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  1. Michalis Xatziyannis will perform in amsterdam on the 5th of November in "de Melkweg". Henk
  2. It seems that Dalaras will perform in London on 13th of May in Palladium theatre. Europen tour?? Henk
  3. Indeed Marijke 8th May in Music Heineken Hall. Selling of tickets start at 14th of October. Prices euro 42,50 40 and 37,50 only seats available. Phone number 0900 - 000 1250. Anybody who need tickets can contact on hjleeuw@wxs.nl Henkos
  4. The concert of 13th of May has been confirmed by Trehantiri. Will return with date when tickets are available. Henk
  5. Christo, For the charts you can take www.ifpi.gr henkos