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  1. Hi there, I would like to post some photos I made after the Frankfurt concert, but how? I have it on my hard disk, not yet online. Is this possible? If I use "File Attachments", it is searching and finding the pic, but is not uploading it... Thanks for your help. Sabine
  2. Well, I looked on my watch: 1st part: 20 min. on stage and singing 2nd part: 1 h on stage The name of the dark-skinned female singer is Joan Faulkner ( She is very popular in the Frankfurt area. But who was the lady who sang the second voice? All in all you are right. All who came expected MORE Dalaras and LESS the others.
  3. Well, the best place is OMIKRON with live music, but it's better to go there after the show! Another one I know where Dalaras once was, too, is too far from the Alte Oper. Around Alte Oper there are only some bars, cafes, fast food and Italian restaurants. For my taste it would be better to "live the Greek way": eating and dancing late! ;-)
  4. ICH SITZE AUCH IN REIHE 5!!! (I'M SITTING IN THE 5TH ROW, TOO!!!) Seems to become a nice evening... Sabine
  5. I just listenend two times to this album, but in fact you are right: Nikos Speris' voice sounds similar to Dalaras' voice. I did not regret having this album bought. Unfortunately less information is given on this artist. Sabine
  6. Topic "Members": if you click on it you see postings of Members. I expected a list of all Members of Dalaras Club (Name, description etc.). Would be fine to have it all on one side (or did I miss something???) Sabine
  7. Hi to all, can anybody tell me what was the reason for D. to write this song? Has he ever been to L.? For longer? BTW I like this song very much. Thanks, Sabine
  8. Lynne, I don't think he does. I made this experience from another famous artist and he was surprised to hear that things like Homepages, Message Boards etc. actually do exist... In the case of Dalaras I could imagine it is the same. The more popular an artist is the less is the interest in such things. Any other opinions?
  9. Hi Folks, TODAY I got my ticket for Frankfurt! Incredible! I am looking so much forward to the concert! Who else will go??? Jassas, Sabine
  10. Hi Anna, Thank you for the information. I will just be returned from Greece then. :-) I think I will be there! Best wishes Sabine
  11. Philipp, I DID mention the percussionist! He was fantastic, wasn't he? How could you watch a video of the concert? Was it a private one or was it shown on TV??? And what about a concert in October in Frankfurt? I guess this must be a joke - he won't come again so fast. Best wishes Sabine
  12. Of course I will visit a concert of him again, Geeske. The only question will be: when will that be? I mean he is not very often in Germany (like other performers, too, unfortunately...) but "kapou kapou" I am in Athens and maybe I can see him there. In the meantime I have enough time to lend my ear more to his music... CU
  13. Well, Geeske, of course approx. 80 % of the audience were Greeks - but I was surprised to see that the Germans were very familiar with his songs and also with the lyrics. I have never seen Dalaras before, so it was just a bit confusing for me that he did not talk to his fans. I don't think it's shyness... But ok, we had to "live" with it. More important is the music. I also did not know Katsimichas and Stokas (I just knew that Stokas is with Pix Lax and I know only 2 songs of them - it is not my taste of music...) and I must say that I did like Katsimichas better. Both got good applause, but you could feel that it was more or less out of kindness. People came for Dalaras and wanted to see and listen to HIM.
  14. Jassas, I had the opportunity to see him in Frankfurt/Germany (together with Panos Katsimichas & Babis Stokas). It was the first time ever I saw him in a live concert and I really was impressed. He entered the stage (occasionally dressed) with such a charisma - you could feel it in the air. He just had to stand on the stage and the audience seemed to freak out! He enjoyed every little moment, slightly smiling. I had a good seat, very close to him. His band was great, especially the percussionist. I have never seen somebody so engaged with his instruments. Dalaras played some songs of the new CD (not all) and also my favourite song "Tha 'rtho na se vro". My goodness - what a voice!!! For my taste Katsimichas and Stokas played a too big role in the concert. I guess they played max. 1/3 of the concert, Dalaras min. 2/3. Of course he played older songs as well, but I must confess, I am not too familiar with them. I am just a "beginner" regarding Dalaras. In the second part of the show, Greek people started dancing in front of the stage and through the hall - and again I could see a smile on his face. Of one thing I was disappointed: he did not say ANY word to the audience! Is this typical for him? I think some nice welcome words or some comments would have given this evening the dot on the "i". The concert lasts 2 hrs and all in all it was too less Dalaras - this was a pity! But anyway, I will visit a concert again whenever I get the opportunity. Sabine