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  1. Hi everyone, well,as you know the opera play "Lisistrati" by Theodorakis,was succesfuly held in "Megaron" hall in Athens and in the next weeks or months the opera will also be held in Giannena and Thessaloniki (probably in Patra too). Dalaras,for those who haven't heard it yet,participates in the opera as the linking poet character between the scenes and sings (or rather performs) the intermediate poems that link the acts. I would like to gather some information,for all of us,about the performance dates and the Halls (in Thessaloniki is the "Megaron Mousikis" of the city)in the other cities.If anyone knows something please contribute!!! Thanks
  2. Dagmar, Dalaras will be in Thessaloniki the next months,in order to participate in the opera "Lissistrati" by Mikkis Theodorakis,as the poet character in the play. The opera will be held in the "Megaron Mousikis" of Thessaloniki but I dont know the date.I will seek for information too
  3. London is really close to Athens too! I may go as a matter of fact! Greetings to you all