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  1. To everybody: Im shocked about your music knowledge; but: Did you notice that if you take away the Αγγλικά music, its just a little the options left? Actually in Mexico there are only two languages (Αγγλικά and Ισπανικά), available in music, thats why is very easy to be engaged in endless discussions about who is the best in English, so every time that any of you mention a singer, I slap my forehead and say But of course, How could I forgot this one?, and is easy to understand, maybe 80% (if not more) of the music market is in English. Thats why lets make an interesting experiment: besides Aγγλικά try to find an option (hard, isnt?). Maybe you will argue that the bests are in English, but I have to remember you that the best is Dalaras and till now looks that his best music isnt in English, think about not-English female singer, most of you live in Europe, so, you know about Enya or Madredeus, and when I listened to them, their voice capture me in a swift strike. It is very possible that with out English singers, there are no reasons for this thread. Little sad that the universal commerce and business language, is the universal language for art and music too. Thats not bad at all, after all we are communicating each other using English, the bad thing is that, thanks to his broad use, the English language cover other languages and fade their achieves and their musicians. No need to state that Im not against the English (I owe too much to this language in my professional and personal life), Im just eager to make little more difficult and interesting the thread. Hope not to hurt any body feeling.
  2. Chris Apostolakis: I think that the difference could be: "The Greek King of Music" = The King of music is the King, but just happen that he is Greek. "The King of Greek Music" = The Greek Music has a King (the same as the Spanish music as a king, and the Dutch music has is own king). So, in my humble opinion, "The Greek King of Music" is Universal and "The King of Greek Music" is local.
  3. Geeske: My favorite topic is the one you are asking for a hand. Well, I looked at the lyrics in for the song Αν υπάρχει λόγος, and there is no translation to English (only a γερμανικά version), so I found my CD booklet of Dalaras Unplugged and here is the lyrics in αγγλικά and ισπανικά. Of course, as always, is only a humble draft. Michaels idea looks very objective to me; think about μεγάλοσ messages in the same thread, hard and awful to keep track of the songs and versions. If theres a reason How did we forget each other alone here? Four winters went by My love, my scattered love Today they weigh on me like aeons I think about going out, getting drunk Gambling a little again, losing each other Thinking of you, yearning for you And if theres a reason, then returning Oh, how I forgot myself here with you With your love that destroys me My love, my scattered love In the silence I hear the house roaring Si existe una razon Como fue que nos olvidamos en esta soledad? Cuatro inviernos han pasado Mi amor, mi abstracto amor Hoy me pesan como si fuesen siglos Pienso en salir, emborracharme Jugar un poco, perdernos mutuamente Pensando en ti, suspirando por ti Y si existe una razon, entonces regresar Oh, como me olvide a mi mismo, aqui contigo Con tu amor que me destruye Mi amor, mi abstracto amor En el silencio escucho a la casa rugir.
  4. Michael: There are no crucial point. The Greek is nothing but a Καλός adjective to the title The King of Music Lynne: Good to know that Clapton is British (a white British that sing black American music, I dare to say). You are right, the rock and pop music has to many sources in Αγγλικά, that the list becomes to long to reach an objective decision (Paul Simon, Lennon, Morrison, Elton John, κτλ) Geeske: Thanks for the data that Brel is a Belgian (I met some people from Quebec that loved very much to Brel and considered him as a French Quebecois that born by an accident in Europe). Im agree with you, NO way to find an Artist that fulfills all the abilities and characteristics of Dalaras. But it could be nice to reach a good list, now Im thinking not in a list by country, but in a list by language. Nikolas: Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ for your post mentioning Tatlises, about Turkish music all my knowledge come from Tarkan (a young pop singer very famous among the young women here in Mexico) and is FAR FAR FAR away from the top list that Im looking for, Ill make a surf in Amazon looking for a CD from Tatlises. Ευχαριστώ everybody
  5. I want to start a new subject. Everybody agree that Dalaras is among the best singers in the world (if not the best for many of us), well what about others countries. Who are the Dalaras from another countries? This is a starting draft: Argentina: Alberto Cortes Espaρa: Joan Manual Serrat Cuba: Pablo Milanes USA: Eric Clapton France: Jacques Brel Mexico: Oscar Chavez I have seen that all you people are something like music gurus, so, if all of you have such a splendid music taste to be a fan of Dalaras, means that are able to choose the very best of your own country. Greeks, please dont dare to suggest any body different from Dalaras, no one can be the Dalaras from Greece, Greece already has his one and unique Dalaras. Just imagine the formidable international music collection that we can achieve at our homes with the title: Dalaras and his counterpart around the world.
