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  1. In the Stockholm concert this young talent, Maria Iakobou was doing very well - not only in background vocals but also in her solo numbers. Another mysterious lady with extremely beautiful voice is Anna Mpourma who sings "To zeimpekiko kormi sou" in H asfaltos pou trexei. Perhaps somebody has some basic information about these two artists - any recordings so far, websites, biography, who are they, where do they come from, anything...
  2. Thank you all so far... but please, still some more detective work to solve the Maria Iakobou -enigma [αίνιγμα] )
  3. One more addition: also in the middle of the first set Maria Iakobou sang alone at least one song - I think it was Sta nera na perpatisw by Eleftheria Arvanitaki. Please comment this, cause I'm not quite sure of it...
  4. I guess there were three songs by Maria in the beginning of the second set: the first one I didn't hear (ok, ok - I was having a beer in the bar) but the second was Gia ton mation sou to xroma from Eleftheria Arvanitaki's Ekpompi -album. And after that came Dynata, dynata.
  5. I found it simply by writing "dalaras" in the Evenemang-field in http://www.ticnet.se and then clicked "Sök". The only result was this particular concert in Solna.
  6. It seems to be possible to get tickets also via internet at http://www.ticnet.se , but they cost 20 SEK more. They let people in at 18:00 so better be there in time ;O)
  7. You can also find some lyrics for Alexiou-songs here: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palladium/1088/
  8. Was there anything about a concert in Finland in Difono? If there will be no concert here I could come to Stockholm. It's unbelievable how late the concert schedule is announced - it's only a few days to 20th!
  9. TV

    There are links to four net-tv channels in the front page of www.melbournegreeks.com Also please take a look at www.greekboston.com media section www.greekboston.com/media.shtml
  10. Today, I might say my favourite is "Ta prota logia" Live version with Israel Philharmonics (which was my alarm clock - played by the Acer laptop every morning at 6:00 last time I was in Greece )
  11. Many of you might already be familiar to this huge source of lyrics, but let me introduce it one more time: http://kithara.musicpage.com includes grand total 2517 lyrics (66 of which sung by Dalaras)
  12. Eleni is my favourite female artist - she has flexible, soft voice and she sings exiting, exotic melodies and even looks great ) I think we may look forward to a new album from her pretty soon - it's sooo long since the latest full album was released (1999 Allazei kathe pou vradyazei). At www.greekcity.com you'll get a good (perhaps not complete) list of albums Eleni participates when you search by name.
  13. ...and here's the result of the Finnish jury ;O) 1. Ta prota logia 2. Ach xelidoni mou 3. Ola kala 4. Exo ena kafene 5. Oi eleftheroi ki oraioi