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  1. Τιμητική εκδήλωση για τον μουσικοσυνθέτη Ανδρέα Κατσιγιάννη παρουσία Γ. Νταλάρα
  2. "Tο βιβλίο του Θανάση Λάλα για τον Γιώργο Νταλάρα παρουσιάζεται στη Θεσσαλονίκη Για τον τόμο θα μιλήσουν ο συγγραφέας του, ο ερμηνευτής αλλά και γνωστοί άνθρωποι της πόλης"
  4. Thank you Elina for your wonderful comment. I was there, too. Of course I didn't understand all, but much more than I expected. All those speeches showed the love they have for Dalaras. And especially Kimoulis touched my heart. the minus, the signing of the book wasn't organized at all, everyone from every side rushed to the desk...and not for getting just a signature, but also to speak to him, to take photos etc... and it wasn't a dozen it were hundreds...