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  1. Do not forget to read Markos Vamvakaris's autobiography. It is a very important book. My father gave it to me last month and I read it in two days.
  2. Krima pou den mporesa na paw. alla eixa kapoies oikogeniakes ypoxrewseis. I am glad I went to the Megaron.
  3. 'Δε θέλω πια να ξαναρθείς' The lyrics are sad, but the music is so nice and sweet.
  4. Πολύ σωστά γράφεις, naa6042, αλλά κοίταξε: Ποια είναι η θέση της Δημητρίου στο ελληνικό τραγούδι; και ποια είναι η θέση του Νταλάρα; Πιστεύω ότι τη σωστή την απάντηση, όλοι μας εδώ τη γνωρίζουμε. Πέρα απ αυτό, δικαίωμά μας να ακούσουμε οποιαδήποτε φωνή μας αρέσει, ανεξάρτητα από την ποιότητα Αυτά.
  5. Yes, my opinion is that you should write 'opinion' with only one 'p'
  6. Congratulation Geske!!!!!!!! And you tell me you don't deserve compliment! :blink: You are too modest!
  7. One of my favorite songs, idiaitera by those two!
  8. Visconti and Maria Callas together? Did you perchance record the program, Francois?
  9. It's a beautiful song. How does he do it ?
  10. One of my friends told me they were going to make a video out of it. I missed this concert Not enough money to go to Athens at the time. But Geske, I am waiting impatiently for the Vamvakaris CD to be released
  11. Oute gia nanourisma den th 8elw!!!!!!
  12. Twra ti na sas pw paidia. H Mpellou einai mia apo tis adynamies mou. Fwnara pou eixe! Ektos apo Ntalara kai Aleksiou, pou na breis tetoies fwnes shmera;;;;;;;;