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  1. Well, that's a strange sentence I wrote (in Topic Description) but I never know what to put in that place. I finally got a printer and could make a print of the booklets of this CD. Thanks to those who translated them. I think this album is a cultural curiosity indeed. (noone ever did something like that in Portugal, like describing in songs the moorish occupation, the spanish one). What I find interesting indeed is that songs can really bring you a totally new historical, sociological and cultural universe! How much one can learn! I'm particularly thinking about Yangos Noulas whom I had never heard of and how this songs makes the connection with other freedom fighters of other times. Well, I hope this wasn't too ignorant.
  2. Thanks to the kindness of a member, I've been able to improve my Dalaras small collection. Ta Tragouda Mou impressed me in the sense that I find his voice very powerful- which I think got a little lost in his last albums- specially inThelo Na Ta Po.
  3. I heard last evening an arabic version of Ki an se Thelo and I was trying to find the song here to see who was its composer but couldn't find the answer ( I confess I may have lost the "touch" to search). Any help would be very welcome.
  4. Once again, thank you Apostoli! and aaz, many thanks for the link! Rachid Taha's version is the one I heard a couple of nights ago, I'm pretty sure.
  5. Don't get upset, I guess people (or at least the old members) already wrote down their Dalaras first experience. As for me, I remember hearing his name when I was living in Greece but when I came back to Portugal, after a couple of years or more, I offered a cd for Xmas to my then husband and I guess my "addiction" started at that moment. P.S: I have to confess the addiction came more when I joined the forum and managed to hear more of his songs, since I couldn't get much Dalaras in Portugal.
  6. Oh, well you got me Thanassi, I was just kissing ass. I couldn't say it otherwise, poor Angele!
  7. Very true Thanassi. I think Dalaras was in a great mood in Dusseldorf already from the beginning and the second part was perfectly described by all of you here. One thing is for sure: the Greeks know how to party! And Diane, you are so right: Tsouganakis is indeed fantastic! As for me, I was also very happy to meet again old members, Angelos, Irina, Micki, Margarita among others and meeting some for the first time: Thanassi, Agnie, Vivi, Franz, Geeske, Marina.... I also want to pay here my tribute to my friends Marijke, Diane and Chris. Being with you is always a joy and when it happens during a Dalaras concert it's just perfect. What more can I ask for?
  8. There was a rumour that the Brussels concert was not confirmed yet. Anyone knows anything about it?
  9. Thank you Dalarolfili. John, Charis who? oh, yes, I remember now...blue isn't my colour though. By the way, it was a great night.
  10. Sorry I couldn't read all the posts and - particularly- couldn't translate the Greek ones. One question: is this new Cd the recording of the concert of August 2004 at Hirodion( Music of the Mediterranean) or is it the other Dalaras and Dulce Pontes did together (but I think this one took place this year)? Thanks
  11. I'm sure it will happen to me too...
  12. Thank you VERY much Michael. However I still find these lyrics very strange, they don't seem to make much sense. Anyway, I really feel like listening to this song.
  13. Pity your "trial" is not in English. The lyrics are exquisite, I don't know the song but it certainly is original. And by the way, thanks Geeske for the translation.
  14. Anna, thanks for opening this topic. Honestly I don't recognize the forum - I know things change but what used to be an international forum on Giorgos Dalaras became a national one. Lately, any topic I open is in Greek which means that I can't really take part in the conversation since I don't write in Greek and it would take me ages to translate. I can't afford that time unfortunately though I wish I could dedicate myself a little more to the learning of Greek. Right now it's impossible. Anyway, I just wanted to take a position on this issue. I'm sorry if it will make some people dissatisfied.
  15. Thank you Marijke Now its more clear. Btw isnt this where Celeste is from? Cant recall if she ever told me about the Fado or not thanks again I only saw this post today. Yes, fado is the musical expression of the saaaaad portuguese soul. And yes, Christo, Portugal is my country (but I'm not THAT sad!) Too bad you didn't attend the Irodeion concert last August, Dulce sang very beautiful fados.
  16. drink some ouzo for me Diane! have a great time!
  17. Here are the lyrics of the beautiful fado, Dulce sang at Irodion. For those who were there, it was the second song after Havana. Dalaras was playing the bouzouki - I think! LÁGRIMAS Cheia de pena Cheia de penas me deito E com mais penas, Com mais penas me levanto! No meu peito, já ficou No meu peito, neste jeito No jeito de te querer tanto! Desespero, tenho por meu desespero Dentro de mim, dentro de mim o destino Eu não te quero, eu digo que não te quero, E de noite, de noite sonho contigo. Se considero que um dia hei-de morrer, No desespero que tenho de te não ver Estendo o meu xaile, estendo o meu xaile no chão. Estendo o meu xaile, deixo-me adormecer. Se eu soubesse, se eu soubesse que morrendo, tu me havias, tu me havias de chorar Uma lágrima, por uma lágrima tua Que alegria, me deixaria matar. Uma lágrima, por uma lágrima tua Que alegria me deixaria matar!