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  1. "Αστέρι μου φεγγάρι μου της άνοιξης κλωνάρι μου", by Alexiou. I can't listen to any other version than this one.
  2. My best wishes to you Mr Theodorakis. I am only 19 (well, not yet) and I recently learnt that you are a great man and I like your songs very very much. I hope you will live for a long long time.
  3. Very sweet photographs, Anna. I love them!
  4. What is that video? Where can I find it? Tell me, my father is being generous these days.
  5. Don't worry, friend, I am not gay, but I have many gay friends and I know they are normal people, and very good friends too. But it's not a place to defend the rights of gays. Maybe a topic in "general discussion" would be nice. You all know the song I like in TO ELLINIKO PROSOPO, don't you? It's "Enas kompos i hara mou". It's so much better than in "LIVE and UNPLUGGED". My little sister still hates it. I think she is uncivilized!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Who is that singer Glykeria? What sort of songs does she usually sing? It's rather difficult for me to understand everything in those articles. My Greek is not good enough yet, but I am so eager to learn. I will be in Greece in August with my family. Will Dalaras sing there then?
  7. I bought this CD recently in Chambery. It was the only Dalaras CD available here. I must say I was disappointed when I listened to it. I prefer older songs.
  8. Dear Niko, thank you for the address of your site. I can't speak Greek yet: I have learnt this language for about 9 months but I never speak. I only try to listen to the radio and understand Dalaras' songs. I will try and post in Greek soon. I have downloaded a few songs with the Internet but I haven't had time to listen to them yet. Thank you so much again Niko. Antoine
  9. I have never heard Marinella. She seems to be a great singer too. Who could tell me what songs by her I should listen to? I am eager to learn more about Greek music, not only about Dalaras.
  10. This is great indeed, and of great help to us who are learning Greek.
  11. Thank you for all the reports and the photos. Did Giorgos sing 'Enas kombos i chara mou'?
  12. Unfortunately, it won't be possible for me to go to the Olympia as we have blank exams the following week. I am not as lucky as other people whose winter holidays begin one week before. But I will see Dalaras very soon, I am sure.
  13. Pas tout a fait, Geske... Loin de mon porte-monnaie en tous cas. I pray God that my father will be reasonable and will pay for my train and concert tickets and for a hotel room too. I have not asked him yet, but I am confident.