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  1. Another photo taken after the show. The ones taken at the concert are not too good.
  2. After the show!!!
  3. Good stuff!! Kate I have been trying to e-mail you. Are you going to Drury Lane on 16 May? Marie
  4. Whoopee!!!! May 16 2010 Royal Drury Lane. Have not been able to locate tickets yet!!!!!!!
  5. Just visited and there will be a concert in London on May 16 at the Royal Drury Lane. Halleluiah!!!!!!!
  6. That goes for me too! I was hoping to be there myself but my father is ill in hospital. Marie
  7. Who is going to the Palladium? I am going to be travelling down on my own this time. Are there any arrangements yet to meet before the concert?
  8. It seems that 13 May is not the correct date for London. According to Trehantiri the date will be 19 May with no confirmation of the venue.
  9. Trehantiri now states that the concert in London will be May 19 2007 with the venue not confirmed.
  10. Just found out that Haris Alexiou will be appearing in London on 12 September this year.
  11. Great news. How unlucky am I? My daughter and her partner are going to Kerkira leaving on 2 August and I am staying in England looking after my two grandchildren!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Manolis Mitsias. The very first Greek singer I ever saw live in the Plaka in Athens around 1970. His old songs hold great memories for me and I recently bought a double CD at Trehantiri in London with all the old songs recorded live. Wonderful!!! It takes me back to my youth in Athens and makes me nostalgic. Marie
  13. I have not really had a chance to add my comments. Wonderful concert and wonderful audience. Great to meet other members. I last saw Marinella in Plaka in the 1970's and I was amazed at the strength of her voice so many years later. And her dancing. She certainly had "kefi". We laughed so much when one man in the audience shouted out "panagia mou" as she was dancing. It was all over too soon and I almost felt I had dreamt the whole evening. I found it very hard to sleep. Went to Trehantiri next morning to buy MAZI and they had sold out!!!!!!! Did treat myself to a CD by Manolis Mitsias. :lol: