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  2. Two special concerts!! Special because we had, besides Aspasia Stratigou, just 5 musicians: Giorgos Matsikas, bouzouki, guitar Christos Zervas, guitar, Thanasis Sofras, contrabass Manos Grisbolakis accordion Stratos Samiotis drums special because of the selection of songs and special because of the „arrangement“ on stage. Stratos Samiotis and Thanasis Sofras a bit behind, the rest all in one line. And the second night Giorgos Dalaras was on stage all the time. No extra appearance for „the star“... He was very talkative, telling something to almost every song. The second night, when he was already on stage for the instrumental openings, great to see how he enjoyed the playing with the musicians! Some remarks to the songs first night we heard (instead of "Ιπτάμενο χαλί" which he did in Lemesos) the song "Της πίκρας το γυθαλί". At the end of the first night he did the two cypriot songs „Γυρισμός“ and “Πενταδάκτυλε” and the encore “Μη μου θυμώνεις μάτια μου“. „Fragile“ he did in Spanish, just the last refrain in English. Second night we did not have "Σαλταδόρος" and the concert ended with a gorgeous!!!!! "Μάνα μου Ελλάς". All in all very very good