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  1. Hi everybody, I searched the net for a download of the Amor amor song, and I did find it at KazaA ( !!!!! Of course it's only the old version sung by Nino, not the Dalaras version - but well... it will probably take some time until this will be available. May be some of you would like to listen to it, and be it just for a comparison.... Kerasaki
  2. Hello to all, thanks for the many replies and helpful suggestions!!!! I will go and get it at once, promise. As soon as it is in the stores. I'm afraid I missed the chance of buying it directly at the concert... I didn't know it wasn't officially on the market yet... Anyway, after a wonderful concert, you don't exactly feel like queuing for a record.. at least, I didn't. Greetings to all the fans, Kerasaki
  3. I do know he is a wonderful laiko and rembetiko singer - I have been loving his music for fifteen years now. But he is far more than "just" that, and his latin songs are just as full of life and authenticity as his greek ones. You should have listened to this title when he performed it in Berlin... So you say the song is on his new CD? Since I do not know the title of the song, maybe you could just tell me the name of the CD you meant? Is it "The Ultimate Collection" or "I asfaltos pou trechi"? I'm afraid I'm a little behind with my information... Thanks, keep on singing
  4. Hello everybody, I visited a concert in Berlin where Dalaras performed a title which was so wonderful I have been looking for the title ever since - so far without success. Maybe some of you can help me... It is a samba rhythm, and I think it was in Spanish. I only remember that it had "amorrrrrrr" in the chorus... Does someone know this song?? I would be grateful for any hint!