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  1. I have no voice to express what I saw and heard at Hrodio last Saturday. You all did it so marvellously. Thank you so much for all the photos and reports. My only regret is that I had no opportunity to get in touch with members of the community. Next time... but this time I could only get connected once and not for much time. Thank you Niki for your PM, but it was already too late . I'll have to buy a mobile telephone! ...When I have enough money, 'cause I spent a lot in Athens... More from me about that prodigious concert when I have recovered from my trip. See you.
  2. Symfono mazi sas paidia, afto pou eidame ki akousame itan aparadekto. Den exw tipot'allo na po gia afto to thema.
  3. You are right, Hristaki. She could even have chosen "Korydallo" if she wanted... but she chose the name of a katarameno pouli, not the name of a famous prison... Her choice, of course...
  4. Dalaras Unofficial Website , things to do... or rather, things not to do: Was choosing "phoenix" for one's member's name a wise thing to do? We all know that the phoenix was the symbol of the dictatorship that lasted for 7 full years in Greece, and as two or three members suggested, that member seems to be the unwanted athinaia. He (or she) writes the same way athinaia did!!
  5. Thanks for all the reports and photos. I'd have liked to be in Paris too.
  6. I don't know why, but I think the title of this song is really magic.
  7. I watched "Stella" by Cacoyannis this afternoon, and guess which song Sofia Vempo sings in it ? "Το φεγγάρι είναι κόκκινο" Let it be my song for tonight.
  8. This is a very interesting article. I am glad there are so many good artists all over the world to spread their messages of hope.
  9. Very joyfull and humorous atmosphere in here... I have always liked the way George Dalaras dresses, but I don't know where he gets his T-shirts from. I'm very impressed every time I see him (but I guess it's not because of the way he dresses).