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  1. Καλημερα! Does anyone have the lyrics of "Η γιορτή των ζειμπέκιδων", please? Thanks!!
  2. Thanks for all the great photos and the infos about this great event!!!!
  3. Efxaristo poly for all those beautiful pics and for the video!! It's really nice to see Giorgos singing with so much passion, as always!! Greetings from France!!!
  4. Hi everybody! Does anyone have an english translation of the song "Ola miloun gia sena"? I'm searching it for so long on Internet and I can't find it.... Thanks!!!!
  5. Hi!! Thank you so much, it's really kind from your part!!!!
  6. Giasou! Thanks for replying! I think the same! I love all his songs, for different reasons, and because each song has a particular story (according to me). Thanks again!
  7. Hi! Thanks for the reply! I love this song too. But I think (even if I started this topic!!) that it's really difficult to say what's my favourite song : all of them are special. I also really like "Kerineia mou" : I saw Ntalaras sing it (live), and it was the first time I saw him cry : it was so emotional!!!
  8. Thanks for posting this photos!! I really like the one with Georgianna : they look so sweet!!!
  9. An excellent idea!! Even if I love all Ntalaras' songs, my ideal concert will include the following songs : 1.Kerineia mou 2.Ola kala 3.Taka taka 4.Na me thimase 5.Natane to 21 6.Dui dui 7.Logia klidomena 8.Ah helidoni mou 9.Stou thoma 10.Klirothika 11.Sa ton Odyssea 12.Mia vradia sto Leverkouzen 13.Me telioses 14.Ina ti 15.Me varka tin Ellada 16.Deka palikaria 17.Tha perimeno edo 18.Tis agapis maheria 19.Ola miloun gia sena 20.Rikse mia skala sto feggari 21.Paraponiariko mou 22.To vouno 23.Fragosyriani 24.S'agapo 25.Ta Smyrneika tragoudia 26.Mia einai i ousia 27.Hilies fores 28.Ta tragoudia einai 29.Kali tihi 30.I zoi mou oli But, as everyone (I think), my ideal concert will be the one where you have only Ntalaras, his magic voice and his smile!!!
  10. Giasou everybody! Does someone have a translation of these songs....can't find it.... Thanks!!
  11. Giasou! Efxaristo for the translation!! I was searching for it for so long!
  12. Giasou! Efxaristo for posting the lyrics! I love this song, and I love to listen Ntalaras singing it even more!!!!
  13. What makes Ntalaras so special, and what are the reasons you like him/his music? If I have to answer to this, I'll say (without thinking) : his magic voice his smile his passion when he sings his personality his way of being....
  14. Efxaristo! I'm a member since 2009, but I didn't have too much time to visit the, it's different!! It's nice to see that we can find a place for Ntalaras fans!!
  15. Hi! Thanks for replying!!! I agree with you!