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  1. Vitaly, understand it all depends on how you look at it. Not everybody would agree that I am the one to blame. There isn't one sensitivity, there are several and all should be respected, don't you agree? But let's skip it, enough is enough. I don't enjoy causing civil wars (except for funny ones, but those cause no victims), believe me, but when I feel atacked I tend to reply the same way. Sorry, but that's how it is. Furthermore, could you please ask "you know who" who Dolores was? I am quite curious myself but he asked me and told me not to speak to him or to even mention his name and I intend to respect that... Thanks.
  2. Congratulations to your son. Dalaras's fans do vary and they may not even be the regular "fan", they may just enjoy the music or some of the music, whatever. What is a fan exactly? That would lead us back to the discussion on if a fan stands for fanatic or not... I prefer to think not. Anyway, never forget how important freedom of expression is: number one pillar of democracy. Of course, it's always possible to try and build small located dictatorships here and there, but I find it undesirable.
  3. Who? Me? Are you serious? Some have merely paid too much attention to my posts (seriously and honestly written) and somehow forced me to answer back. I'm not a hijacker nor do I have a gun pointed at anybody's head. Just go on posting whatever you want, for Chryssakes.
  4. One of my favorite songs by Dalaras is Taxidi sta Kithira and I like it specially in its live piano/sax version. Other songs I like a lot include Kir Kostaki Ela Konta, , Monahoyos O Kostandis, O Zorikos, Ein Arrostia Ta Tragoudia and Ta Vegalika Sou Matia just to bname a few. I also like the album Dalaras dedicated to the 50 Years of Rembetika (which I bought in Athens some years ago), the great Mikra Asia and his Latin album which I started by not liking but which finally contains some very good songs. Generally speaking, I like him when he's somehow closer to his Greek roots and I expect him to get back there sometime.
  5. Oh, wow! I never said Dalaras was dead. I said some years ago a friend in Athens told me Dalaras was dead (and that's all figurative speech) and I disagreed. But, as I said, now I have to agree (and that's only my opinion) that he is "dead" with the possibility of coming back to life. Now, what can be so wrong about that? All it means is that although I like Dalaras as a whole I very much dislike the path he took some years ago. There is more than one Dalaras and I don't particularly like the present one but there may still be more to come. All that, of course, always referring to his music. I don't even know him personally, for Chryssakes! Since Dalaras has been singing for long and since he's done different things in his career and since I enjoy a lot of what he's done and also since I probably was here before some of you were and, finally, because I believe the place needs some people a little less biased than most, I believe I have a right to be here. You think you know who's started the insults but just think: why haven't I been banned? Maybe I didn't start the insults. Maybe they didn't start where you think they started... It's a possibility, correct? And don't you also think that some people who subtly (well, not in my opinion, but people may see the same things differently) try to provoke insulting arguments know precisely who Dolores is? Or do you really think everyone's being totally honest here? I do agree with you regarding Dolores: this place, growingly creepy from too much seriousness and restrictions and people who believe they own both the truth and the forums, needs people who can cheer it up a little. Yes, Dolores is nice. PS - Christo, I've noticed that too. Some people have simply vanished or maybe come in from time to time and don't even post. What on earth could that mean?
  6. Ok, I can understand you. But you have to understand (and I hope you do) that there are always several different degrees to being a fan. Some are more biased, some more unbiased. I'm in the second group. That's why I can tell you what I like about Dalaras and what I dislike about Dalaras - liking everything really makes no sense, I mean, I even get angry with God and He's God! I just think that keeping the topics too straight, telling people to shut up in an insulting way (which I'm not saying you did) and scaring people away may not be the best rut for a forum. But that's only me, of course...
  7. Sorry, but here I go again... I still remember what happened to Nikh and how unfair it was to some extent. Of course, she was a bit of a nut and managed the whole situation pretty badly... But I still can't see any relation to Dolores from Columbia, who's merely a funny character. I think some of you are probably way too serious and truly believe the entire world thinks the way you do. Wel, here's some news: no it doesn't. Start banning everyone's IP and soon the forums will disappear from the face of the earth or at least become very, very meaningless. ... Ok. Edited.
  8. God, here I am again! But I'll be very laconic myself... Of course, you're speaking for Dalaras, so I will not judge Dalaras merely according to your words. But being unable to accept criticism, especially when you're a public figure, seems childish to me, not a sign of a strong or intelligent character... Well, in my humble opinion, at least... But I'll repeat myself: Dalaras hasn't said a word. You have.
  9. I beg you humbly to excuse me for I said I'd be gone, but please allow me to just pop in this once and note that strip shows can be interesting at times.
