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  1. One of my all-time favorite songs And you're right: That sound is incredible.
  2. I was searching for the lyrics of "Ola Moiazoun Magika" of Sergiani Ston Kosmo, and this PDF file of a written exam came up. I thought it was a funny coincidence and that I would share it with you. Anyone got answers for it? Link: Written Exam
  3. Well, it's probably more a matter of my disliking the orchestration than the song itself. I've been trying for some time now to overcome a prejudice against Greek songs that don't sound "Greek" to me. Some of my fondest childhood memories were of my church's summer festival that featured old bouzouki music. Years later when I began taking an active interest in Greek composers and singers, I found myself drawn to traditional-sounding songs like "Tou Votanikou O Magkas" and "Stin Alana." "Methysmena Tragoudia"--while not sounding bad, by any means--doesn't appeal to me without some effort on my part to appreciate it. On the other hand, it took me a long time to appreciate "Paraponemena Logia" and many other rembetika songs, too. So, I'm willing to put in the effort.
  4. I must say, I'm a little disappointed to read that it's a "follow-up to the certified platinum album, 'Sta Tragoudia Pou Sou Grafo'," since I was particularly fond of only three tracks on that CD.
  5. It's funny that I just stumbled across this topic because I've recently fallen in love with the album Methysmena Tragoudia and am listening to it right now. Here's a song that deserves more attention: STON PEIRAIA. It's one of my all time favorites. Also, from Oi Maides I Oilioi Mou, STIN ANATOLI STI DYSI. I can understand why it might not be sung at a typical concert without proper orchestration, but why he didn't perform this with the Israel Philharmonic I can't bring myself to contemplate. It's just so unbearably beautiful (listen to the counterpoint between Dalaras' voice and the violins during the line "για χάρη σου τι τράβηξα"). (Incidendly, the title track of Methysmena Tragoudia is my least favorite on the album, but that's just a matter of personal taste. Of course, all of this has been a matter of personal taste.)
  6. Well ... that's disappointing. I hope Dalaras will not have only a supporting role in this concert I really want to hear him sing. But I will be optimistic and patient. And worried.
  7. I can't believe that I'm going to see George Dalaras in Boston in April 10th. I'm actually excited, and that is a rarity for me. There's just one thing that concerns me.... Who is this person with whom Dalaras has decided to tour North America? Mihalis Hatzigiannis? He looks very young. And very pop-oriented. I hope that I'll get to here some classic Dalaras songs (I hope I get to hear all the classic Dalaras songs, but I suppose that's too optimistic). Anyway, I'm just curious whether anyone knows anything about this other fellow.
  8. Well, I haven't posted in a very long time: hello, all. I'm listening right now to a great album called Methysmena Tragoudia, but I'm thinking about other albums--earlier ones that should be remastered. I just noticed a Greek-language topic that seemed to deal precisely with this, but I don't understand what is being said! Are they releasing more remasters? And if so, are they intending to remaster all of the older albums? That would be great--but I'll also have to stop collecting the originals if they're just going to be rereleased with better quality :blink: Oh, another thing--is this CD that is going to be released on the fifth an album or a single? I'm sure I'll want it in either case, but I wish it would be an album Hm. Hey, I'm writing a zeimpekiko. Think George Dalaras would be interested in singing for me? Anybody else here an amateur song-writer? Just curious. Have a good day.
  9. Geske, Orthodox Christians do not believe in Purgatory. They maintain a less legalistic view of judgement than Western Christians do--sin as sickness more than a punishable offense--and thus the idea of needing to be "purged" never developed in the East. But I think the idea is a widely known one, even there. I don't know why I think this, actually. Maybe I'm wrong. I have a feeling they (Greeks in Greece) know what Purgatory supposedly is, though, and perhaps even reference it in music. It's certainly makes for a poetic concept.
  10. Are they remastering all the albums? Should I stop collecting them and save my money for the remastered versions? Ach! Oh, this reminds me that I must respond, Geske, to your message from weeks ago.... About the poetry, though ... I was thinking as I watched the Axion Esti concert that I would definitely appreciate it much more if I understood the lyrics. The music was clearly only one part of the picture, I felt. The songs sounded so triumphant--in particular Tis Agapis Aimata and Anoigo To Stoma Mou ... and I was very, very curious. I'm also very curious about Sergiani Ston Kosmo, which I got for my birthday. I know the translations are posted here, so I'm now going to find them....
  11. What, what, what? I just got Axion Esti three days ago for my birthday! Now they are coming out with a remastered edition? Ach! Is that what's happening?
  12. I can't help but notice that very few Dalaras albums are available to fans like myself who don't speak Greek and have to rely on certain English-language websites. I know that this great singer has produced many great albums, but the pickings seem slim and limited to recent releases. Is this because the earlier works have not been reissued in CD format? I wonder.... I'd love to buy Thelo Na Ta Po, for example, so that I can hear the songs meant to accompany "Harakopou 1942-1953" ... but where on earth is it? I don't own a record-player! I don't even remember what the proper name for a record-player is; I need CDs!
  13. I'm ordering myself a hotcake as soon as I get back from the mall today. This has got to be the longest phone number I've ever seen, though: 0044208890186 ... and it's a little weird to give credit-card info over the phone ... but anything for Dalaras.
  14. I am very interested in this. But I'm concerned that it's just a piece of junk product produced by some amateur on his barely capable home PC. Then again, I'd probably buy it (wait, definitely) since I like very much watching Dalaras concerts Has anyone actually seen this DVD? Is the site a good one to order from? Or is this DVD possibly going to be released soon officially and thus cause my hastily spent Christmas money to be a waste?