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  1. [/b] I am wanting to track down a live video recording at McCormick Place, Chicago (1994) titled "Dalaras Sings for Cyprus". I live in Melbourne, Australia and would love to find a copy of it here, however, I would be more than happy to send away for it wherever there's a copy in the world ! Thank you for and leads. Love Sophia
  2. I'm a happy woman. The magic of the Internet and the dedicated people who take the time to respond to our needs. Nicolas, you're wonderful! Thank you so much. Love Sophia
  3. Hello everyone, I'm very keen to locate the title and full lyrics of a song which has the following a a verse: Mera ti mera trigirizo Mas usos vyoun ta vimatamou Exoun xathi ta xomatamou Spiti palio sti paralia Polei mou thimizi paleia Feugoun i topoi san poulia ...... Would appreciate any leads on this. Love Sophia