  10. Ok, this is something I've noticed a long time ago. Very much unfortunately, in fact. A lot of people in this site are clearly fanatics. You know, I have lived in Greece in fact and I do understand a little Greek (although I have much, much more to do than learning enough Greek to understand the posts, what about you learning other not so obvious languages?) and I'm interested in Greece - on the other hand I know what the Greeks are like quite a bit: their good things and their bad things. Blind nationalism is one of those bad things and that's all I'll say about it. If this were a free forum at all, criticizing the path Dalaras has been following wouldn't be seen as pure bashing. But you see it as you want it. It's all up to you, who cares, anyway? So, this is not a nice place. And do not be so self-conceited as to think I'm the one who's not nice while all you lot are so very right. The nazis wouldn't have thought it differently. Sorry. So... I'm outta here for a very long vacation. We simply belong in different dimensions, I'm afraid. People like Marijke, Olga, Geske and Michael, as well as anybody else who doesn't think I'm some stupid basher, are always welcome to contact me through my email. Goodbye and there's no need for rejoycing publicly cause I'm not going to bother reading.
  11. Shut up. You don't like me so you interpret the things I say in any way you wish - subjective and controversial. And I've said more than I should. But I can tell you (and I'm not making anything up) there are a few people who, like me, do not understand Greek and dislike the fact that they're somehow being thrown away by the far too many posts in Greek. What is that thing "it's a forum about a Greek singer so it's supposed to be in Greek"? So basic! I'm telling you and others what some people, not just me, think but haven't said. If you can't understand something as simple as that, maybe you should go back to school, where they take care of rotten brats like yourself. Where are you from, anyway? Don't you even have the guts and the manliness to have a flag or something about yourself? What are you, some ghost? I'm guessing, just guessing, you probably are a migrant Greek maybe in the States - that, I'm sorry to say, makes you tacky and nationalistically silly. Anyway, quite frankly, mind your own business if you know how. EDIT: I'm not looking for fights with anyone else, ok? It's just this Hristaki character, whoever he may be, he sounds like a 5 year old and behaves like he own the forums or something.
  12. You'll have to excuse me but writing in Grek means a lot of people who've been stating points of view here won't understand a thing. Without meaning to teach some morals to anyone, or some politeness even, I do remember when we get to the main page of the site and we click on the English banner this is where we're taken to... Much obliged. EDIT: I used Babelfish and despite its horrid translation I managed to understand most of what you said except for a couple of words it could not translate.
  13. Oh, wha, wee, I'm wounded and bleeding to death! You're so wrong! That seems to me like, if I may be so bold as to put it that way, a tad fanatic. This is not (and nothing anywhere states that) a site for unconditional Dalaras fans. I happen to love his works up to a certain time - and I do hope he will go on singing his older songs! - and I also happen to consider his last years as years of elevator music or wallpaper music, whatever you may wish to call it. So what? Is anybody at all beyond criticism? So, you're right, I'm not a Dalaras fan... I'm someone who manages to listen to the different things he does and has done and keep a totally open mind, according to my own taste - but that's so obvious! I thing singing is both a call and a job. One thing does not exclude the other. He just happens to have something he likes as a job. Great for him. As for his voice, which has been criticized in some posts, I've nothing against it. It's his voice. If it may sound a little too mellow, I guess that must be accordingly to the sort of songs he sings. Finally, regarding the video music scene: even though most of it is worthless and even though music, can - and must - of course be listened to without them, they're merely another pieece of the puzzle. Not completing the whole puzzle may somehow be... erm... not so good. But it seems like he has made some videos. Now what???? I haven't watched them but I'm guessing they mustn't be above average, which is a shame. Several very well known artists have generally made very good, creative, artistic, videos... Take a look at what The Prodigy, David Bowie or Tom Waits (and even The Cure or the U2, to a lesser extent) have done, for example. Some videos are a feast for the eyes and a completion - not necessarily needed, naturally, it's a choice - for the music itself. Best regards to all.
  14. Well, Michael, I may not agree with everything you say, namely regarding videoclips - it's not a question of music not needing a visual support, it's a matter of the entirety of the thing, including the images. But I grant you, some like 90% of the videos could perfectly well vanish from the screens and it wouldn't make a difference; but then, there are still 10% left and they make it worthwhile. The phrase "monkeying around in front of the camera" - and still he has made some videos, huh? - feels like he's just not getting it. Sound and vision are two different senses contributing to the whole, none is superior to the other. Music and videoclips are two different sides of a coin and of course the music side may exist without the videoclip side, but what for really, if it can be interesting? It's a bit like saying "I refuse to use a computer, I'll always stick to typewriters". Anyway, yes, I may not agree on that but I must say you do seem to know a lot about Greek music, that's a fact!
