. He explained his theory in the same way with the Father in the film "MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING"!!! His theory crossed my mind when I first read the lyrics of "Efta fores".
  10. Hello, Dalaras Club members. This is my first post after three years as a ROM. First of all, I must thank all the members posted translations of Mr. Dalaras' songs. You've helped me very very much understanding strange Greek words and phrases. I have a question about the phrase "εφτά φορές να πέφτεις και να σηκώνεσαι οχτώ ". (Sorry, I don't know how to quote the original line.) There's a proverb in Japan "nanakorobi-yaoki", and it exacktly means "seven times to fall and eight times to stand up". Japanese dictionaries say this idiom is of Japanese origin (i.e., not borrowed from ancient Chinese sayings). I'd never imagined if the same expression exists in Greek!! Does any Greek member know from when and how this phrase is used? Many Japanese web sites have English translations of the proverb "nanakorobi-yaoki", such as: If you fall down seven times, get up eight. Life is full of ups and downs. Life has its ups and downs. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. If you don't make mistakes you don't make anything. Every flow has its ebb. The worst luck now, the better another time. He that falls today may be up again tomorrow. A man's walking is succession of fall. Have nine lives etc., etc.