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  1. This is completely your work Sarper. It's quite successful. martha (second person looking forward to Dalaras )
  2. I know Sarper that you've wanted to see him on stage for a long time. Everything will go like clockwork and we will watch him on stage.. Touch wood !!
  3. It's unbelievable! We wished last Tuesday when we saw each other. Although it isn't a concert, it doesn't matter for me because I also like opera.Especially with Dalaras You're right Sarper. I think, time won't be pass quickly too.
  4. Not at all Nikos. I've been very pleased to you met him. If you' ve not listened before any Blues or something like that, you should start with "Supernatural" which is Santana's last CD's name. Then you can continue to Havana Moon or Illimunations. As you understood, I would like to see Dalaras together with Santana. It would be magnificent. :cool:
  5. You're lucky Franz. What about " If The Sea Was Whiskey" from Dixon I'm afraid of, my information is limited about Blues. I know some populer singers like Santana, Garry Moore,B.B.King, of course Ray Charles, Eric Clapton. I'm sure you're better than me Which film is the best for me? Both "Blues Brothers" and "Blues Brothers 2000" Ok Franz, we like "Blues & Jazz"
  6. Thanks for your compliment Franz. As for me he is too... As to Master "Everyday I have to Blues" or " Corazon Espinada" :cool: Marvellous isn't it?
  7. Again hello Nikos, You should run an eye over to this page : I'm sure, you'll learn more information about Santana..According to me, he doesn't play guitar, he does magic things with his guitar.
  8. Henk, Is your friend know any web page address so that we already give order to new CD? I'm sure about if he/she says COMING SOON ,he/she can learn to this secret answer for us. :cool:
  9. Thanks Kenan and Zeynep for your efforts. I understood with your assistance the main idea of this meaningful song. If all of us were like Yanni and Mehmet, our old and sufferer world where we live together would be happy, tranquil and peaceful.
  10. Kenan, in my opinion your translate has been quite successful. I know that you can be translating other Dalaras songs not only from Greek to English but also from Greek to Turkish..Why do you share others with us? Be relax.. Don't be shy
  11. Yes...I have read your other messages..(I had to read before I wrote...) Of course, other links are very nice
  12. I cant believe it... I would just write who can say me which links I may listen to live Greek radio...I dont say anything, so I am going to listen this radio and excellent songs while I read all of your messages.. Thanks Nikolas....
  13. Yeeess...definitely wonderful song....but I like " Kaybolan Yillar" more than.....
  14. Sezen Aksu who well-known as singer, composer and lyrics writer has been successful in international music area...Which are you interesting about Sezen Aksu from this topics? Meanwhile, you may look for more information...