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  1. Yassou Thanasis Sefharisto I want to wish a Happy Belated Birthday to good member and great friend of ours here in the club. To Hristaki, Happy Birthday file
  2. What happened to the Birthday pages and why can't we post new greetings inside of Yenethlion? Isn't that what's its for?
  3. well I realized I posted this topic the 1st time in the wrong section. So I'm reposting this topic here again hopefully in the right place this time. Would anyone here mind replying with the last CDs Dalaras came out with since last year until now? Along with that especially the most recent ones that came out this year. I'm leaving for Greece next week and want to purchase the new ones I'm missing out on that I don't presently have. I'm interested in both the collaboration Titles and of course his Personal ones. SEFHARISTO
  4. Hey there Dalaras fans, Can someone list in here please the last few releases Dalaras has of his discography from 2015-and to the present date? Most importantly the latest works from 2016 including both his personal and from his participation CDs. I'll be in Greece in 2 weeks and I would like to purchase some new ones that I haven't been able to obtain anything recent during this year. EUFHARISTO PARAPOLI
  5. Just heard some of the sound tracks on here. Great CD compare to his latest one that came out earlier in the year. I'll be sure to add this on my shopping list when I arrive in Athens early this fall. Happy Listening folks
  6. Yassas Dalaras fans, Anyone here going to this concert? I know I'll be in Greece during that time and I'll sure like to attend it. In fact more than likely you can count on me being there.
  7. Wow well okay Alona but that doesn't sound too promising or user friendly for us fans overseas as I'm not familiar with RealNews, and not certain if I can get access too it. On the other hand, I'm sure Christo that Greekcity will sell the Cd eventually. Well now at least that sounds a little more encouraging, and Alexandros perhaps it will be available in stores just in time for Christmas.
  8. I wonder if Greek Music in NY and/or Greekcity in Toronto are going to sell the newest Dalaras CD? Perhaps only time will tell.
  9. Hello Dalaras community I'm not certain if a thread on this has been posted yet or where I may find more information but allow me to post this as a new thread. I came home from exams Wednesday night and my mother had the Antenna Greek Channel listening to the news on of all places. It was wierd but then a journalist began speaking of Dalaras from a recent concert of his and began informing the public of mast riots and protests when Dalaras sang. I didn't hear all the information but I did see people cussing, hollering and throwing obscenities on stage while he sang. In a matter of seconds, I was frozen with shock and disbelief! How could this have happened? Some audience members used a word that was telecasted live but as of this time I would rather not repeat it. I don't have all the facts, but the only thing speculated on this is because of the economic crisis in Greece and of course via Politics. Some are opposing his wife in the PASOK party if this is indeed correct as I really don't know. Does that argument really have to be a main motive for our favorite singer to be attacked and harassed while he is on stage? Does this mean from hence forth whatever happens in the party with Anna as a member in there reflects detrimentally to Dalaras on stage? Oh my goodness this is completely awful to hear. Wasn't it not too long ago back in the 1990's when Melina Merkouri once said, "What Dalaras does today, and the rest of Greece does tomorrow"? So many good tributes and homage were written about our great singer from long ago. And now this!! How does he bouce back from this now? Sometimes the damage can be irrevocable or irreversible. Over the years I was proud to pick a great singer and idolize him as hero growing up and yes I still do today despite this awful disturbance,. Remember it was not long ago that Dalaras himself was honored to be a UN refugee ambassador for all the good will he's done, how he had earned the key to Cyprus as a citizen, and that he was honored to win the Kennedy Award for the benefit concerts to Cyprus. And now to have Greece boo him and throw stuff on stage. I am deeply saddened by this. How Does Dalaras come back from this? Some will argue, "You're only as good as you're last performance and if this is true" I don't know what the future holds from Dalaras and of course to us pertainging to all of his fans across the globe., I only noticed at the tail end of the video clip he kept on singing and made no remark to the audience despite the protests. The only thing I heard him mention was, "what song you want to hear next". Thats incredible; most artists would have left the stage for fear of being attacked and so forth. Maybe he knew something like that might happen I honestly don't know. Was it because the concert was free? Had people paid to see him that night, would the riots have still occurred? Well once again it's hard to say. Nevertheless, it is still sad to hear. Dalaras has done wonderful contributions to that of Greece and to the accomplishments in singing to quality music; and by not having Greece support him today is despicaable and a disgrace to the