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  1. I have just seen the tape on Antena, and did not notice anythinng wrong, maybe because I do not have the MAZI or APO KARDIAS. So, to me everything was just fine exept for that the audience did not know to sing so well together with Dalaras and Marinella, when invited to do so. And, it lasted nothing like 2 hours as announced, I mean, we did not see any concert, or what? What DID we see then?! What exactly? But , whatever it was, they sang just perfect!!! Will anyone explain, please!
  2. To Scrooge 7, kala ipate dini endiposi, dioti o Giorgos Dalaras defteri foni, orea plaka, as gielaso!!! Ke vevea semnos, ti alo, na pulai ton eafton tu opos ali, den ehi anangi, puliete apo monos tu, ke parapuliete...Emis, ti kanume edo, kikloforume giro apo tin idia tin skia tu, pios alos prokali toso thorivo...
  3. I love Giani Kotsira very much and consider him the best of all. With ALL I mean Basis young Dionisiu,and many other beautiful voices, but... ...Giorgos Dalaraas has no apogono...simple as that. My opinion.
  4. MISTER Francois, pleased to meet you!...though I don't agree with your opinion about...whatever, but who cares, anyway I am neutral, by gender. By the way, seems that someone is '"steeling" posts, yesterday there was a nasty, I mean nice post by zyx who said an important word, "sosta"and made funny faces and later said something incomprihendible about "alvanos", do you know what it meant, and today there are neither his or hers posts or your "no, no" to it...Sems that these words , sosta and alvanos are very important, someone took care to delete them..."mistirio katandises gia mena..."
  5. What is this all about? I was trying to learn something about Dalaras and my Greek is not too good, but I gather that Mrs.Francois says that this "zyx" is being sarcastic in agreeing with Mrs. Irini... In my opinion, however, the question here is about some singer, Marinella, not the Greek song in generall...and more specific, the question, as I understood Irini's post, is about the comparison between Dalaras and some Marinella. Marinella the lady who dances on the stage? I liked her dancing.