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  1. Take a look here for a surprize: dalaras club / Ελληνική μουσική - Greek music / Σύνδεσμοι - Links European Tour 2007 / Budapest Hm. Somebody deleted it...
  2. Hi Dalaras Fans! Does anybody know the programme - the list of songs - of George's new European tour this year? I wrote to George on his official site, but no answer arrived... thanks, Lacka
  3. Thanks, John! My last question: what means the name of the show? I don't find the word "osa" in the dictionary. Thanks
  4. Hi, Could anybody translate it to english? "Thn Kyriakh 18 Apriliou sth ekpomph OSA FERNEI H WRA, stis 14.50 afierwma sthn ESTUDIADINA.Symmetexei o G. Dalaras." We don't understand the words in uppercase. Another question: where will it be? On a radio, or TV? What means "mega18-404"? Thanks!