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  1. I love to meet with other fans form other countries and be in concert. In the calendar Ntalaras will tour in Greece in August. Why don't we try one of them? Let me introduce myself. My name is Amalia and I have many tapes with old songs of Ntalaras and some of the new, the lives. I am ready to travel to any place in Greece for a concert. Unfortunatly for me I find people here very advanced comparing to me and I can't participate and only read.
  2. Hello everyone Ten songs that I prefer: 1.Fantasia 2.Mi mou thimonis 3.Pou einai ta xronia 4.Paraponemena logia 5.Alana 6.Kapou nixtoni 7.To sakaki mou 8.O ourano fevgi varis 9.Me ekopsan me xorisan sta dio 10.Mana de fitepsame
  3. Nikolas This update is fantastic, I mean the site was great already but now it has a specific set of colors and style inside all the pages, I like it, seems very professional. In the previous site, you has a small page recounting the history of the Unofficial Site. Don't you think there is room for it in the new site? Also, in that history you asked us if we ever imagined of going to a concert all together. So what about this? Are we going to a concert together, Dalaras Internet Fans, why not in the summer of 2001!!!!!!