artist. I hope nothing worse comes of this. And lets not forget, Dalaras is a person has all of us are. Despite him being an artist and in the public eye, is he not allowed to vote, pray, and do the ordinary things that everyone else does? Why should an artist like Dalaras be excused for not having religious and of course political beliefs as does everyone else? Yes he is a Celebrity but nevertheless still a person much like you and I. I think where the boundaries should be is when is he is on stage doing best what is his career and that is music. There will always be those who will share and oppose his political views and that's fine. But by keeping the two separated you can at least keep it in balance. I can see an argument happening with the audience should Dalaras start a rally at his concerts. If it is already pre-announced that this will happen, there really should be arguing and no rioting (assuming of course it was a perfect world) because everyone was forewarn that a rally would occur. However, to just surprise people and come out talking politics when in reality it should be just a concert as it was advertised, then I could see why people would get upset by this. I speak with facts as this happened back in the US Tour in 2003 when Dalaras toured with Marinella. Allot of the fans in the states had said, "We came to hear you sing and play and not to protest the war." Some people from back then even asked for their money back because they were so upset by this. Perhaps if it was announced ahead of time to come and just do only a rally, people may have understood. Whether or not they would have accepted it without debating it, is entirely another story. Every incident has its time and place. Surely, I still believe from my own point of view, that had Dalaras protested the US war back in his last US tour in 2006 and NOT from 2003, the reactions would have been a whole lot different then. Timing is everything! I apologize to all members if I offended anyone. That was NOT the intent. I tried my best to write professional criticism letter and of course to not bash Dalaras or to any of the fans that went to the concert. Please my accept apologies if it didn't come across this way. What does everyone think and would like to add to this topic of concern?
  10. Yes but unfortunately the Kendro is no longer there, just a thing of the past now much like everything else that was once good now vanished.
  11. Συμπεραίνω προφανώς σε κάποιο κεντρο στο εξωτερικό (Αμερική,Αυστραλία ίσως) κυρίως λογω του φολκλορικού σκηνικού που έχει στηθεί (εδώ με τους ανεμόμυλους) Interesting enough I too was thinking much the same thing. You see, years ago back in the 1990's there was once a popular Greek Supperclub in Detroit called the "MYKONOS Nightclub" that had the ambience similar with the background photo to resemble the photo from the the club up above; therefore I was thinking it was from the "Mykonos" club in Detroit. Look at the photo link below from this facebook page where a popular singer by the name of 'Voula Karahaliou' who happened to be singing there from that time. Notice the background scenery and yet the decor almost looks identical to the one where Filippos Nikolaou is at. Incidentally, Mrs. 'Voula Karahaliou' use to sing with the group from Greece called the "Athinaiki Kompania" before she had toured the clubs to sing in the states.!/photo.php?fbid=264527195969&set=a.254411740969.143322.782480969&type=3&theater
  12. Where was this photografic taken at? Does anyone remember the name of this nightclub?
  13. Hey Apostolis file mou Thats awesome Is that feature brand new in the new forum or was that feature always available even from the old forum? If so, I'm the last one now in finding out . Thanks for the update Christo
  14. Okay now that we have a new Forum, Apostolis is there anyway we can have a feature to indicate what topics the user has posted and up to what limit and date? For example, I commented on a rare song of Dalaras last week before the new forum opened up. As it was, it could have been from a 45 rpm(strofes) from his discograpy and I don't know where it is now from when I last wrote it in one of the threads. It would be nice if we had a link or flashing icon of some sort that could keep tabs or track from all the written posts one makes, that way should we ever need to reference something back and forth at any time from here on put, we will then thus be able too. However, as it is presently stands, I don't know where to begin looking and seek out my lasts posts as I can't find or remember the name of the threads it might be in. And this is just from a week ago, imagine if you wanted to go back and research something from over a year ago. It would be lost and buried in some archive unless you can specifically remember the date, time, and the title of posting it from that long ago. Surely I can't be alone in this matter Has anyone else in here come across the same problem? Any suggestions on this please comment Efharistoume Christos
  15. Wow from one day to the next its like a total time in space has transpired in front of me. 1st yesterday the forum being entact as it was. And now today 1 day later and it has a new whole forum look to it. I Guess it dserves an A for effort and a B well for time and experience on hand as we will look forward in using later on a daily basis.