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  1. ohhhh, why am I not there. I should have been there what a program thank you Christos and John
  2. I very much would like to go there it's about time for my son to go to his first concert ever. is there any news yet about tickets, like when and where to get ?
  3. some people do care Nighthawk, I care, but what can I say??? we have had so many discussions like this one before and in all kinds of words we have told eachother that we should respect on and other, but somehow the word -respect- has more than one meaning. I'm tired of this. I'm sorry for NIKH. I wish I could make a diffrence, but I dont have the illusion I can..............
  4. some of our members will travel to London one of these days, so, dear friends: enjoy enjoy and please let us know as soon as you can how it was.
  5. Giorgos on TV on my birthday and not having sattelite......what a torment but to know that my special song was broadcasted and that many of you enjoyed it, is a comfort
  6. my foto's didn't came out right. on only two of them he's just recognizable but there's still hope; I had two camera's.....
  7. more than 24 houres later I'm not realy down to earth yet, but i like to share some of my personal impressions with you. indeed Francois, meeting so many community members was great we missed you afterwards His first songs moved me very much. His actual live presence is moving me. It was the first time I saw, heard Deborah Myers. she was a complete surprise to me. a beautiful young lady with a fantastic voice. Her duet - For Ever Friends - with Dalaras was one of the highlights of the concert. I also enjoyed watching the Polish conductor of the orchestra. He was very expressive. ( and a friendly young man who talked to some of us afterwards) Than George Moustaki came on stage. He seemed to be a fragile elderly man , which he wasn't as we found out afterwards The Paris public knows him and loves him. It was beautifull to see and here him. the atmosphere was loving en respectfull, and so was Giorgos towards him. ach.......... and what can I say about Girogos. you all know there are no words to say what you feel. He sang Dromoi Palioi, what more could I wish for?!?! Thank you so much Giorgo We, the public, applauded and applauded at the end, we couldn't get enough of him. and he came back. at least three times as I remeber. It was beautiful and magic every second Ofcourse we tried to see him backstage, but he used another backdoor than the one we were waiting I didn't think he looked tired, but maybe he was and he must have had his reasons not to use the artists entrance. everyone else did. and so did mister Moustaki. almost irrecognizable he came out in leather jacket and helmet on his head. He drove away on a big motercicle after saying goodbye to the remaining com.members we got in our car for the journey home. but we thouht it was a pitty to leave Parijs withouth at least seeing the Eifel tower. So as the proffessional taxidriver she is, Marijke drove us down the Champs Elysee. stopped in the middle of it to give me a chance to make a photo of the Arc De Triomph. She stopped right at the impressive feet of Tour Eiffel and drove us relaxed over Pont Neuf. we rounded the square in front of the Louvre and as if she drives in Paris every day, she brought us back to periferique and savely back home :lol: :lol: thanks Marij. great! It was a fantastic event and I enjoyed every minute
  8. any chance that Giorgos will sing Dromoi Palioi sunday???????? looking forward to see you all there
  9. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH NIKI !!!!!!!!! great.....just great. thank you all, for the photos and the reports.
  10. Diane, Marijke, thank you very much for your reports. I wish I had been there too Marijke the photo`s are fantastic, you had a real good view on him!
  11. Dear members going to London: GO FOR IT enjoy, have fun, sing ,dance and share