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  1. Specially the '' Pepromeno '' is a classic song.We love it (and ''then epitrepete'',''amartwli'',''katw apo gefires'',''toutos o ntounias'') so much as the oldest songs of Giorgos.
  2. Giorgos Dalaras was born to songs Rebetika and some others- songs-[ Kougioumtzis' ,Loizos' ].He said really WONDERFOUL the laika[spacially these],ballands,rock sometimes,sosial-political songs.....BUT -in my opinion of course- he lives and enjoy to sing rebetika and the songs of Loizos and Kougioumtzis.I think that Giorgos prefer to sing these songs.
  3. Melissa ,yes the song is called ''mana mou then se akousa''.There is in the album ''o stamoulis o loxias''-1970 or 1971.The most famous song of this album is ''o stamoulis o loxias''with Yiannis Kalatzis' voice. From the cd ''gia ta tragoudia ki egw ftew'' I like the song ''Avrio prwi'' but the first song of GD that became great [[heat]] is ''stin epohi tou Pagalou'' I think from 1968.
  4. Isoun theos kai trellos apo fos,me to nou mou horeveis ma den me ksegelas -from KALOS TOUS
  5. Christo, the song is called ''Prosmoni''.A musician-called Michalis Architektonidis ,I think - gave to the young George Dalaras two songs.The one was an erotic and the other a sosial-political song and told him to choose one of these.Even though he was only 17 years old he chose -of course-the second one.His voice in this song was very different.If I am mistaken please corect me.
  6. Melissa ,a few months before the cd ''methismena tragoudia''GD-in a intervew- has told that he thinks this cd mayby is the best-from the others two of Nikolopoulos''o tragoudistis -1983''and ''mi milas kindinevei i ellas-1989''.Then I heard cd ,I disagree with opinions' GD.My opinion changed the next 2-3 years.In cd there are some beautiful songs.''Ego milo ki esi ise allou'',''thelo na figo se eparxia'',''ti neotero tha vris ti perissotero'',''mes tous vious twn agiwn'',''odysseas'',''irtha sto bar gia na se vrw'',''stin agia methi''.Methismena tragoudia is not the best cd of GD,but I think for a magic reason this cd is one of our favourites.Of cource one of magic reasons is the voice of Giorgos.
  7. ''Methismena tragoudia''is one of more favourites albums for most of us.This CD has some songs that I called ''diamonds''.Why we like this CD so much?
  8. I think that before 1972 the albums were not awarded.The first album that became gold was MIKRA ASIA in 1972.This is the reason that George's previous albums were not awarded.Somewhere I was reading(I think in difono) that the album ''Mi milas kindinevei i Ellas'' has sold over 500.000 albums.Also the discs of George Dalaras - anofficial-are over 20 millions. < που αναβουνε φωτια κι οχι νυχτοπαλαμακια μες στα ξενυχταδικα>>
  9. We feel that GEORGE isn't 53.His health and his voice is still fantastic and he looks younger. GEORGE will stoped when he will still on the top.After 15 years and we'll see, but for the moment it's wrong to open this conversation.Να σε εχει ο θεος καλα ρε Γιωργη <<εγω θα σου μιλω με τα τραγουδια μου.........>>
  10. ΑΝ ΗΤΑΝΕ ΝΑ Σ'ΑΡΝΗΘΩ απ'το δισκο <οταν ανθιζουν πασχαλιες>. Εκπληκτικο τραγουδι του αγαπημενου μας Σταυρου Κουγιουμτζη