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  1. Once again, thank you Apostoli! and aaz, many thanks for the link! Rachid Taha's version is the one I heard a couple of nights ago, I'm pretty sure.
  2. I heard last evening an arabic version of Ki an se Thelo and I was trying to find the song here to see who was its composer but couldn't find the answer ( I confess I may have lost the "touch" to search). Any help would be very welcome.
  3. Don't get upset, I guess people (or at least the old members) already wrote down their Dalaras first experience. As for me, I remember hearing his name when I was living in Greece but when I came back to Portugal, after a couple of years or more, I offered a cd for Xmas to my then husband and I guess my "addiction" started at that moment. P.S: I have to confess the addiction came more when I joined the forum and managed to hear more of his songs, since I couldn't get much Dalaras in Portugal.
  4. Oh, well you got me Thanassi, I was just kissing ass. I couldn't say it otherwise, poor Angele!
  5. Very true Thanassi. I think Dalaras was in a great mood in Dusseldorf already from the beginning and the second part was perfectly described by all of you here. One thing is for sure: the Greeks know how to party! And Diane, you are so right: Tsouganakis is indeed fantastic! As for me, I was also very happy to meet again old members, Angelos, Irina, Micki, Margarita among others and meeting some for the first time: Thanassi, Agnie, Vivi, Franz, Geeske, Marina.... I also want to pay here my tribute to my friends Marijke, Diane and Chris. Being with you is always a joy and when it happens during a Dalaras concert it's just perfect. What more can I ask for?
  6. There was a rumour that the Brussels concert was not confirmed yet. Anyone knows anything about it?
  7. Thank you Dalarolfili. John, Charis who? oh, yes, I remember now...blue isn't my colour though. By the way, it was a great night.
  8. Sorry I couldn't read all the posts and - particularly- couldn't translate the Greek ones. One question: is this new Cd the recording of the concert of August 2004 at Hirodion( Music of the Mediterranean) or is it the other Dalaras and Dulce Pontes did together (but I think this one took place this year)? Thanks
  9. I'm sure it will happen to me too...