  6. Χαίρετε Geeske: (did I write correctly Hello?) A friend of mine has satellite, and recently told me that he can see a TV channel from Greece (Antenna 1, 3 or 5 I cant remember), and he was incredible kind to record me some musical programs from different artists (of course Dalaras included), there were two female singers with a delicious voice, Marinella and Protosalti (Im not sure about Protosalti name but it was something like that), back to the issue, Marinella offer a show with songs and escenography that recall different decades (60s, 70s, 80s and 90s), and at the 80she make a duet with Dalaras beyond any believe, if Sinnatra is the The American Voice Dalaras deserve the nick name of: The Greek Voice, well, this women maybe deserve the female Greek version of The Voice. Please every body, hold your horses, all my knowledge about ελλενιδά singer is a little Universe of 3 Nana, Marinella and Protosalti, so forgive my limited knowledge, I red the controversy about Nana and I dont want to create a new one, in Mexico we dont know that Nana is even Greek, we use to think about her like a French or an American, because all the music from she is in those languages. If you have the chance to listen to Marinella, do it, maybe she is not very young, but her voice is very rich and experienced. I copied all the shows in CDs to listen in the car (the audio part of the VHS tape of course), if you are interested about to listen her, I can send you in mp3 format the duet between Dalara and Marinella. Αντίοσας (did I write correctly Good Bye?)
  7. Irini: I red your difficult to write en Greek, I dont speak Greek, but any way, I tried to write in Greek alphabet and finally I got it in an easy way (ελλενικά, Ελλάσ): Start / Settings / Control Panel / Regional Settings / Input Locales / Add (Button) / Now choose Greek and unmark the check square that say: Use default properties for this input locale, press OK and select Greek again for the keyboard layout, and thats all. At the beginning is difficult to remember the change between alphabets, but at the end is quite simple. Just to click in the new icon that will appear at the down-right corner of the window to select the language or press Alt-Shift to toggle between the languages. By the way, is very probable that the system ask you for the installation disk of the operation system. Ooops, Im using Windows, if this is your operational system it will work for you, if not, Im sorry to bother you. Atentamente. ΑΔΕΛ
  8. I'm working in An yparchi logos, but I think that I beter stop an work in the spanish songs. I look at the song Granada in the lyrics section, and it was not a translation, my english, I have to admit, is quite poor, but good enough to see, that Granada from Agustin Lara has nothing to do with the poem about the city of Granada that is posted as the english translation, not even a prhase match, not even a single idea, I think that a beautiful poem about the city of Granada was mistaken as the translation of Granada. If there are no objection from Nicolas, I'll send him an spanish-english translations, I hope not to upset all of you with my commentary. Thanks for you understanding.
  9. I'm on. Just post the format and the e-mail from the guy that is going to compile the translations, in order to send them to him (her). Atte. Adel
  10. I'll try the Americans ones. The last order that I post was in (Ta Xromata tou xronou - The colours of time Vol. I and II). They took 3 weeks to send those CD's, but "George Dalaras & The Israel Philarmonic Orchestra" arrive in only one week. Unfortunately for me, there are no Dalaras offer in mexican sites, if any one knows a site (or a place) in Mexico where tu buy Dalaras music I'll apreciate the info. I allready try mixup, tower records, ghandi and Pendulo stores, and when you ask for greek music they think that you are looking for Zorba the Greek (good music, but of course the greek music is more than that).