  15. Geske, you know I like you and maybe you don't know that, but I don't hold the critics in great respect. But... to review and criticize is the right oif each and everyone. I like certain genres of music, prose, poetry, art, etc. So, it's only natural that I may like what Dalaras used to sing (and the different arrangements he used to have) and dislike - in the sense that it's as good as listening to Frank Purcell - what he chose to sing now. It is my right to say I believe he really should sing a very different repertoire. As it is his right not to do so. Complaining for the sake of complaining? That's so wrong... I mean every word I said. To me, Dalaras is dead - with the posibility of coming back to life. But it all comes down to taste, don't you agree? I know a lot of you people love Dalaras for his character too, so it becomes harder to be as detached for many. But since I don't give a hoot about his character, I'm probably more able to listen to his songs and change my opinion accordingly to what he sings - if it touches my soul or if it has nothing to do with me (which has been the present case for a while). Just a thought, anyway... As for him saying something like "my job is to sing, not monkey about in front of a camera", it only goes to show, in my humble opinion, but still my opinion, that he's grown old, very old and it confirms my views on his music and performances. There have been videos for ages, they've grown to sometimes become an art form and I find it stubborn and holding on to some kind of past thing that will never be here again (and which was never even that good) to think and say things like that. To me, it's not a sign of personality. But again, that's just my point of view to which I'm totally entitled. I still like what Dalaras used to sing and his work is worth for that. He sang very good songs and he did sing them very well. Not now, not anymore - to me, of course.
  16. When I speak of elevator music, I mean all his recent music - and that's years and years already - ever since he gave up the helliniki psichi, whatever that may be, since it's subjective. Years ago, one time I went to Greece, a friend told me Dalaras was dead and I disagreed then. Only now I don't. His music is (to me) totally devoid of soul and so are the shows for middle-aged to older people I had the opportunity to watch on video. I can still listen to old Dalaras records and recognize their value. But I see no value, nothing original, nothing strong, in what he does now or the way he performs. I'm being very honest with you but, of course, it all comes down to taste. Of course, the things I've listened to lately include Led Zeppelin, Norah Jones, JJ Cale and a few more. As for Greek music, I like something more "real", such as Psarantonis. A total different universe for very different people, I'll admit. So, why do you still come here, you may ask. The answer is, this could get too boring if there were only the same people praising Dalaras and excusing him of everything and anything possible. Someone always must disagree, which is healthy - I'm just not sure that's a possibility for everyone in this forum. Oh, and I learned to like the Latin record. There are a few very nice songs in it, in my opinion.
  17. I think he should indeed choose a very different repertoire. But that's only my viewpoint, of course.
  18. It is definitely not the musicians problem. Musicians are and have always been musicians. The world is roughly the same with its natural changes and I find it terrible to be nostalgic. There's a small place for nostalgia, yes, but it should be very small or we'll all end up like our fathers who were simply ran over by the new and led to believe everything that was before must have been wonderful. Think: no, it wasn't. There are loads of interesting stuff if you look for it. Maybe not what they usually play on most radio stations, naturally. Anyway, the problem you seem to be referring to isn't, so I believe, directly related to the musicians. It has to do with the industry, the new production techniques and the huge role producers (who have an overwhelming impact on the final product that comes on CDs) have and how they all use the same learned techniques, thus leaving less place for difference.
  19. I am not a fan. I still find the stuff Dalaras used to make before he became a singer of music for elevators very good. The real McCoy, y'know. But I'm certainly not his fan, no I have no patience for Greek Sinatras, I leave that for the old aged, sorry. Just a word directly from hell.
  20. Jethro Tull is one of the best bands ever and albums such as Aqualung and Warchild, amongst several others, are all time masterpieces. They never intended to be a folk group, they just have their own sound and sometimes get influences from folk music. Muzak? Please...
  21. Well, even though my first auditions of the album Latin came as a shock, I rather like most of it now. I'm not referring to Latin in particular as an example of "pop".
  22. Well, there's more to pop than just Madonna, Britney, MJ and all that stuff. Amor Amor (and several other songs Dalaras chooses to sing) count as pop in my book. All I can say is I give the man his entire right to sing whatever pleases him. The same as I have the right to profoundly consider it poor taste. For someone who's done so much for Greek music in the past, I find it sad that he should decide to sing that kind of utterly shallow songs. Could it mean he really is getting old? I don't know. All I know is that there are two sides to Dalaras' coin: one which I fully appreciate and another which means less than nothing to me. he could even be singing songs in Japanese with a perfect accent, they would mean the same: karaoke. What else?
  23. No. I'm not a big fan of midstream pop songs good for sixty year old people and above, especially not in the voice of people who could take heed not to slide into the quicksand of poor taste and sing much more interesting stuff. That having been said and taking into account that Dalaras doesn't give a skata what I think, I don't mind if Dalaras chooses to sing pop songs when he showers (maybe his wife does).