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  1. Guys sorry to say so but I also went to the Examilia concert and I was very disapointed from his voice. The songs were great but he looked very tired. Of course I compare this concert to many others in which he was great as usual. Sorry to be the bad one in this topic but I think I had to say my point of view. So i did....
  2. O Giorgaras tha emfanistei stin ekpobi "Osa Fernei i Ora" se afieroma ston Vamvakari. Ora 14.50, den prolava mera, mallon Kyriaki
  3. Hi! I am new here, but not realy new because I visited the club as a guest for the last 2.5 years and used to be a member at the beginning of this efort! I have to give my compliments to Nikos for his dedication to this project. I am a fan of Dalaras and follow him to concerts for almost 8 years now and the other night I was reading a magazine from 1993 I found by fortune down in the basement..! It had an interview of Dalaras, which covered nearly half of the magazine and drew his profile at the time. He used to be at the time the undoughtable holder of the first position in recognition among all singers from 1980 to 1993. After 10 years he is still one of a kind. But don't you think he is getting a litle bit old and tired..??Do you feel like some new guy, with dedication and prospective will overlap him soon, if not allready..? Let me hear your views on that. Kostas