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  1. Many congratulations and thanks, Apostoli. We are all proud and grateful to have you here. I hope I'll be as efficient as you are when I am back to Greece, with a proper computer and a good connection to the Internet.
  2. I am so far away from the places where Dalaras sings. Thanks for all the warm reports and for all the photos.
  3. A nice radio station based in London.
  4. I don't think we have mentioned Dalaras' favourite word when he is in the loo. Pikerni would probably be very interested in it !
  5. Thanks a lot for your contempt ! How kind indeed !
  6. So what ? After all, Dalaras is not the only Greek singer in the world, and probably not the best one for every one. Why shouldn't Arvanitaki get top billing for a concert and Dalaras be merely a "GUEST" ?
  7. Shall we order 500 following T-shirts for the Dalaras Internet Community? Everyone could be free to print whatever he wants on it !!
  8. I don't listen to Kazantzidis a lot, but I must say that what I can remember of his version of this song is quite good.
  9. Αυτή τους λέει παιδιά μου είναι η γη του σύμπαντος αρρώστια και πληγή
  10. Πω πω μεγαλεία !!! Thank you so much, Anna !!!